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 sora aran

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sora aran

sora aran

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PostSubject: sora aran   sora aran Icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 6:37 am

Player ID: sora aran
Character name:sora aran
Race: human
Age: 2 years younger than Samus
Gender: male
Height: 5 .3
Weight: 180 (with suit) 112 without suit
Appearance: extremly girly
Known Languages: chozo,luminoth,x,metroid
Faction/Organization: bountey hunter
Alignment: good
Personality: playful
Strengths: all of samus's
Weaknesses:short temper
Likes/Dislikes: loves smaus/dislikes x parsites
Other: corrupted
Equipment: power suit
Character History: sora is samus little brother who was born after ridley atacked. Samus's mother was unable to carry any more children, so they took an egg from the mother and fertilized it with the father's semen and put it inside another woman that spent time with the Chozo.Then after he was born the birth mother dies due to blood loss during birth and is raised by the Chozo. he was raised by different Chozo than the ones Samus was raised under, so she doesn't know about him. Then when he found out about his 'true' parents, he had his last name changed to Aran.
.due to a spechel x parsite (witch was pink if he was not cured he wouldive became a female) infecting him a young age his body became girly but he gain the strangth of the sa-x but that was the only good thing about being infected by x.

Suit Name: Torizo Suit
Suit Type: a female power suit
Weaponry:same as sa-x
Shielding:same as sa-x

Ship Name: the reaper
Ship Type: wolfen eagle
Weapon Systems: basic
Attachments: na
Registered to the Name of: sora aran

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PostSubject: Re: sora aran   sora aran Icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 1:19 pm

Um... how could he have been born if Samus's parents were both killed by Ridley in the attack?


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sora aran
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