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 Thaddeus Darmin

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PostSubject: Thaddeus Darmin   Thaddeus Darmin Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2019 4:33 pm

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Thaddeus Darmin
Age: As of Echoes: 21, As of Fusion: 25
Gender: male
Height:5’ 11”
Weight:118 lbs

Appearance: A young man with long auburn hair usually worn in a ponytail, Thaddeus Darmin is seen almost always wearing a white, stained, lab coat that is slightly too long for him. He wears a black suit under his lab coat with a white tie. He is extremely pale and quite skinny, even though he is quite strong. His lab coat has a faint gold-yellow trim. His Lab coat is also his Suit. it can take whatever form he wants it to, but he usually has it appear as his lab coat or as it's true form of a Ing Human DNA infused suit.

Personality:  Thaddeus is a bright and aspiring young scientist whose goal was to create instantaneous teleportation technology. He was optimistic and seen as “ a candle in the darkness of space” by the Federation. However, after the death of his best friend, loyal partner, and childhood crush, Amli Meros; he became dark, depressed and self-hating. In his eyes, his stubbornness to continue his teleportation experiment resulted in the death of Amli. This guilt broke him. He rid himself of most of his morals and emotions. He wore the mask of optimism but he was a deeply broken human. He became a shell of his former self.  After two years of self-hating, he placed the blame and guilt onto the Federation. He would continue the creation of teleportation technology to connect the galaxy, but use to destroy the Federation.

Strengths: He is a Xenobiologist that helped construct the bottleship’s holographic environments and is extremely good with technology, cybernetics, and Xenoforms. He can also hack any almost any federation technology and can use most space pirate technologies.

Weaknesses: His suit, being infused with Ing DNA is sensitive to light based energy, and large amounts can disrupt it. He needs reading glasses. He is easily annoyed by what he considers "stupid people" which is anyone he decides is. He is extremely afraid of being in a close personal relationship and rarely has actual conversations with people.

Likes/Dislikes: He loves sushi, Art, Music, video games, A.I. Dislikes, people who fight first and talk later, idiots, Religion, People that blame others out of prejudice, he is a hypocrite.

Known Languages: English, space pirate, can slightly understand luminoth and some chozo.


Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation. Secretly works with the Space Pirates to sell Galactic Federation technology.
Alignment: He does what he wants, no matter the cost, to further his goals.


Other: needs reading glasses, he always has a main pair and two extras.
Equipment: Sciency stuff, pens, clipboards, a pair of reading glasses that he needs.
Z.E.P. Units


Character History:  Born 21 years before the Aether Crisis , Thaddeus went through school with flying colors. He was fascinated about the use of phazon and how it affected lifeforms. He entered college around 12 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Xenology and a Bachelor's Degree in Xenotechnolgy. He worked with the bottleship designers where he met Almi Meros, his fellow colleague and later girlfriend. They worked with the scientists to create the most realistic containment areas for the Xenoforms. After the completion of the bottleship, he began to research the parasitic entities known as the Ing. Using luminoth technology and organic matter samples from the Ing he constructed his suit. He then began to plan out a galaxy wide instantaneous transportation system. He created what he dubbed the Semi-Dimensional Teleportation Gate Travel System, or S.D.T.G.T.S. for short. During the first test of the S.D.T.G.T.S. He had set it to transport a small manned shuttle craft from Bryyo to Norion. Amli was piloting the craft and, when the S.D.T.G.T.S began to overload, Thaddeus continued to run it. The Gate began to rapidly form a black hole, which killed Almi. The S.D.T.G.T.S was destroyed and Thaddeus began his descent into darkness and revenge. Striking out at everyone and anyone close to him. This led him to start to use G.F. technology against itself.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Midnight Sun-Z
Suit Type: Semi-organic nanobiotic defense suit
Weaponry: Electrical pulse cannons, Organic Matter Seeking Missiles, Pulse swords.
Shielding: His suit has a gravity functions which allows him to control his own personal gravity. Other than that, his shield can convert energy based attacks into energy units.

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Lab Coat
Description: It's his lab coat, it has all the shielding properties of Midnight Sun-Z.
Abilities/Weapons: He can summon his Electrical Pulse swords. He can also create a stasis bomb. The stasis bomb is around the size of a softball. They freeze targets in stasis for around 15 minutes.

Ship Name: Eclipse
Ship Type: Cargo ship turned into a Mobile Science Lab/ Space Station.
Weapon Systems: plasma based cannons and missiles on the  external, force fields, A.I. , and Cyborg Space pirates to guard the internal.
Attachments: Teleporter ship to ship, ship to planet, planet to ship. Can separated into 7 sectors if needed.
Registered to the Name of: Thaddeus Darmin
Misc: The ship also has several Space pirate scientist which work with Thaddeus on-board.

Thaddeus Darmin RennZ

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PostSubject: Re: Thaddeus Darmin   Thaddeus Darmin Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2019 10:50 pm

So, prefacing with what was most glaring to me. THIS GUY SOUNDS AWESOME!
But possibly more importantly, there are a few distinct problems. Foremost among them is: how in the hell did he get his hands on Ing biomass to make his suit? Also, how does he/did he control it in order to make the suit function in the first place? I won't make mention of age as a problem, though it does strike me how different some people can interpret the timeline (only reason I'm mentioning it at all) when (to my knowledge) there aren't any set dates for the time between Prime 2 and Fusion.
All in all though, while I can't understand how he made the suit in the first place, I've not noticed any balancing problems, and I'm interested to see what you do with 'em, so: Approved.

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Thaddeus Darmin
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