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 CYR-735 (Cyrus)

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PostSubject: CYR-735 (Cyrus)   CYR-735 (Cyrus) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 6:48 am

Player ID: Bob-Kyle

Character name: CYR-735 (Cyrus)

Race: Unknown (Although possibly a cyborg, due to inhuman abilities)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 470lb

Appearance: It's actual appearance is unknown as Cyrus is never seen without his suit. The suit however, looks similar to Sylux's suit however is a black outlined with glowing crimson. The arm cannon is much like that of the bounty hunter 'Samus Aran', however the barrel is triangle shaped instead of round, and matches the colours of the suit.

CYR-735 (Cyrus) Cyr735

Known Languages: Is able to understand near enough all languages due to a translator within the helmet it wears at all times, however can only speak English and Space Pirate although is not all that much of an issue due to the fact Cyrus rarely speaks a word unless it absolutely needs to

Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Cold, determined, one track minded, cooperative

- Can plan swiftly and accordingly
- Has no sense of morals*
- Can connect to computers and electronic devices and such
- Due to it's one track mind Cyrus will always work towards his top priority and ignore lower ones until his top priority is achieved/destroyed*
- Since Cyrus' mind does emit brainwaves ut process thoughts within a computer, his mind cannot be read by phsycic means.

- An incredible weakness to electrical based weapons should his shields go down
- Has no sense of morals*
- Due to it's one track mind Cyrus will always work towards his top priority and ignore lower ones until his top priority is achieved/destroyed*

*Can be seen as both a strength and a weakness

Likes/Dislikes: Phazon, battle/The Galactic Federation, Space Pirates

- A very early prototype of the PED
- A Scan visor
- Life visor, allowing the user to detect all life in the immediate vicinity
- The "Phazon Scanner" which, powered by phazon as well, allows the user to see any phazon in the immediate vicinity and any phazon corrupted life forms. One drawback is, it cannot be simply switched on and off so fast and when it is on, the user can ONLY see life forms and such that are corrupted by phazon. Not too useful during a battle when there are targets not corrupted with phazon
- Phazon absorbtion device, which allows Cyrus to absorb any blue phazon close to him if he were to touch it. This temporarily strengthens him greatly

Character History:
It is well known the Galactic Federation have many secret programs and projects that work undercover, for example the Metroid breeding program in the BSL station. The specific program that relates to Cyrus is the program that first discovered Phaaze. The amazing thing was, this was LONG before they had officially even heard of it, let alone saw it. This program had been working in complete secret in the far away sector that Phaaze is in, millions of light years from any GF colony. The team of scientists involved in this project were working on a way to make us of this new powerful energy source that the planet produces. Eventually they did find a way to harness it and thus began several projects that involve the substance, such as weapons, tools and etc. After seeing the effects phazon could have on a living organism, one scientists suggested they attempt a new project, one that would result in creating the ultimate warrior. One that could even outmatch the likes of Samus Aran. This project was named 'The Darkness Project", named so because of the dark blue colour phazon has and causes organisms to look like. Of course, they needed a person to enchance to become this warrior and so they looked to the most skilled soldiers the GF had at their disposal. It wasn't long untill the GF had recommended this position to an extremely skilled veteran Sergeant named Cyrus, who however, was not fully informed of the ordeal he would have to go through, only being told that his abilties would be greatly enhanced and that he would become incredibly powerful.

The experiment was a success....Sort of. The corruption caused by the phazon had destroyed much of Cyrus' body and flesh and twice he had faced near death during the ordeal. The result, however, was far from expected. Cyrus awoke to have all the abilities he was promised and was also found to be producing phazon himself, which was more than what the team had hoped for as they planned on giving him fuel tanks to fuel his weapons and battle suit. The only issues there were...Was that because of the amount of flesh that was destroyed durin the process, the only remains of his ody left was his head and torso. The scientists had made use of this and built the battle suit around the torso and made a copy (However not a complete one) of his mind and uploaded it to the battle suit. Cyrus had been reborn more machine than human. Because of this, Cyrus now felt little emotion and so of course, had no need for morals and such.

When he did wake, and realized what he now was, he became enraged, fueled both by hatred and the corruption within and went on to destry the entire facility the program was based on that orbited Phaaze. He took the finished Hunter Class ship named 'Nightwing' they had built for him especially and left leaving no remains of the program.

No experiments and such involving phazon would ever be heard of again until Samus Aran discovered the mutated Metroid known as 'Metroid Prime'...

Suit Name: SHADE-735 AKA 'The Darkness Project'

Suit Type: Phazon energy based battle suit

- An arm cannon equipped with a weaker version of the phazon beam on the right arm
- An energy based blade arm on the left (Retractable)
- Phazon based missiles

- A phazon based shield layers the suit which equips the user with an incredible defence, however, so as to not quickly diminish the phazon supplies within the suit, the shields are not invincible, thus enough firepower should weaken it and render the user vulnerable
- Can render Cyrus invisible for prolonged lengths of time however combat and weapon damage may cause Cyrus to become visible again and may not be able to use it for at least an hour

Alt Form Name: Shadow Pool

Description: The user literally melts to become a pool of near pure phazon, able to move around

- Has no real 'weapons' however is extremely harmful to touch and can cause phazon poisoning
- Should the user envelop itself around a machine or a creature with low intelligence, the user can corrupt and take control of the target for a short while

Ship Name: Nightwing

Ship Type: Hunter Class Ship

Weapon Systems:
- Phazon based missiles
- Two cannons that fire a stronger version of the phazon beam that Cyrus has equipped on his battle suit

- Planet scanner
- Mini wormhole device, allowing the ship to travel from one planet to another. However the drawbacks are, it only allows the users ship to travel via the mini wormhole before it closes and must be recharged after every use
- Invisibility device that works on a larger scale of that which Cyrus' battle suit uses

Registered to the Name of: Cyrus
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PostSubject: Re: CYR-735 (Cyrus)   CYR-735 (Cyrus) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 7:00 am

When I saw the pic I thought, "Holy shit, that looks awesome. I really need to check this guy out." This character is interesting to say the least. A strength also being a weakness, very intreging. But I see nothing wrong with it. Denied... No just kidding, approved. lol :(XD):


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PostSubject: Re: CYR-735 (Cyrus)   CYR-735 (Cyrus) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 9:17 pm

Awesome, thanks XD
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CYR-735 (Cyrus)
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