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 Ryll Cheresk

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PostSubject: Ryll Cheresk   Ryll Cheresk Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 2:39 am

Player ID: AntiPion
Character name: Ryll Cheresk
Race: Tuharn (I'll post a link here sometime later)
Age: Actual:67yrs , Comparative to Humans:22yrs (Tuharnes have an average lifespan 3x the lifespan of humans)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3" / 1m 60cm
Weight: (W/o Suit : 112lbs / 51kg) (W/ Suit : 168lbs / 76kg)
Known Languages: Tuharne, English, learning Space Pirate
Faction/Organization: Sides with the Space Pirates, uses Bounty Hunting as a front to make him seem against them.
Alignment: Evil
Personality: He dislikes order in things, and tries to be as unpredictable as possible. Though he usually acts cold and aloof to non-Space Pirates. He at least acts half-friendly towards them. He is also quite jumpy, and lashes out fiercely if surprised.
Likes: Humidity, the more, the better. Chaos. He loves music, preferably woodwind instruments.
Dislikes: Dryness, the very thought disgusts him. Any sort of order. Quietness. Heat > 30 degrees Centigrade.

Appearance: (Will put link to pictures here when I finish them) ... Text for now, though.
The long-bodied Tuharnes are short by most standards, though they are quite hard to hit because of their size, speed, and general small stature. They are bipedal, though they have four arms, as opposed to two. Their short legs are not suited to running at high speeds, so they usually use their longer arms to run. They also have a thick tail 1/4 their body length, that tapers to a point, and have a series of webbed frills running from forehead to tail tip. Each spike on the frill has a series of small muscles along it, that can raise it up to aid swimming, or lower it, for indoor usage or in Ryll's case, wear an exosuit.
Their four arms also have webbed frills running down them, though on the upper arms, it runs from shoulder to wrist, and on the lower arms, it runs from elbow to wrist, to stop them stabbing themselves with their spikes. The arms end in four-fingered hands (counting thumbs), and each long-fingered hand has a very pliable membrane joining the digits, to aid in swimming. The lizard-like feet are similarly webbed, though their legs do not have frills running down them.
They come in a rainbow of colors, their rubbery hides colored every shade imaginable, some even have the ability to affect their skin's pigmentation to an extent. Ryll does not have that ability, so he's stuck with a gradiated blue (dark on top, light on belly/underside), and has greenish-blue membranes, as well as having little yellow-brown speckles all over, most noticeable around his gills.
His suit, when he wears it, completely covers his body. It is also, on the outside, completely covered in a stretchy, rubbery substance, but it is a greenish color, and the large visor has a blueish hue.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
He has rather fast reflexes compared to humans, since his nervous system is rather more efficient, and his brain processes things slightly faster, though he has a low tolerance to electrical current, less than half of a human. A shock that would make a human jump slightly causes rather severe muscle spasms when applied to him. At the level which that causes similar effects in humans, it causes him to completely black out.
Though he is colorblind, he can see in other spectrums of light (IF, mainly. Also is able to see some UV light, if it's concentrated enough.)
He is flexible, comparable to a human contortionist, due to his bones being similar, in substance, to cartilage, though a bit stiffer. This makes him less powerful, physically, than humans (without his suit.)
He is amphibious, though he does need a large amount of moisture to stay alive, and will not go near any planets that have less than a 30% water surface cover. He can survive for only 1 hour in 0% humidity, without his suit.

6 Flash Grenades (5 second blindness to all bio-forms that see in the 'visible' spectrum to humans);
1 Long-Range Rifle : "Cocytus" (30 regular shots : Creates a 10cm globe of ice upon impact / 5 charged shots (6 ammo per shot) : Creates an 80cm sheet of ice upon impact, spreads from point of impact along any touching surfaces);
1 Short-Range Pistol : "Zamhareer" (18 shots / clip, 4 clips carried. Lowers temperature around impact point for 3cm, by 2 degrees Centigrade per shot. 6 shots / second, minimum 2 seconds reload time);
Claws built into the suit that inject a freezing-level liquid upon impact. (Each claw uses 4 sec worth of water per impact)

Suit Name: Amphibious Support System
Suit Type: Custom Exoskeleton, built to stop others from exploiting his weaknesses.
Weaponry: Inbuilt claws that inject a freezing-level liquid upon impact. (Each claw uses 4 sec worth of water per impact)
Shielding: Coolant system (Though it uses stored water at combat rate, stacks with rate used already, so if in combat in an area that requires it, he'd only have 3 hours before he needs to recharge, etc.) This also blocks all heat-based weapons less than 600 degrees Centigrade.
Etc: His suit is tailored to negate his biological weak points, padded inside with an unconductive rubbery substance, so that he doesn't get shocked, and it also has a motor-driven system that offsets his physical weakness. It also has a water tank integrated in the back, that has enough within it to sustain him for 6 hours of heavy combat, or 18 hours of non-combat. It also has a filter on its full-face visor that filters out all light outside of indicated spectra, to reduce interference, based upon what it's set to.
He is working on a chameleo-skin upgrade for the suit.

Ship Name: Erebus
Ship Type: Stealth Infiltrator
Weapon Systems: None
Attachments: Ship is covered in a series of filaments that project points of an image taken from a cameras upon the opposite side of the ship, usually rendering it invisible to mundane sight. Though there is a slight lag between image retrieval and projection. Has a limited-range shielding device. The shield is more powerful than regular ship shielding, though it can only cover a section of a sphere around the ship, making it useless if attacked from many directions, though it is quick enough to put enough distance behind Ryll and his attackers, usually able to catch their fire within the shielded area.
Registered to the Name of: Ryll Cheresk

Character History:
Tuharnes are generally an orderly race, though that was not the case with Ryll Cheresk. As a youngling, he quickly grew bored with the routine regularity that their culture revolved around, and detached himself from most of the others, until he was old enough to enlist in their military training. Tuharnes, due to their physical frailty, did not do well in head-on combat. Their training was based more upon infiltration and quiet assassination, than raw power. Soon after, he was enlisted into the military, but the first chance he got, he deserted the military and stole away on a trading ship that came to the planet.
Soon after that, he registered as a Bounty Hunter, and was quickly recognized as a fairly deadly force, since Tuharne Hunters are a rarity in the Federation, and many don't even know of their existence. This enabled him to surprise and assassinate his targets easier than a well-known Hunter would, since most wouldn't see a need to protect themselves from Tuharnes. Though a few months after he registered as a Hunter, his assignments began to take on a pattern, one that would have caught the attention of anyone who could freely peruse the Hunter records, as they mostly were from a group of benefactors, and they all had no mark specified, it was to be revealed upon acception.
He had made contact with some Space Pirates, who would 'hire' him to clear some Federation Officers out of the way, before the Pirates would assault whatever sector they were stationed at. He was not implicated in these, as he made sure not to leave his 'calling card' upon the corpses, which was, if anyone had conducted an autopsy on his targets, death due to suffocation, since his weapons all lower temperature some way or another, and cold temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, restrict blood flow, leading to crucial body parts not obtaining enough Oxygen (in the case of Carbon-based bio-forms), or whatever gaseous element they need to survive.
Since then, he has been working for the Space Pirates, in the guise of a Hunter. He feels "The Federation is too organised. It needs a bit of mixing up." Of course, he doesn't do this for aid from the Pirates, since he knows the chances of that are slim to none.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryll Cheresk   Ryll Cheresk Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 6:19 am

Okay, this seems like an interesting character. The race seems to be balanced enough to be used. Just don't get on the bad side of a Phyrigisian though. Accepted.


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PostSubject: Re: Ryll Cheresk   Ryll Cheresk Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 7:46 am

Oh, yeah. Forgot about the weakness to subzero temperatures.

And yeah, I spent about a week balancing out all this stuff. Not by myself, obviously, it'd be completely unbalanced.

And I'm gonna add in all the extra goodies once I finish his, his suit's, and his ship's design. As well as any amendments you feel necessary. And ones by others, within reason.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryll Cheresk   Ryll Cheresk Icon_minitime

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Ryll Cheresk
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