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 Arthur "Carnage" J. Asesino

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PostSubject: Arthur "Carnage" J. Asesino   Arthur "Carnage" J. Asesino Icon_minitimeSat Oct 17, 2009 12:09 pm

Player ID: Chaostro101

Character name: Arthur "Carnage" J. Asesino

Race: Human (Mexican)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 169 Lbs.

Appearance: Long red hair kept down to his shoulders and parted in the middle. He has tan skin, and a bright red goatee on his chin (Usually kept quit rugged). His eyes are a dazzling, yet malevolent green that shimmer quite brightly often. His body is rather skinny with very few muscles (mostly in arms and legs). His attire is a set of specialized reinforced steel and carries a skull them along with it (Shoulder plates are modeled from a cow skull; chest resembles a large skull with a flexible jaw which allows its wearer to bend forward and back; boots and knee pads resemble human skulls, and his the jet booster on his back resembles the skull of a grenchler(jaw kept open for the flames to come out)).

The steel in the armor is painted black with red trim. Also, the right gauntlet in the armor has claws to it (mostly because it is not only Carnage's dominant hand, but it is also an artificial one with a grenade generating system.). He can also be seen with a cigar in his mouth as well as sunglasses over his eyes

Faction/Organization: None

Alignment: Neutral: Bordering on the side of evil, he'll side with anyone as long as he gets what he wants.

Personality: He believes that the five finger discount is a legitimate way to save money. That being said, he doesn't care who he has hurt or who he has to kill just to get what he wants. He does usually steal valuables on the side, but he loves stealing valuable weapons the most (Rumor has it he has a poster of a close up of Samus's arm cannon in front of a heart shaped background). As previously stated, he doesn't care who he sides with, as long as he gets what he wants, whether it's for the Galactic Federation, or the infamous Space Pirates. As much as he loves stealing for himself, he also takes jobs for people who wish to "acquire" items but don't have the thieving skills that Carnage does. He also prefers that people call him "Carnage" instead of his actual name, for reasons unknown (claims that it had something to do with his past).

Strengths: Attacks quick and hard, and is exceptional at long ranges as well as close range. He also knows his way around level 7 security systems, as well as explosives.

Weaknesses: He can be a little too greedy at times, focusing more on the victory rather than the fight at hand.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes stealing weapons and valuables/ hates getting double crossed.

Other: Also has a pair of sunglasses that have a built in visor system that switch between "Normal", "X-Ray", and a visor similar to the dark visor, but he calls it the "Murder Visor"

Equipment: Luna Roja (Red Moon) Plasma sword with four different power settings (Each one makes the hilt heavier); Beat Freak Artificial Hand with grappling system, grenade generating system (can only generate one grenade per post, but has five different kinds ranging from liquid nitrogen to acid), and razor sharp titanium claws at the finger tips for cutting through glass (Also has a thermal system that heats the claws up enough to cut through weaker forms of metal like talloric alloy), and a modified galactic federation pistol that shoots piercing plasma shots instead of electric stun rounds. Also has a pair of modified sunglasses with three visor settings.

Character History *Retrieved from Station 3 of the Galactic Federation; Evidence file #342176; Entitled "Carnage" as told by subject's father*: "Arthur was always a troubled youth....he did understand that stealing was wrong, always had, and always will. It's the fact that he doesn't care about right and wrong, as long as he gets what he's after. "

"I remember that I tried to beat him with my belt to get him to stop stealing candy bars from grocery never did any good, in fact it probably made it worse on my wife and I as well as Arthur. By seventeen he was ultimately out of control to the point that we called Galactic Child Services to take him away (mostly because at one point he had grabbed a butcher knife and threatened us to give him money for cigars). I think it was about three years later that we began to hear about "Carnage"; how he would steal just about anything of value, and sometimes weapons. Never once did I think that Arthur and Carnage were the same person! Mostly because "Carnage" had a mechanical arm that produced grenades, and our son Arthur didn't. Three years later, our house had been broken into, but the thief was still there and held us at gunpoint. He had what looked like a federation pistol, only that it had been modified somehow. He was wearing a quite frightening skull-like battle armor and had on a pair of sunglasses that hid his eyes.

" As soon as he took the glasses off, I knew it was Arthur. As soon as I mentioned his name, he snapped at us, demanding that we called him Carnage. My wife and I were so scared. I asked him what he wanted, but he would never tell, he'd just try to ask how we were, or what we had been up to the past years while he was on the fly. At some point he had knocked us both out and escaped before we could even call the Federation. To this day I ask myself "Why did he become this way? How did this happen?". "

"That's all the information I have on him. I know nothing else about where he goes or where he stays, none of that. No, we don't have his phone number. I'm not even sure he has a phone.....all that I ask is that if the federation captures my son, tell him that if he blames it all on me, tell him I'm sorry for whatever it was that I did to make him this way." *End of transmission*

Suit Name: Guiltless Assassin General Ensemble (G.A.G.E.)

Suit Type: Made for strong defense but allows for quick bursts of speed. Comes with built in solar/lunar powered hover jets on the back, as well as beneath the boots.

Weaponry: See equipment

Shielding: Reinforced light weight steel

Ship Name: La brutalidad del Pecador (Sinner's Brutality)

Ship Type: Modified Trail Blazer. A flying ship once used for races that Carnage stole and upgraded with thruster systems, armor plating and weapon systems. A ship that he mostly uses for getting away from the law and acts as a battle ship in a tight pinch. The weapons that were added to the ship are a set of fully automatic plasma turrets, along with a pair of bomb systems that sends out electromagnetic fields capable of rendering some ship systems offline temporarily for seven seconds (One post).

Weapon Systems: Plasma turrets (x4), EMF Bomb Launchers (x2)


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Arthur "Carnage" J. Asesino
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