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 Post Fusion Battle: Hiraito Vs. Rildok

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Post Fusion Battle: Hiraito Vs. Rildok Empty
PostSubject: Post Fusion Battle: Hiraito Vs. Rildok   Post Fusion Battle: Hiraito Vs. Rildok Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 6:38 am

Hiraito and Rildok enter the arena. “I’m going to burn you to the bone before I send you to Hell to burn some more you murderous bastard!” yells Hiraito. Rildok laughs and says, “I will enjoy your screams of pain and agony as I slowly kill you.” They both get in ready position before Rildok lunges forward with his claw bared. Hiraito takes aim with his plasma beam and shoots at Rildok’s hand. They hits and Rildok stops and jumps back, his claws sizzling as his poison was boiling and evaporating off. The metal of his claws were charred too. Rildok quickly takes aim and fires at Hiraito with deadly accuracy. Hiraito manages to dodge the first few before being hit in the left arm and leg, but his shields took care of any damage. Hiraito switches to the annihilator beam and readies himself. Rildok was strafing and keeping his cannon aimed at Hiraito, firing his beam weapon and a few missiles. Hiraito fires at the missiles and the annihilator beam homes in on them and destroys them while he dodged the not-so-well-aimed shots. He charges his beam and points it right at Rildok who had stopped strafing and was moving closer for melee combat. “Sonic…” Hiraito began as he was about to fire the ‘Sonic Boom’. He fires and says “Boom!” at the same time, the attack sending Rildok flying back and to the ground. It’s a direct hit. says Hiraito’s suit, Hiraito nods and aims at Rildok. Rildok gets up, his ‘eyes’ now red and a shrill shriek comes from Rildok as he enters hypermode. The shriek pierces Hiraito’s ears and he puts his hands to his head. Rildok takes this chance to lunge forward and land right in front of Hiraito. Rildok then starts to punch and hit Hiraito with his arm cannon. Hiraito was taking it hard and Rildok grabs Hiraito’s arm cannon and leaps up into the air with Hiraito. Rildok spins around a few times with Hiraito and then throws Hiraito to the ground with a huge crash. It creates a small crater. Rildok lands and walks over to the crater and looks down at Hiraito. “System functions are critical. Suit power at 40%. I can’t let this bastard get away with murder. He will pay for what he did. I’ll just have to try it out. Master, that could overload and destroy us both. It wouldn’t hurt to try. I’m already looking death in the face. Might as well smile. Heat shields up and load cartridge.” he and his suit were saying, and the cartridge system loads the cartridge. Heat shields at 100%. Hiraito jumps up and faces Rildok and says to his suit, “Hand form.” and his arm cannon changes into what his other arm looks like, but was glowing brightly. “Let’s end this now.” says Hiraito. Rildok replies, “I’ll end it after I’ve tortured you to death.” They both lunge at each other, Hiraito’s right shining arm held back to strike, and Rildok’s claws outstretched and ready to claw at his target. Hiraito grabs Rildok’s outstretched arm with his left hand and thrusts his right fist into Rildok’s stomach. To the both of them, there was only a blinding light that came from Hiraito’s right hand. They were both engulfed in a huge explosion that took up half the arena. After the dust settles, it was apparent that both Hiraito and Rildok were flung back a long distance. Hiraito struggles to get up, Rildok not moving at all. Hiraito stumbles closer to the non moving Rildok, whose metal husk can clearly be seen and black liquid was pouring out of it. The black liquid finally stops pouring out as Hiraito was meters away. The puddle forms into a shadowy form of what Rildok had looked like. “You… you will play for this with your very life! Husk attack!” says the shadowy figure of Rildok. But the husk didn’t move, instead it blows up and shrapnel shoots out. Hiraito gets caught in the left leg and he stumbles to his knee. During which he changes his arm cannon the dark plasma beam and charges it up. The shadowy figure rushes toward Hiraito shrieking. “I don’t think so. Kiss your ass goodbye!” says Hiraito and fires his Inferno Implosion. It meets Rildok and a black flaming explosion engulfs Rildok. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” shrieked Rildok before the black flames all get sucked into a small black hole that vanishes. Breathing heavily Hiraito limps to the arena exit. “Never, mess with me.” he say before he leaves the arena.


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Post Fusion Battle: Hiraito Vs. Rildok
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