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 Growing Fear

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PostSubject: Growing Fear   Growing Fear Icon_minitimeSun Mar 07, 2010 1:35 am

The blast doors leading to one of the prison sectors were blown right off and the Inquisitor stepped off the rubble and carried on walking. The prisons lights were cut off prior to the events before the Inquisitor arrived and he was surrounded in complete darkness where only his torch kept him from going blind in the death cells lining the whole complex but what was scarier was what happened before the Inquisitor's arrival. It happened a day ago. A whole prison full of guards and convicts were completely annihalated by some unkown force. A hour after that came a massive explosion at the heart of the complex where extensive research was done on the convicts that inhabited the prison's walls. The whole complex was evacuated, Guards and all to leave the Galactic Federation to investigate the matter. A squad of 10 soldiers were sent into the compound but failed to return giving the Federation no choice but to leave the matter to The Inquisitor who accepted the mission only to find out he was not being paid. "Story of my life" Mumbled the Inquisitor as he carried on through the darkness with only a light and an uplink to his battle barge orbiting the ateroids, fending itself off from the space sharks that inhabit the belt of rocks orbiting the planet.
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Growing Fear
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