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 Swarm Queen Laelia

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PostSubject: Swarm Queen Laelia   Swarm Queen Laelia Icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2020 5:42 am

Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Laelia Erashous
Race: Zeji Infested Elf
Age: Infested at 24
Gender: Transwoman
Height: 6’3”
Weight: Does not like to be asked.
-Before infestation: She was a blonde haired Elf, with blue eyes and her hair tied back in a ponytail. Had a thin-ish build, looks a bit androgynous.
-Mid-infestation: After being pulled out of her cocoon too early by Federation scientists, she had a sort of “gooey” form, with her body changed totally pink and her hair a light pink, along with having a sort of tail. Her build was turned much curvier, with wider hips and a larger chest.
-Post-infestation: With her finished body, her hair is turned into a sort of purple mass of tendrils, her skin is still pinkened, though a much darker shade, with more armored bits being colored purple. Her eye color shifts to a glowing purple, and she keeps about the same body type as her mid-infestation self. She has retractable “wings” made out of bone, that double as blades.
Personality: Surprisingly friendly given her “evil” appearance, though has a thing for messing with people.
Strengths: Extremely powerful psionic, one of the things that drew the Zeji to turn her into one of their queens. If killed, she is able to be recreated in a hive after a month. Has total control over her brood of Zeji.
Weaknesses: If she is broken out of her hive before she’s recreated, she is stuck in her mid-infestation “larva” form. In this form she has a weakened connection to her brood, and being killed in this form also means that the enemies who did it know where her hive is and can contain her.
Likes/Dislikes: Cats, her Zeji brood/Harming her brood
Known Languages: Basic, Zeji. Is capable of temporarily learning languages psionically, working as a sort of universal translator.


Faction/Organization: Zeji Swarm
Alignment: Neutral


Other: Pansexual. She is constantly linked to her brood, able to see, hear, and sometimes even smell anything they can sense.
Equipment: None, she nakey.


Character History: Laelia was an incredibly strong psionic, pulled into the Federation for training at an early age, pulled into a special forces program. She was assigned male at birth, but transitioned over time, funded by the Federation. Then one day a scout mission on an uncharted planet went wrong. Her squad was taken out, and she was captured by an unknown race of beings, forced into a sort of cocoon to be transformed into their queen, since they sensed her psionic potential. A Federation research team stumbled on the hive she was being transformed in, and pulled her out of the cocoon, taking her to a lab in orbit, not recognizing her at all in her new state. She was tested and experimented on, until a containment breach happened which made her able to escape alongside a group of test subjects and a Federation soldier currently working there. After a while she was dropped off back at her new home world, and finished her transformation, becoming the queen of the Zeji.

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Swarm Queen Laelia
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