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PostSubject: X-Lis   X-Lis Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2019 4:46 am

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: X-Lis
Race: Luminoth
Age: 2.17 Centicycles
Gender: Male
Height:6.49606112456 feet
Weight: 189.4737899009632 lbs
Appearance: X-Lis Fqg05Jvpd0CMbQieLuISMOwFNJ8gfSZOIgZjjw883vc8IuekJ5YjkgLJj3xIpu-qmOpTvKb3dX6DCjNhYWomnASXlPXXSuxi7vnUXQ1aQe9PNQQInsQoQhSca3wGG3W4Ia2RonXh
Personality: X-Lisis quite laid back, considering fighting a hassle which needs to end as soon as it starts. This leads him to have a tendency for over-killing targets, or just not fighting them. He tends to panic when he can’t control the situation he’s in. He is overly precise when it comes to measurements. X-Lisis fascinated by Xenotech, mainly the way space pirates reverse engineered Luminoth Technology. He prefers to work alone, but does enjoy company. He is an Optimist
Strengths: He was one of the greatest Luminoth Engineers, he designed the dark beam and helped design the Caretaker Class Drone. Because of this, he is extremely good with machines and technology. He has mastered the art of sword based combat. Telepath, able to manipulate light. Able to create a Psychic image much like a hologram. Can create Telekinetic barriers. He Has weak Telekinesis
Weaknesses: Phazon Overloading, Is being phazon corrupted very, very, slowly. When under Stress, he loses control to not hear others thoughts, and is flooded with other people thoughts.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Light, Tech, Precision, Finishing other people’s
(sandwiches) sentences. Dislikes: The Dark, imprecise numbers. Negative comments
Known Languages: Luminoth, Galactic standard,


Faction/Organization: Luminoth
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Other: X-Lis self generates phazon.


Character History:

"Through vigilance and strength, we create peace." -Luminoth Creed
X-Lisis a soldier in the Luminoth Army, He was once a great scientist who worked at the sanctuary however, after the creation of a phazon powered suit, he attempted to fight the Ing at the Sky Temple, He failed and was trapped on Dark Aether in a coma until the defeat of Dark Samus at the Sky Temple Grounds. As a child, X-Lis was horribly sick, it turns out that he was exposed to massive amounts of phazon while he was developing. Because of this, he was constantly battling Phazon Sickness and this led him to develop the Phazon Regulation Suit. This suit slowed the phazon in him, and allowed him to safely remove phazon from his body into the suit and weaponry. He also created his own ship after the defeat of the Ing. He vowed to protect not just Aether, but anyone who needed help.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Phazon Regulation Suit
Suit Type: Phazon powered suit designed to protect the wearer from dark energy and phazon. It has a Phazon Regulation device infused to the Gravity Boost.
Weaponry: Antimatter Sword which can be Telepathically Summoned from a Dimensional Pocket. It is bonded with his Psychic frequency. Phazon based Semi-Automatic Rifle. It draws on phazon energy stored in a Phazon Storage tank(a modified Energy cell) which requires to be charged with phazon. It has five different settings: 1. Rapid fire Phazon rifle. 2. Jets out Liquid phazon. 3. Phazon based Seeker missile system. 4. Massive phazon bayonet with a phazon shotgun. 5. Anti-Matter Phazon Energy Fusion cannon. His rifle also has a Grapple Lasso attachment on the side as well as a Grapple Voltage upgrade.
Shielding:Red Phaazite plating and Dark suit capabilities. Gravity Boost. Phazon based shielding, Hazard Shielding.

X-Lis RnxNjYlKfoFN1CqpR96IeOmwRLrdTeE5yHyTzvB4p0Rg9ElSFhAEw-3xftemQqd4vrv0aLDxx03uap0ofeZcDQmBJrx5kx8X6asezRWe8t_uie7gOD3Jh07JrmFGP28bo7O11Ile

X-Lis BjOphNGKVFgv1durGFSae8PQQMr56KlsrOt-QGX9JsaBBVwyoaZ6IYh1oEsAnw9XMSp4RZpEKeg-jM1aeQHyvAOAGzN0oqoaUCA18VGB
Ship Name: Light-Bringer
Ship Type: Luminoth Guardian-Class Fighter Ship
Weapon Systems: Phazon cannons, muti-ship missile system. Light-energy based cannons, Phazon based shielding  
Attachments: Ship Grapple. Stealth Module, Short Distance Shipwide Teleportation device (Teleports the ship to the coordinates selected, only works from one area in a solar system to another, or planet to planet, not able to warp across the galaxy.)
Registered to the Name of: X-Lis

X-Lis 7I3JutBehNR8a4f38oGNb_Pqi_-zxonGmnOci1jkEgPVQ8TjQubKcQdvfacgPFWPi4v5uzQeNbWS1zn_GXyNRCxN1FsQpFMDe-5yrz3tFN6HVcvJZNJYZ7hSn5Rgcsc4xy5iW9rk
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PostSubject: Re: X-Lis   X-Lis Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2019 5:48 am

Okay, so, all in all he looks pretty well OK.
That said. I have to get this out: THAT STUFF LOOKS NOTHING LIKE LUMINOTH TECH!!!! They had a distinct and unique design style to their tech, basing on their different physiology from a human, those weapons make NO SENSE for a Luminoth! I would also make comments on the ship being meaningless given the Luminoth's seeming ability to fly through space unaided, but we don't know if they can perform warp-jumps unaided as well, so I'll leave it otherwise untouched. BUT THOSE WEAPONS!!


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PostSubject: Re: X-Lis   X-Lis Icon_minitimeMon Feb 25, 2019 6:56 am

Well, The Gun is  Fed tech, but the Sword is luminoth.
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PostSubject: Re: X-Lis   X-Lis Icon_minitime

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