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 Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy)

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Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Empty
PostSubject: Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy)   Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2019 1:23 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Kerrath Vektra
Race: Elfin
Age: Unknown (He doesn't remember)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8
Weight: 182 lbs
Appearance: Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) 7e315810
Personality: Kerrath comes across as cold, and distant to most people, he doesn't mean to be rude, he just has a very muted emotional spectrum.
Strengths: Enhanced strength, speed, and dexterity. His armour is always available due to being formed by the energy flowing through his horns. His horns reflect his emotional state, changing colour to match his emotions, which gives those around him a warning to either soothe him, or move.
Weaknesses: If he becomes too emotional, his latent void powers will be unleashed, causing widespread destruction in his immediate vicinity, and potentially injure him.
Likes: Ice cream, being paid for contracts, practicing social skills.
Dislikes: People talking about his horns, failing at social skills, being ripped off.
Known Languages: Galactic standard, Space Pirate, Luminoth, Elfin (Only understand, can't speak it)


Faction/Organization: Bounty hunter/Peacekeeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Other: His armour forms from the energy within his horns, meaning he is never without his gear. His enhanced physical attributes are a byproduct of the void energy in his body bonding to him and only him.
Equipment: Chain dagger, various grenades.


Character History: Kerrath doesn't remember much of his past, all he does have are memories of an explosion, his parents charred bodies shielding him, then it's all darkness from there. Shortly after, he ended up in Federation custody where he grew up in a lab, subject to endless experiments to help him hone his void powers. Unfortunately the scientists had no luck, having to resort to a dampening field to essentially mute his powers. Eventually, someone came up with the idea of grafting void crystals onto the bodies of those attuned with void energy, he was the second one to undergo the procedure. The crystals were originally put into his arm, but the next day, he woke up and they were gone from his sight, Kerrath called for help and much to his and the research teams surprise they had formed into horns, and gave him a mark under his right eye. After a few years, Kerrath reached physical maturity, and realised he had SOME control of his internal void energy, accidentally causing a strange suit of armour to cover his body. Soon after, there was a breach in the lab. Kerrath thought he would die there since the Federation tried to evacuate without releasing the test subjects in his section, until a brave and equally terrified Federation engineer came to the entire sector and freed them all. After he escaped, he found an organic ship, once he boarded he discovered that it was sentient and lost its crew long ago. The ship presented itself to Kerrath as a sweet kind hearted human named Markka, who eventually came to view Kerrath as if he were her own child.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Knight of the Void
Suit Type: Void energy converted into matter.
Shielding: Strong ballistic shielding, strong energy shielding, full hazard protection, psionic shielding.

Ship Name: The Tetradon
Ship Type: Bio organic cruiser
Weapon Systems: Frontal Plasma cannon, frontal corrosive plasma torpedoes, dorsal plasma turrets.
Attachments: Sentience and personality, cloaking tech, dimensional displacement engine (Allows for short distance hops mid battle)
Registered to the Name of: Kerrath

Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Orig10 Kerrath's twin plasma projectile hand cannons.

Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Ed9fac10 Kerrath's spear rifle.

Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Brian-10 Kerrath's Knight of the Void armour.

Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) 25cead10 Kerrath's ship, the Tetradon.

Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy) Aesthe10 Kerrath's casual clothes.
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Kerrath Vektra (Legacy and Pre-Legacy)
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