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 The Inquisitor

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Lieutenant Cynder

Lieutenant Cynder

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PostSubject: The Inquisitor   The Inquisitor Icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 7:21 am

Player ID:DarkDan158
Character name:The Inquisitor
Height:6' 7''
Weight:160 lb
Appearence:cannot explain
Personality:Quiet,Rarely talks,Protective of friends
Strengths:Both hand to hand and Ranged combat...He cannot remember any other of his strengths
Weaknesses:because of his amnesia His curiosity can get the better of him
Likes/Dislikes:Cannot Remember any of his interests
Other:before his amnesia he knew that he was Strong and had a large one shot kill ratio
Equipment:Plasma Machine Gun and a chainsword (Chainsaw/sword)
Character History:Most of the Inquisitor's memory was lost due to amnesia,he does not know what his name was or how he came to have amnesia.But not all his memory was lost,he could still recall battling with a large space pirate battalion led by ridley himself on a failed attempt to raid earth,during the battle he took out ridley by himself by throwing Ridley onto a conveyor belt that led to a saw at the end of it,unable to get back up Ridley was decapitated by the saw which ended one of his many lives.Many years later the Inquisitor had a battle with the ginormous pirate leader kraid and killed him by sticking bombs into each of kraids three large belly buttons and blew him up from the inside and thats all he can remember.

Ship Name:Skykilla
Ship Type:Federation BattleBarge
Weapon Systems:50 Large Battlecannons,Prototype plasma cannon and one battle ram
Attachments:Hanger,Drop pods,Armoury in which the inquisitor has a wide range of suits to choose from
Registered to the Name of:The Inquisitor
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Hiraito Kilepura
Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: Re: The Inquisitor   The Inquisitor Icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 12:28 pm

Everything seems to check out, so it's approved.
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The Inquisitor
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