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 "Grynn" Character Application

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PostSubject: "Grynn" Character Application   "Grynn" Character Application Icon_minitimeWed Jun 28, 2017 3:59 am

Player ID: Zavemann


Character name: Grynn
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Genderless
Height: 6'7
Weight: Varies depending on form
Appearance: Grynn has white skin, and a heavily distorted face. His smile reaches to each side of his head, and he has a very large ammount of scars from self testing. He wears a white standard lab coat, which has its Nametag sewn over to conceal his actual name.

"Grynn" Character Application Sk-024926a8c4a2a5142671f331a85af404

Personality: Cruel, prefers to work alone. He has a tendency to
Strengths: Grynn Is heavily oriented in Physical and Mental strengths. He has an IQ of 240, and is capable of forcing his body to alter itself and change physical form to match situations within seconds. He name the forms after the Greek alphabet, such as Alpha, Omega, Beta, Etc.). He also has a very large range of immunities, Sutch as he cannot be poisoned or burned easily. His rough skin acts as a shell to a form he calls "Omega", which wears his energy down within minutes, despite its immense power. He avoids this form as much as possible, as it can kill him from lacking energy capable of sustaining the form.
Weaknesses: Grynn tends to wear out quickly. While he is incredibly physically and mentally capable, he has very low overall stamina, and cannot last long in tasks that require lots of physical movement. (This is due to the modifications he made to himself, as they require large amounts of energy that his body cannot make naturally). Additionally, he cannot regenerate, as he edited his regenerative system to allow him to change forms. He can replace limbs, but any damage he takes is permanent.
Likes - Science, Difficult to solve questions, and looking for ways to improve things.
Dislikes - Grynn has a tendency to do his own thing. Though he does dislike many things, he has a havy tendency not to follow orders.
Known Languages: Grynn is capable of speaking all languages that originated on earth.


Faction/Organization: Sons of harmony (though he tends to do his own thing)
Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral) Evil


Other: (extra traits) Grynn has acidic blood, which only works on non-organic objects. It is not at all dangerous to a human or life form. Grynn has multiple pieces of technology built into his system. His scarred over Eye is a scanner, he has bionic enhancements in his legs. He has a mechanical respiritory system, so he does not have to breathe.
Equipment: Grynn has an unstable portal gun. Only objects with a basic structure, high density or a genetic pattern similar to his can go through it. If anything else tries, They will be spat out violently on the other end, and low density objects will be torn apart. Grynn also has a gravity manipulation device, which is built into his palms. He can make himself heavier and lighter, and is capable of pushing or pulling things away from the palms of his hands.

Character History: Grynn was a scientist among a group of other unknown scientists. each had their own goal, so their reason for working together was unknown. Grynn's personal goal was to become the most powerful living creature in the universe. He did this by altering his genes and genetics, and even replacing important systems to give him advantages over other creatures. Grynn outlived his co-workers, and for a reason unexplained, he set out to complete their goals. He is incredibly intelligent, and is heavily superior to most living creatures in the known universe in many ways. Due to the seclusion of the lab that the group he worked with, he ran out of resources, making his goal impossible to complete due. While he managed to complete the goals of all his co-workers, he was unable to finish his modifications to himself. From what is known, he has forgotten most of his plans or lost the blueprints to his devices in his mental breakdown here he blew up the lab that he worked in. After he brought himself back from insanity, he used the scrap parts from the destroyed lab to create a makeshift ship he named "The Infinity". Eventually, he joined the Sons Of Harmony, but he has yet to be included in major events, so as far as what can be told, he joined for resources.

(The following only apply if the character has any of them. If they do not, then do not include them in the registration form along with this.)

Ship Name: The Infinity
Ship Type: Small warship (Grynn Tends to go overboard with things he builds)
Weapon Systems: WSF (Standing for Weaponized Stasis Field, which holds a ship in place while activating ion pulses and changing temperature at rapid paces on a large scale, which can cause hull breaches by warping the outer shell from extreme temperature changes), plasma cannons, Three main turrets with Homing missiles, and a swarm of deploy-able bomb drones, each equipped with explosives and a shielding system.
Attachments: Long range scanner, High powered Sheilding, Four seprate engines for multiple speeds, and a cloaking system.
Registered to the Name of: Grynn, "The maddest scientist" (I assume this means what the character is known as. I apologize for failing to insert info correctly if my answer does not correctly fit question.).06.27.2017
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PostSubject: Re: "Grynn" Character Application   "Grynn" Character Application Icon_minitimeWed Jun 28, 2017 4:28 am

Welcome to the site. The character looks pretty good so far to me.

Just call me Zoey. That's what everyone calls me.
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PostSubject: Re: "Grynn" Character Application   "Grynn" Character Application Icon_minitimeWed Jun 28, 2017 4:34 am

As to the ship registration, it's literally "Is the ship registered in any database as being owned by [X]? If so, who is [X]?" I like to put in any number of variants of "Unregistered ship" if I have a character who works heavily outside of Federation Law (Seeing as they're the ones who would care most).

And towards the rest of your character...HOLY SHIT YES! I love it! Not only are you someone who actually intends to RP here, your character (aside from some minor typos and some missing stuff in personality, it just cuts off) is very well thought out, well written, and has well explained connections to an existing entity (in this case, the Sons of Harmony). And even more importantly, you managed to balance your character very well (Something I've always had trouble with), that's not just me, but MOST people have trouble balancing their characters as well as you have.

Well, enough gushing. Welcome aboard, your character is approved.

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PostSubject: Re: "Grynn" Character Application   "Grynn" Character Application Icon_minitime

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"Grynn" Character Application
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