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 Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion)

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Lieutenant Cynder

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PostSubject: Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion)   Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 5:24 am

Player ID:DarkDan158
Character name: Daniel Halliwell
Rank: Initiate (Scout)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 12"
Weight: 8 stone
Appearance: (If i took a picture of myself then you would have a good Idea about what he looks like but since I dont then) Quite young and tall, Short black hair and Blue eyes
Known Languages: Human (He has never encountered any alien civilizations at all)
Faction/Organization: Alpha Legions
Alignment: Good
Personality: Neither strong nor weak, Protective, Timid and comedic (Although his jokes are not top standard)
Strengths: Handy with small arms such as the sniper rifle and the shotgun.
Weaknesses: Very lightly armoured as opposed to fully armed Alpha Legions (Its what the troops are called not the name of the organization) and so can only take few hits but a hell of a lot weaker in the joints, Can take any form of hit.
Likes/Dislikes: The Alpha Legions, The federation (Although this frowned upon by his officials)/ No dislikes (but that will probably change when he meets a space pirate)
Other: Being a Initiate he has only been in training for a week and training Involves live fire combat.
Equipment: Shotgun, Sniper rifle, Backpack (To carry these Items) Laser eyesight (Training accident).
Character History: Born into a working class family in England (Or God knows(If god existed) what it is called now) and the only child, He was currently in high school. Bored of this, he later joined the Alpha Legions. Currently he is an Initiate. He joined because he wanted to serve his world (Serving his country is an understatement as war is raging in space). Its safe to say that nothing much has happened in his life as he is only fifteen years old.

Suit Name: England's Finest
Suit Type: Alpha Legion recon armour
Weaponry: Weaponry Modifier (Arm cannon made so that his weapons can attach).
Shielding: Plasma Shield (Later replaced by power armour class shielding).
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion)   Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 28, 2010 7:05 am

He looks fine to me. Approved.


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Daniel Halliwell (Scout Legion)
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