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 Ripley, the badass interplanetary draconoid commando

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Ripley, the badass interplanetary draconoid commando Empty
PostSubject: Ripley, the badass interplanetary draconoid commando   Ripley, the badass interplanetary draconoid commando Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 6:23 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Ripley
race: Spacial Draconoid
age: 72 Quarsian(A measurement of time in space with no planetary rotation or revolution used as basis, the Year/Cycle equivalent) (342 Terran cycles(Years) around Sol)
gender: Male
height: 11'6"
weight: 1,632 Pounds
known languages: Galactic Standard, Space Dragon(native), Space Pirate (Common, Broken), Draconoid (Natural Language)
appearance: 6 pairs of yellow/orange/red eyes (though that's difficult to see through the flame/plasma) arranged in angled lines (like the Super-Nintendo controller if it had six buttons, the fifth and sixth would have been on the same axis line as the other four, up and to the right), Six wings (Larger than average, five times longer when extended than his outstretched arm), two pairs of arms, three tails, standard length legs. Black-Purple(black/purple) "scales"/"carapace", dark ash grey skin underneath.
Faction/Organization: None
alignment: Neutral
personality: I couldn't say, undeveloped currently
strengths: He can recover from most severe wounds with a few days rest (quicker if he eats living or recently dead creatures)
weaknesses: He has vital spots on his body that can severely slow to almost stop his healing factor if dealt enough damage
character history: Born near the planet "Schwarlatzeh" as "Qwarl-ahk-thu-rsteh"(or thereabouts), he grew and developed while traveling from system to system, after reaching his semi-full maturity (Spacial Draconoids have three "full" maturities, occurring at different stages of development and ages, this was his second) he saw, and acted in, more wars than most humans can count in a minute, his body (and exoskeleton) developing for combat specifically because of this, as well as leading to the development of his regenerative factor. He has gained a wealth of combat and real-world experience, and has even lead groups of various races to success (Including humans at one point or another). Not much else to mention.

Suit type: Biomechanical Exoskeletal Scaled Carapace
Suit name: Nameless (part of his body, would you give a name to your arm?)
-Plasma missile charges
-Enhanced Plasma "Breath"
-Energy-field enhanced talons
-Tail produced plasma-streams
-Reinforced elbow spikes
-Wrist mounted machine-gun turret-cannons
-Wrist mounted plasma blades (similar to the prime 1 pirate "scythes")
-Fuckin' eye beams
-"Shockwave Shout" (a shockwave from the mouth at 341 decibels)
Shielding: Rapid-Regenerating Scaled Carapace Plating

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Ripley, the badass interplanetary draconoid commando
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