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 High Dominator Xik'kra'val

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PostSubject: High Dominator Xik'kra'val   High Dominator Xik'kra'val Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 6:56 am

The application is as follows.

ID Name: Cizin

Character Name: High Dominator Xik'kra'val, Qar'tyx'Xik'kra'val in the Xik'kri'vik language.

Race: Xik'kri'vik

Physical Description: Xik'kra'val out of his armorsuit appears as a massive brown colored stony textured insectoid who rests upon eight spider like legs; several Purple colored compound eyes of various sizes dot his head, though two of them are larger and more prominent than others. His mandibles are designed much like a praying mantis's, and have razor sharp edges to them. Purple colored lines streak up his back and touch his eyes before streaking back down across his front torso, when aroused these lines glow, with the intensity and color of the glow being linked to his mood. His eight arms would be more familiar looking to a human, though again they are insectoid and have four the number of fingers. Eight blade-like antennae stretch from his head arranged in a crown like fashion. Out of his armorsuit, Xik'kra'val stands at thirty six feet tall.

His armorsuit increases his apparent bulk and humanoidness considerably, it again possesses a stony texture, but has a yellowish hue to it. The headpiece looks much like an eagle's head opened in such a way that it resembles an open-faced hood, but the inside of the hood is obscured by a great maw of darkness. Two long and narrow horns rest on his right shoulder; curving towards each other and generating what looks like a miniature sun much like a sunburst shot. Another two thicker but shorter looking horns have a purplish-black naked singularity that greatly resembles a dark burst shot between them, these rest on his left shoulder. Two more horns with characteristic that lie in between the two other pairs of horns rests atop his headpiece and in between them lies a constant crack in reality that is much like a Sonic Boom's explosion. Inside his armorsuit' Xik'kra'val stands at an impressive fifty four feet tall.

Minions: The Xik'kri'vik dominion, a vast Empire of Silicon based Insectoids and their servants. They range from the humble sentinels; basic power armor equipped Xik'kri'vik soldiers who are roughly on par with Samus with nothing but her long beam and Basic power suit, to the mighty Sun Idols; massive statue like war machines who are easily a match for elite pirates and berserker lords, to the Cities of Wrath; great floating citadels capable of wiping out small armies There are more sapient beings under his command than there are Stars in the visible universe.

The Innermost core of His Personal Guard consists of 10,000,000 Sentinels, 5,000,000 Guardians (upgraded sentinels), 2,500,000 Defenders, 1,000,000 Sun cannons (artillery pieces), 1,000 capital ships, 5,000 Sun Idols, 2,500 Greater Sun idols, 100,000 Elite Quetzal Fighters, 50,000 Huk fighter Bombers, 25,000 Eagle Storm Bombers, 12,500 Elite Storm Disk anti-air spacecraft, 7,500 Little Death Class Gunships, 3,750 Death Spheres (A device built around a naked singularity), 1,500,000 Elite Sun Jaguars (A melee focused jaguar shaped robot; roughly equal to a warp-hound in threat level; can fire beams of light from it's eyes), 1,500,000 Elite Moon Jackals (much like the Sun Jaguars, but obviously shaped like Jackals, not Jaguars, these fire beams of kinetic force and rely more on their bite than their claws) 30,000 High Priests, 150 cities of Wrath, 750,000 Death Snakes (Serpent shaped robots with virulent venom, can fire beams of light from their arms, which are also shaped like Serpents) 10,000 Fane class Transports.

Intentions: Dominate Chozo Space.

Technology: Manipulation of the Four Fundamental Forces, Energy Weapons, Pathogens, Spacetime manipulation, Power Armor, Visors, Manipulation of Quantum Phenomenon, Extremely advanced Robotics.

Abilities: Immensely strong, can manipulate gravity, Incredibly durable, can manipulate the electromagnetic force, Every weapon Zyq'kri'vix has , Intelligent to a degree that humans have difficulty comprehending, can fire beams of pure solar radiation (that is the entire electromagnetic spectrum) which functions a lot like the Emperor Ing's light beam, Can Fire beams of pure darkness functioning much like the Emperor Ing's dark beam, Can fire a massive beam of annihilation which works like a constant charged annhialator beam, Can fire blasts of electricity, Teleportation, Can call down five beams of pure light that will burn across the battlefield; functioning much like his light beam, Shockwaves, Can create a massive clap of sonic energy that does moderate amounts of damage but a great deal of knockback and stuns it's victims, Can temporarily triple the power of his three primary beams (lasts for 30 seconds), Can create a massive storm which paralyzes and damages everything in the air for a mile around him for seven seconds, Can create four false mirror images who are capable of fighting; but can only deal a quarter of the damage and possess a quarter of his durability and only last for thirty seconds, he can create temporary armor made out of blinding light which reduces all damage by 45% for thirty seconds.

Number of players required to fight: 3

Personality: Xik'kra'val is a domineering but patient individual, as the ruling Qar'tyx for the past 85,973 years; this is to be expected. He greatly enjoys combat; but prefers to let his pawns deal with problems. His value for life is nonexistent; and he will happily sacrifice entire galaxies worth of people to accomplish even the most trivial of goals. If he can simply outlast a problem; he is more than willing to do so. He loves to make bargains that may initially seem favorable to the bargainee, but ultimately favor him in the long run.

History: Very little is known of Xik'kra'val before his rise to the Xik'kri'vik throne, but none have dared to challenge his position in his eighty six thousand years of rule. Under his rule; the Xik'kri'vik expanded even more; eventually coming into conflict with the Chozo during the later third of his rule. After two thousand years of bloody conflict; the two Elder Races decided to sign a truce that stated that neither race would interfere in the affairs of the area of space that the other occupied.

But unbestknown to the Chozo, this treaty was designed from the very start to give victory to the Xik'kri'vik; for Xik'kra'val knew from the very beginning that the Xik'kri'vik's superior rate of reproduction and immunity to senescence would ensure that it would be the Chozo who would die out. For a while; the Chozo continued to add to their military might; believing that Xik'kra'val would eventually break his agreement, but this attack never came. So the Chozo began to turn to more peaceful endeavors, eventually losing their wings and slowing their rate of reproduction down to suicidally low levels. While Chozo military technology stagnated and their numbers dwindeled, the Xik'kri'vik continued to advance their military science and reproduce at a fairly high rate; expanding in other directions.

Ever so patiently, Xik'kra'val waited for the Chozo to die out; telling a young commander named Zyq'kri'vix that when the time came, he would lead his people to glory after he returned to Xik'kri'vik space from an investigation mission to determine the cause of the sudden extinction of the Alimbics. As time went on; the Chozo dwindled, and the Luminoth found a home planet to call their own.

Later still; the Chozo and other Aliens formed the Galactic federation as Humanity spread across the Stars, one of these colonies being located in the edge of Xik'kri'vik occupied territory, but Xik'kra'val ordered his forces to leave these colonists be. Humanity later joined the federation, and soon these wayward nationalistic colonies were claimed as part of the Galactic Federation; but still Xik'kra'val sat and waited; building his forces for his kind's return to Chozo Space.

As the Girl named Samus Aran was brought into the fold of the last remaining Chozo, Xik'kra'val's interest in Chozo Space affairs started to build to a climax, he ordered that every development about this girl be reported to him; it was very rare that the Chozo adopted someone outside of their species, and Xik'kra'val wanted to understand why they had done so.

Xik'kra'val was overjoyed when he had heard of the fate of the Tallon IV Chozo, a spark of joy that was overshadowed only by the seeming extermination of the Chozo on Zebes by the Space Pirates. At this news he began the final preparations for his great return to the part of the universe occupied by the Chozo; but not long into this build up he learned that the Federation had placed soldiers into that one group of colonies in Xik'kri'vik space in what the Federation called the "Omega-39 Plural XX" sector.

Deciding that this was the perfect pretext to begin his assault; Xik'kra'val ordered Zyq'kri'vix to begin a campaign of annhialation in the Omega-39 Plural XX sector; scourging the 15 galaxies in the sector and allowing some of the inhabitants and soldiers to flee back to their homeland to speak of the return of the Xik'kri'vik. Now Xik'kra'val rests on his throne, eagerly awaiting the next stage of the attack to begin.

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PostSubject: Re: High Dominator Xik'kra'val   High Dominator Xik'kra'val Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 7:18 am

I dunno where the one guy went that I made a moderator for this, but I'll deal with it. This looks to be in order, so approved.


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PostSubject: Re: High Dominator Xik'kra'val   High Dominator Xik'kra'val Icon_minitimeFri Nov 19, 2010 12:00 pm

Thank Cizin very much
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PostSubject: Re: High Dominator Xik'kra'val   High Dominator Xik'kra'val Icon_minitime

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High Dominator Xik'kra'val
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