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PostSubject: Mortiphage   Mortiphage Icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2016 3:49 pm

ID Name: Psychoscissor

Character Name: Mortiphage (formerly Upsilon)

Race: Hybrid (formerly the Omega Space Pirate, now a fusion of dead tissue and toxic fungi)

Physical Description: In its most basic form, it looks like portions of the Omega Pirate (with its left leg, left arm, as well as a large portion of its upper torso, and a small portion of its lower torso) fused to a bed of phazon on the floor (the spot that it died), with several flesh-like tendrils wrapped around its body (total of six, and its room is the same room it was fought in when it was still the Omega Pirate). It should be noted that several parts of its original pirate body are missing (right arm as well as the entire right portion of its chest, its head, and half of its right leg). Where its right arm use to be, there is now a mass of flesh, armor and phazon (the former of which came from various corpses littered across the facility, most notably all four types of beam troopers). As for its right leg, its left over flesh has fused with large chunks of rock.
Minions: Tendrils- There are six in total (uses two of them in its first form, and three in its second form), and start off having extended themselves throughout various parts of Phazon Mines. In the final room however (Elite Quarters, Level Three) they act as the main offense in form one, as well as the tertiary offense in form two (see forms)

Intentions: To sustain its "life" at all costs

Technology: One large plasma canon located directly behind its left shoulder, as well as its original energy syphon system. However, the latter peice of technology is not as effective as it once was (it can collect the energy as it once did when the Pirate was alive, but it mainly lobs the collected energy back out like a make-shift shotgun blast)

Abilities: The armor portion that protects the gaping hole in the right side of its chest (as well as the phazon orb in its chest),and its tendrils have the ability to change color to match appropriate beam weapons (plasma, wave, power/explosive, ice)

Number of players required to fight: 3

Personality: There is not really much of a personality to be had. It can only really be described as violent. A mindless creature seeking to prolong its life.

History: Years ago after Samus left Tallon IV, The corpse of the Omega Pirate continued to mutate. The phazon of its body bled into the ground, causing fungal growths to grow from beneath and onto its body. After a few days of rapid growth, the fungus spread to various corpses that had been in the room with it, and had absorbed them as well as more phazon that had also been in the room. Growing at an almost alarming rate, the "Mortiphage" soon grew tendrils made of flesh and phazon that burrowed through the earth of the mines, spreading to various sectors and absorbing every corpse and phazon supply it could find.
After three years of this behavior, it had reached its potential, having engulfed the entire mining sector with its tendrils. Unable to grow any further, it merely absorbs any creatures foolish enough to wander too close to its flesh.

Number of Alternate forms: 3

Alternate form descriptions:

Form 1:

Name of Form: Casket Case
Physical description of Form: See "physical description" at top of page.

Abilities: Nothing really, as its tendrils do the work for it. The tendrils themselves however are able to spit liquid phazon that has been infused with whatever beam energy that they have taken on (if the tendrils are purple, they liquid phazon they spew will be electrically enhance). The puddle itself lasts two posts (plasma and wave energy types). Additionally, the tendrils themselves are fairly long, able to reach all across the large room they are in, which they will slam into an enemy if they get the chance, though not necessarily all at once.

Form description: As stated, the tendrils are the main offense. However, they aren't as dangerous as they are in the second form. Mainly they create puddles of element enhanced liquid phazon and attempt to ram into its attackers. However, only two of the tendrils are attacking, while the others are wrapped tightly around the body of Mortiphage, protecting it.

Form 2:

Name of Form: Walking Dread

Physical description of Form: It detaches itself from its phazon bed, ripping up large chunks of rock that cling to the front of its body (acting as armor), while three of the remaining four tendrils act as turrets (spewing and creating pools of liquid phazon on the ground) as well as whips.

Abilities: The body itself has the brutal strength as it did when it was alive, but with the beam weapon capabilities of the tendrils, its raw power has been greatly augmented specifically with its shoulder mounted plasma cannon. The tendrils can individually attach themselves to the cannon and imbew it with their beam weapon energy. In other words, depending on what energy type gets pumped into the cannon, it changes the shot dramatically.

(Wave Type): Fires off three orbital energy spheres that fly off after Mortiphage's enemies

(Plasma Type): Does not shoot individual shots, but instead unleashes a searing hot laser blast that slowly tracks one of the combatants.

(Power Type): Fires a single, exceptionally large energy projectile that crashes against the ground, creating a shockwave.

It should also be noted that in this form it retains its energy syphon powers, however its not as effective as it once was, no longer being absorbed, but rather being thrown back at its enemies.

Form description: The tendrils do not reach out as much as they did in the first form (They reach about nine yards away from the body). Additionally, the body itself no longer has the ability to teleport or become invisible, however it doesn't necessarily need these abilities, as the rocks are so thick that they can nullify the strongest ground based weaponry. It is much slower than when it was "alive", but its raw power has increased dramatically.

Form 3:

Name of Form: Upsil-Eis

Physical description of Form: Overcharging energy from the three tendrils has caused the cannon to overload, and eventually expload (leaving only the ribcage and bits of the legs). The one tendril that has remained has split itself up (both have become half white, as well as half yellow in color, not having , fused the massive left arm's claw, split that apart, and now uses the two meat chunks as large flails and a form of mobility (uses them to claw itself around). Also, the phazon orb is now fully exposed.

Abilities: Since the remaining beam element is ice (although half of their bodies are infused with the power beam energy type), its melee attacks have the potential to freeze the ground whenever the claw parts slam into it, and has the potential to hinder movement if anyone is struck (slows movement and hinders accuracy for the next post) The phazon orb itself is invulnerable, producing a low but steady energy field around itself. This shield will drop if a certain part(s) of its body takes enough damage.

Form description: This is its most agile form, although it is still slow in its own right. The tendrils now extend only six yards from its body. The best way to describe this form would be the word "desperate".
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PostSubject: Re: Mortiphage   Mortiphage Icon_minitimeFri Jun 17, 2016 11:03 am

...I like it. Well written, balanced, good all around. Approved.

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