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 Vela 2B44

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PostSubject: Vela 2B44   Vela 2B44 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 03, 2020 5:25 pm

Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Vela - 2B44
Race: Android
Age: 1 at the start of Metroid 1, always appears to be in a human's 20's.
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”(Including heels). 7 Feet tall in armor
Weight: 328 lbs, 1000 lbs in her armor
Appearance: White haired, usually either wearing black and orange power armor, or a black gothic dress with heels as her sort of “off the field” outfit(Though she does wear this in recon missions, for some reason. She is fully capable of fighting in this as well.).
Personality: Sarcastic, puts on a cold “robotic” front a lot of the time, secretly very emotional when outside of the Federation’s sight.
Strengths: Can be restored at any save point if her drone downloads her brain. Superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.
Weaknesses: If her drone is destroyed, she cannot be recovered and needs to repair it at a save point. Needs to be fueled by drinking fluid, usually water but beverages work as well.
Known Languages: Galactic basic, along with numerous other languages programmed into her cyberbrain.


Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation, Steel Battalion(Legacy era)
Alignment: Neutral


Other: Has a preference for women.
-A vibrosword, capable of cutting through metal with a strong enough swing and made of an extremely durable metal making it capable of enduring such an attack.
-A vibrogreatsword, axe, and spear made out of the same materials
-A “Hard Light” energy rifle, an automatic rifle that fires shots capable of bouncing off walls, though this can be switched off.
-Two heavy energy pistols
-Weapon storage: Is capable of digitally storing melee weapons. Guns are considered too complicated for it to work properly, so they have to be magnetically attached. Weapons can also be made to hover behind the user, held in a magnetic field. This same field can be used to pull the weapons toward her, allowing for boomerang type attacks, and the weapons can also be teleported directly to her.
-Overclock: Dodging attacks at the right moment causes a sort of artificial adrenaline burst, causing time to move much more slowly for her, with her moving much more quickly, making her effectively slow down time from her perspective.
-Parry: She is able to deflect melee attacks by punching the attack away, causing a sort of energy burst to come out.
-Self Destruct: A last resort ability, she overloads her body to a point where it sends out a blast of energy. This is very painful, and nearly kills her. To a point where just the slightest bit of damage can cause her body to collapse.
-Auto heal: Her body is designed to automatically regenerate through nanomachines. The synthetic skin will heal in minutes, the mechanical bits underneath will fully repair themselves after a few hours to a day depending on the severity of the damage. Through a combination of the same artificial adrenaline burst and these nanomachines, destroying a target can cause her to heal faster.


Character History: An experimental combat android created by the Galactic Federation, Vela was designed for special missions, often sent in when the Federation needed a one-woman army(and Samus wasn’t available). She had gone on countless missions along with her team known as Gemini Squad, a team of her and a few other nearly identical androids, though male ones were mixed in too. Androids like her were programmed to form attachments to their units, a feeling similar to having a close sibling or even a lover. As such, she was incredibly enraged when she got in a fight with a group of pirate commandos and was the last one left, making her develop a seething hatred for Space Pirates.

This persisted even after she was abandoned by the Federation in the middle of nowhere(years after the SRL incident), where she survived no matter how many stray Pirates she had to take out. Eventually she was picked up by the crew known as Dead Echo, where she almost immediately tried to kill their doctor. After being informed he wasn’t a hostile, she begrudgingly worked alongside them.
-Battle suit-
Suit Type: Ares class power suit.
Weaponry: Grenade generators
Shielding: Regenerating energy shielding, resistant to environmental hazards. Armor Lock technology(brings up a nearly invincible shield, at the cost of being unable to move. Releases a burst of energy and drains her shields when it runs out. Lasts a minute.)
Other: Has a sort of jetpack that expels energy to propel the wearer, a kinetic energy booster(Running for a period of time will generate energy that she can release in a quick melee attack, causing severe damage). Dash thrusters.
Vela 2B44 WJ3vlTz
-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Overdrive
Description: She boosts herself to her maximum power, making her move much quicker and hit much harder, leaving red after-images. In this state she fights much more aggressively, and her battery drains much more quickly. Can be used in and out of the suit.

-Miscellaneous thing-
Her drone
Appearance: This but black
Name: Pod 44
Weapon systems: Small energy machine gun, can fire nonlethal shock knockout rounds. Charged high intensity laser blast capable of damaging ship plating. Missiles and bombs that can be dropped in runs. Hard light blades and spikes that can be summoned from the ground and hammer that can be used to smash things.
Other systems:
-Remote control - Can be remotely controlled by Vela due to her link with it. Otherwise it operates on command.
-Cloaking system
-Holo decoy
-Grapple beam: Rather than a traditional grapple beam that comes from the user, the drone sends a grapple beam at Vela, pulling her toward it or letting her swing from it.
-Energy shielding.
-Energy wall - Can create a wall of shielding energy.
-Teleportation - It is summoned at Vela's will.
-Flash detonation - It can send out a flash bang-like explosion, blinding everyone around it.
-Remote hacking using Scan Visor technology.
-Brain uploading - Vela is capable of uploading her brain into the drone, should her body be irreparably damaged or destroyed, her brain immediately starting an auto-upload when her body's integrity is detected at being 5%.

Ship Name:
Ship Type:
Weapon Systems:
Registered to the Name of: (your characters name) (<-also applies only if they have their own ship)

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Vela 2B44
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