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 We Die Standing (Post Fusion)

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We Die Standing (Post Fusion) Empty
PostSubject: We Die Standing (Post Fusion)   We Die Standing (Post Fusion) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 3:07 am

Sturnn watched as bombs were dropped on the unsuspecting Pirates while Exalyn called for orbital fire from his transport ship."ah,just look at that,another world another victory in the making for our glorious empire...What do you think sturnn?"asked exalyn."I see no victory here,I see but one truth and truth is war,this battle wouldn't even warrant our attention if not for our prize"Replied sturnn."Indeed,The Titan Dominatus:A great war machine forged in the massive volcanic foundries of Mars,our duty is to protect the repair crews that will restore the titan to operational standard,although I hate to admit it we must find the ship containing the crew along with the Inquisitor who is currently protecting them". Sturnn sighed as he watched the last of the pirate forces disintegrate before his very eyes."That is correct,the ship was shot down by pirate forces and it is up to us and the alimbics to rescue them....once we have done that we can proceed to the titan".Said Sturnn."I would have it no other way".Replied Exalyn
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We Die Standing (Post Fusion)
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