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 Vidris Mel'rak

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PostSubject: Vidris Mel'rak   Vidris Mel'rak Icon_minitimeThu Aug 08, 2019 7:38 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Vidris Joldra Mel'rak
Race: Space Pirate (72%) Human (28%) hybrid.
Age: 26
Gender: Male.
Height: 6ft
Weight: 175lbs
Appearance: Vidris Mel'rak Fae5e510
Personality: Vidris is a calm, collected, and possibly slightly arrogant person, who believes in strategy over direct combat. If he gets the chance to blindside his enemy, he won't hesitate.
Strengths: Intelligent combatant, great instincts, skilled in both melee and ranged combat.
Weaknesses: Can't think of everything. Won't kill innocents.
Likes: Getting the job done. Resting after a hard day of work. Leaving his foes completely confused.
Dislikes: Fruitless efforts. Leaving things half finished.
Known Languages: Space Pirate, Galactic Standard, Chozo, Luminoth, Alimbic.


Faction/Organization: The Crimson Frontier
Alignment: Good.


Other: Vidris has vast medical knowledge ontop of his combat skills. His armour is fused to his body, and repairs itself gradually via nanotechnology. Vidris commonly just steals the ships of his defeated enemies. Vidris uses hacked comms to his advantage, misdirecting his enemies, and causing incidents of friendly fire.
Equipment: Thruster pack allowing for short range dashes, or a flat increase in movement speed. Long range encrypted comms relay. Reflex booster injection.


Character History: Vidris' life has been... Turbulent to say the least. He was born a hybrid of Space Pirate and Human DNA, from two loving parents, unfortunately he was constantly in and out of the medical sector of the colony he was born in. Eventually his body stabilised thanks to the medical personnel consisting of both Humans and Space Pirates. After a few years of a fairly normal life, war found itself on Vidris' doorstep. Two warring Space Pirate factions fought for control of the colony, obe wanted to burn it to the ground, the other wanted to preserve it after hearing about Vidris, a hybrid with the body frame of a Human, and the flesh of a Space Pirate. The less destructive faction won the battle in space, so the colony was saved. Their saviours landed on the planet, revealing their leader to be someone the Space Pirate colonists referred to as "The Hunter". She made the colonists an offer "You can join me, and I'll make sure you are all safe. This planet however, is a key asset to controlling this territory. It will see endless conflict, so... We'll take you all to our home. Give you all a chance at life without looking over your own shoulder until your dying day. That's my promise to you." Vidris, still being a child, didn't understand, so he approached the Hunter, looking up at them. The other Space Pirates muttered amongst themselves, unsure of exactly what he was, and theorising amongst each other. The colonists after much debate took the offer of the Hunter, making a mass exodus to the factions home planet. It was a good life. Vidris made friends, lived well, and when he came of age, he made a decision to give something back. He signed up to fight with the faction, to offer his life to the Hunter. They accepted and he was given his armour which was then fused to his body. He was assigned a role similar to a mercenary, so that he could bring in funds for his faction, and help keep food on the table for the civilians among them.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Space Pirate retrofit, Vidris variant.
Suit Type: Second skin.
Weaponry: Plasma rifle, (Multiple firing modes and attachments.) Plasma pistol, (Standard setup.) Crimson Frontier miners maul.
Shielding: Reverse engineered Gravity and Varia shielding

Vidris Mel'rak Gabrie10 Vidris' sidearm.

Vidris Mel'rak 18267010 Crimson Frontier miners maul.
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Vidris Mel'rak
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