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 Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction)

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PostSubject: Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction)   Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 12:43 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: Elaya Gen-te/Aran
Race: space pirate/dengoroth
Age: around 107 years
Gender: both, neither, male, female
Weight: 3-ish pounds
Appearance: as a female, Elaya wears most often a form resembling the legend known as Samus Aran; however, taking after her mother, she is less...curvaceous than the previously mentioned Samus.however, she does share the Aran's signature blond hair, taken from her father's side, as are the dark blue eyes that are all pervasive, regardless of form. in male form, he wears a form similar to his father, being of a somewhat thin build without too much muscle; his hair -on the other hand- is more from his mother's side, being a fiery red-orange.
Personality: Elaya shares many traits with her father, being cocky, sarcastic, and occasionally serious. However, while she is somewhat sadistic and blood-thirsty, she does not come quite to the same level as Talon, and will find other ways to get things done beside torture and murder.
Strengths: Being made of energy, she is completely unharmed by material hazards, and suffers from none of the weaknesses of material creatures.
Weaknesses: she suffers far more than material entities from true energy hazards (plasma is not energy, it is super-heated matter).
Likes/Dislikes: their parents/fools who think they're better than her/him
Known Languages: galactic standard, space pirate , Dengoroth natural


Faction/Organization: Blood Dragons (space pirate organization, Talon faction)
Alignment: chaotic-neutral


Other: she has a pet metroid (we've forgotten the name)
Theme song:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - I Want to See the Starlight

Equipment: whatever she makes from neutral energy. she also uses a more advanced version of her father's pistol-blades, with an additional stun setting and the guns being able to combine together to form an energy rifle with a shotgun and sniper setting.


Character History: Born in a cloning tube aboard the "Elysium", she was created by using the DNA and energy signature of Talon Aran and Arisa Gen-te respectively. When Talon created a new space pirate faction she began undergoing combat training, and eventually became a general in the blood dragons.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: experimental combat suit E26-1
Suit Type: experimental blood dragons combat suit
Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction) Space_10
Energy Weaponry:
- Artemis: An experimental energy weapon that fires out homing shots. It can charge up to fire up to ten shots at once and has multi-target and single-target modes.
- Advanced Nova-beam: what it sounds like, this beam fires high-frequency plasma just like the original, with a greater energy source behind it, it is much stronger.
- Kinetic beam: this beam fires a concentrated sphere of condensed kinetic energy, it will bounce off of walls and other objects. more...moveable objects will be launched away by lower power shots, taking damage upon contact with another object, with higher power charged shots, moveable objects will be carried along inside of the sphere, taking greater damage with every hit against another object, as well as moving faster and faster.
Concussive Weaponry: (that means missiles and such)
- Phazon missiles (pretty self explanatory, not the hyper missiles from prime3)
- EMP grenade: very similar to the ones used by pirate commandos in the modern era, but much more advanced. able to near permanently fry most electronics, and deals several minutes of damage to power-suit tech.
- Mega missiles: A super-charged missile which uses twenty-five regular missiles to create and launch, the explosion is so powerful that even her suit cannot fully guard against the blast.
Miscellaneous systems:
- Grappling beam: A modified version of the grapple beam which can latch onto most any surface, including enemies, the beam can be used for combat purposes.
- Grip booster: an upgrade which allows her suit to grip to surfaces no matter how sheer (taken from Talon's gloves and boots which allow him to grip to and crawl along any surface).
- Seeker-missile system: Allows for up to five missiles to be locked on to one or more targets and fired simultaneously.
- Charge beam: Allows for energy weapons (beams) to be charged to fire a stronger shot.
Shielding: heavy phazon-shielding, advanced hazard shielding, plasma shielding

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Morph-ball
Description: you should know (the new form is in the suit picture)
- Spider-ball (M2 version): Allows for the morph-ball to travel along any non-harmful surface.
- boost ball: Gains a short burst of speed which can be increased (both length and speed of boost) by charging, can be used to travel up half-pipes.
- Mini-bomb: An upgraded morph-ball bomb with a doubly powerful explosion that spreads the same distance as a powerbomb explosion.
- Hyper-ball: sends out many phazon based electrical tendrils which seek out enemies nearby and attack them.
- lockjaw trap-bomb: what it sounds like, functions identical to the ones used by Sylux

Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction) 400px-MiyTil1 (red though)
Ship Name: Valkyrur
Ship Type: heavily modified pirate starfighter (modified from the Storm)
Weapon Systems: two heavy laser cannons, two basic missile launchers paired with powerful enhanced ship-missile launchers, Miniaturized Vault-Krieger cannon (Collapsible anti-matter cannon), Phazon driver (fires hyper accelerated phazite shells, based on a weaponized mass-driver)
Attachments: Neural interface link, controlled black hole matter/energy conversion engine,advanced spacial distortion thrusters, extended communications range, advanced IFF masker, enhanced phazite plating, gravity manipulation engine, inter-dimensional energy collection cells, ejectable cockpit, short range teleporter, class III spacial rift generator (wormholes)
Registered to the Name of: Elaya Aran

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Elaya Aran (Blood Dragons faction)
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