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 Mjr. Gen Maes Hughes (pretty much complete)

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Mjr. Gen Maes Hughes (pretty much complete) Empty
PostSubject: Mjr. Gen Maes Hughes (pretty much complete)   Mjr. Gen Maes Hughes (pretty much complete) Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2016 7:12 am

Player ID: christen MX
Character name: Major General Maes Hughes (Yes, they're named after the character from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (In America/English speaking countries "Fullmetal Alchemist"), they were named after I had already decided on they're military rank, and its name came to me quite suddenly and without warning, but there is no other relation) (And then I later remembered that Maes Hughes was a Brigadier General postmortem, not Major General)
Race: Z-37β ζ-type combat model (Humans modified on a genetic level for superiority and enhanced with cybernetic and biomechanical implants)
Age: Physically/Mentally 24 (Temporally ???)
Gender: Masculine Agender (Lacks primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but appears primarily masculine, with a slightly feminine undertone to body shape)
Height: 2.1 Meters
Weight: 173 Kg
Known languages: Galactic Standard, Space Pirate (Common, Utragian), Terran Metroidic (A hypercomplex language comprised of over 700 individual parts, including sonic, pheromonal, motion, telepathic, undertones thereof, and many more), Chozo (Common, Zebesian, SR-388, Elysian), Enochian
Appearance: Deep aqua blue hair cut five inches from the base, parted in the front to not get in his eyes. Deep Ridley Purple eye coloration, plus sign shaped pupils. Relatively athletically muscular build, primarily masculine, minor femininity in curvature of the waist and hips as well as a somewhat slighter build than most masculine entities are identified with. (very) Lightly tanned skin, uniform across the whole body.
Faction/Organization: A paramilitary organization outside of galactic federation command which works primarily to ensure the peace of galactic citizens and the destruction of the space pirates (Though when a common enemy arises, they will work with them), oft referred to simply as "X"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Refusing to be swayed by the morals of the populace and silly ideals, he strictly adheres to a set moral code and casts aside all other distractions, remaining focused on his personal views. In combat or most any situation, remains calm and focused on his end goal, ignoring outside influence and refusing to allow distractions to take away from his original intent. Often call emotionless or psychopathic, but neither of these are true, he simply won't allow himself to be swayed.
Strengths: Can remain calm and focused in most any situation, highly skilled in both hand to hand and mid/mid-long range combat, as well as piloting. Can quickly isolate the target, be it a point to attack or simply the best thing to buy in a store, his skills on the battlefield (In defiance of most ordinary logic) translate extraordinarily well into everyday life.
Weaknesses: In remaining focused on one thing (Be it a goal or a target) he cuts out all distractions, to a dangerous level, even ignoring dangers to himself or others if they are outside of his focused view of his target. Suffers somewhat when dealing with long-range combat outside of his primary suit.
Likes: Upholding true peace
Dislikes: being interrupted
Other: Has a rather unconventional naming sense, and a habit of naming his weapons, just about each one has its own unique (relatively) name.
Character history: Initially developed on human colony planet Z-37β, a planet whose intense environment, day/night cycle, yearly length, and seasonal structure drove the early human colonists to forgo standard sexual methods of progenesis in favor of cloning with genetic modification. This meant that there was no longer any need for gender among the human inhabitants of the planet, and thus gender based genetic structure was dropped in order to allow room for further genetic mods. Maes is part of the 98,472nd generation, 42,603 generations after the introduction of cybernetic implants, and 19,400 generations after the perfection of bio-mechanical implants into the newly developed. Basically, "he" was modded from "birth", went to a standard educational facility, passed with relatively average grades, joined a military preparedness school, passed with flying colors (Since he was from a combat section of the cloning facilities, and was designed with combat nigh literally coded into his DNA), joined the military, rose in ranks, quit the military, joined "X", rose through the ranks, and has yet to leave. Yeah, "his" story is kind of bare bones, but he was an impulse creation. and I suck ass at writing recently.

Equipment Outside of (Mech)Suit:
-Big Fucking Gun MV XXIV (Functions identically to the MV XVII, however on a smaller scale, recharges much quicker, but uses ammunition to compensate. 99 shot limit, though enemy remains can sometimes be converted into new ammo) (Step into the Light "SitL")
-Plasma Pistol (Standard issue, effectively a more powerful version of the standard issue (Among GF affiliate soldiers) Paralyzer emergency pistol, actually deals damage, similar to the normal power beam sans long beam damage boost, effective range of 230.73 meters, with only a 3.1 millimeter deviation by end distance) (PewPew)
-Plasma Blade (Short sword sized blade made of condensed high energy plasma) (Mr Stabby)
--Defensive Armaments
-Tower Shield (Constructed of a unique materialized substance, the surface is lined with energy dampeners which spread out the kinetic energy of any impact or the direct energy releases of plasma and directed energy weapons upon hitting the shield, minimizing potential damage. this shield is almost indestructible under normal circumstances, one meter in width, 2.5 meters in height, 35 centimeters in thickness, possesses a more squarish design than a rounded one, dematerializes when not in use)
--Support units
-Auto-fire unit (Lays down a suppressive fire of small constructed shells, material unidentified, powered by an infinium core) (Dakka)

Suit type: Mechanized combat vehicle (Mech suit)
Suit name: E4MF
Minor Description: Stands on average at 23.7 meters in height, on average weighs 372 tons with no extra attachments (Such as weapons), has interchangeable parts all over the body, including separate leg, arm, head, armor, and various other parts. After customization and deployment, can dematerialize and be stored inside of the energy storage unit within the pilot suit for quick activation later. (Loadout of weapons and chassis parts will be notarized in the planning section prior to any RP this unit will be present in)
Weaponry: Interchangeable Weapons attributed to several sections of the Mecha
-Lancer (A big fucking jousting lance type thing attached where the forearm would be of whatever arm it's equipped to, has a plasma field surrounding it and a high power energy field at the tip) (Jorge Pierce)
-Plasma Lance (think of the thing the korakk beast rider used, that's a plasma lance, now make it like...fifty times bigger, that's this plasma lance. also, it's attached where the forearm would be, instead of being wielded like the pirate hussar's phazon energy lance.) (Hot-stuff)
-Shot popper (An oversized plasma handgun (Properly sized for the mech), sometimes called an arc-caster. Shoots bolts of lightning-like plasma trailing off a stretched plasma sphere, which is the actual projectile) (Zappy)
-Bigass rifle (It's a giant full-auto rifle that fires depleted uranium shells surrounded by an energy field, then on impact the whole thing shrapnelates the enemy's FACE!) (Face Splitter)
-Mister Kaboom (an oversized rocket launcher that actually fires explosions that have been frozen in time that reactivate upon impact after a 3 second primer period. Yeah, badass, I know.)
-Vibro-blade (3 versions, one's a claymore upsized to fit the mech (Sir Chopsalot), one's a broadsword (Mr. Split), and one's a standard issue military grade combat knife(Stabitha). Also upsized to fit the mech (on both, not just the dagger).
-Stabbity McSlicer (a giant sword that requires two hands FOR THE MECH which has a continuous stream of superheated plasma flowing along the edge at extremely high speeds like a chainsaw, double edged straight bladed sword, can open up in the middle and fire out plasma shots, and can extend itself by opening at specific points on the blade (Like ratchet & clank 2's chainblade or Ivy's whip blade, only with a more solid center since it's still supposed to be a slashing weapon not a bladed whip or whatever you would call chainblade's swords)
-Breaker (a high power shotgun that shoots out nearly 500 small explosives in a birdshot style, makes a very large boom upon impact, takes 2 seconds to prime as a defense against accidental self damaging) (Butt Buster)
-High Power Anti-material Rifle (An anti-material rifle sized for a twenty three meter mech suit that fires plasma state antimatter protected by an energy shield until a safe distance from the shooter, has an effective range of up to 942 kilometers, and the projectiles move at speeds approaching 753 Kilometers per second) (Big Banger)
-Babel Cannon (A Helical Railgun which fires high speed positively charged plasmic ions through the use of a negatively charged electromagnetic field traveling along the almost coiled rails, creates a big explosion on impact from the shear energy concentration in the projectile, regardless of the presence of a warhead) (Supercalifragitasticexplositotious)
-Multi-rocket launcher (a missile battery located on one shoulder or the other with nine barrels that fires a group of explosives propelled by rocket propulsion. It's not even sci-fi, it's something we have now, this one's just more powerful than normal ones) (RYNO)
-Hyper cannon (A high power mass driver which uses a combination of explosive propulsion and magnetic propulsion to launch the spherical projectile from the muzzle, then produces a small wormhole directly in front of the barrel opening leading to the target, capable of telefragging the target on accident, almost impossible to dodge) (Telefrag)
-Railgun (It's a fucking railgun, you should all know what that is like. This one fires plasma charges instead of metal) (Magneboom)
--Head Unit
-LASER sights (Fires out a LASER that can melt through cordite or...whatever those two powerbomb materials were) (Lightshow)
-Big Fucking Gun Model Version XVII (BFG MV17), generates a high energy spherical shot of positively charged ionic plasma focused around a solid plasma core, devastates enemies at the cost of high energy usage that takes time to recharge, its designer based it off of the BFG 9000 from the Doom series of first person shooters (B-Face) (B, for Boom)
--Legs/Lower torso region
--Secondary units (Scattered across the chassis in various places, with no set specific location)
-Turret Batteries (What they sound like, small twin turrets that target an enemy and auto-fire until the mech's microfactories can't construct ammo for them anymore)
--Support units (Units separate from the main body which provide combat support in the tactical, offensive, defensive, or health and ammunition management regions, only 10 units or unit sets can be present at one time without overloading the system, and only two types or fewer, or overload risk rises to incredibly unsafe levels)
-Floating Turret units (14 are present at one time, and fire .75 caliber depleted uranium rounds at a rate of 42 per second) (More Dakka)
-Health unit (When the main unit (the mech) is running low on shields, Health units release energy which they gather and store continually while active into the main unit's shield reserves. Think of them like floating active reserve tanks for the mech, each one can store up to 999 units of heavy shielding, and 99 ultra-heavy) (Doc)
-Perpetrator unit (Alternates between creating a hard light shield in front of itself or around the main unit for defense, and firing continuous cylindrical streams of plasma for offense. When multiple are present, they can link together to increase their power and perform multiple actions simultaneously) (OP)
Shielding: Ultra-heavy type omnidirectional semi-active shielding, 1,000 units (Resistant to all but the strongest of attacks, those such as the super power-bomb of Other M, or the Diffusion or hyper missiles of Metroid Fusion and Prime 3 Corruption respectively, activates specifically when encountering attacks that would heavily deplete the normal shields or damage the chassis), Heavy Shielding 9,990 units (Resists damage up to five times better than varia shielding compounded with the "Gravity" defense unit)

Suit Type: Pilot suit
Function: Facilitating direct nervous interface from organic/semi-organic life-form to mechanized combat vehicle E4MF, provides significant boost in physical capabilities of the wearer outside of Mech-suit in order to increase survivability
Weaponry: None
Shielding: Basic shielding, present in 599 units

Ship: Septernus
Ship type: Heavily Modified/Enhanced Epsilon Destroyer class Dreadnought
Weapon systems:
-Mortar launchers
-plasma cannons (Five varieties)
-LASER weaponry
-Concussive blast energy cannons
-Bomb launchers (Fire nuclear fusion bombs or singularity bombs (Hyper compression bombs)
-Last Resort (A high power concentrated plasma cannon powered by phazon and "Dark Matter" from the dimensional alternate that was known only as "Dark Aether", capable of completely obliterating most ships at dreadnought class or below, but falls short in the planet busting department) (Mr. Kaboom Sr.)
Attachments: Gate driver (A special form of warp drive that creates a localized space-time distortion, shunting the ship through almost instantly to a new location in the universe, hard to control, but useful for getting out of especially sticky situations)
Registered to the name of: Major General Maes Hughes

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Mjr. Gen Maes Hughes (pretty much complete)
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