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 First Encounter (The Meeting - Revision)

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PostSubject: First Encounter (The Meeting - Revision)   First Encounter (The Meeting - Revision) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 11:55 am


Enter Jill Valentine

I got up as I did every morning. brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and checked for new bounties. There had not been any good ones since my last mission.

One good thing about being a bounty hunter is that its freelance work, you are your own boss but all that really means is that when theres no work, then theres no money. No money, no food, no bills paid, no home, Game Over.

This made me all the more surprised when I saw that there was a new bounty up for grabs on a planet in pirate controlled territory of space. The warden of a pirate prison had a fair amount of credits on his head. I thought about it for a moment before getting on my ship and setting sail for the planet.

not many people liked going there when getting bounty so I knew I would probably have no problem getting this one... Or at least thats what I thought...

The space pirates where notorious for selling there prisoners as slaves witch gave me a way in. I flew into orbit and received a transmission from prison.

"State youz biznezz herez orz wellz blow yar outa teh sky."

Surprising, he speaks English. must be my lucky day.

"I'm here to purchase some slaves."

"Wellz whis derden't youz says taht in teh ferst plarse. comez onz in."

I moved my ship through space, towards the surface of the Planet. before touching down about 1 click from the prison. I exited the ship to find the surface of the planet to be, for the most part, a non-lethal environment. With a pistol at my side, my rifle on my back, and arm enhancement charged and ready, I made my way over to the front of the facility.

Once I had made it to the front wall, I herd alarms break the silence and saw automatic mini-guns raised and target me with there laser targeting system. Out-dated technology. I watched as guards rushed out with guns pointed at me but keeping a distance of about 10 yards. I was surrounded in a matter of a few seconds.

"Humanz! hnads in teh eir!"
shouted one of the pirates in the crowd of them all around me.

"Thats a very friendly way to say hello."
I replied making it clear I wasn't going to let them take me alive if thats what they where thinking.

"Now humanz!"
One of the aliens shouted out again.

I looked all around me and started to move my hands upwards, but as I did I pulled something out of my pocket. I held it in my hand raised with my other hand still at my side.

"Dorp it nwo humanz!"
the commanded once again.

I threw it at the feet of one of the pirates. He slowly went to pick it up. As he did his friends still kept there guns raised at me, persisting that I drop my guns on the floor in front of me.

Like hell I'm about to disarm myself willingly.

The pirate who picked up the object quickly shouted out in there language and some of the guards put there guns down as the walked over to him to check out the item I had thrown. after some more people had looked at it they had lowered there guns and walked back into the prison, turning off the alarm. The same guard that had picked up the item and the one closest to him walked up to me.

"wez arz srozy foz teh mizudestand fo teh siterazioz maymz. pealze comze thes wayz."
he had told me.

They didn't take my weapons, as if I would give them to the pirates. I had entered the prison walls and was lead to a building west of the main one. I could hear the souls of the damed scream for mercy from torture and caged starvation. I made my way into the building where I was escorted up an elevator with the guards still next to me. During the elevator ride up, I believe one of them tried to make small talk, but his English was so bad, all he did mas make things awkward. at least he was trying to be friendly.

I'll make sure to kill him last.

The elevator stopped and the door opened. I entered an office that looked like a tornado had come through and barfed all over the place. There where rips in the carpet and stains in the seats. The paintings where tilted and the desk in the middle of the room was a mess. Behind that desk was a big chair facing the wall behind the desk. I took a couple of feet forward before I had herd a voice from behind the chair.

"Please, come in."

The guards entered the room and stood in the corners facing me. I looked over at the chair and took another step forward.

"Make yourself at home..."

as the words emitted from that side of the room the chair slowly turned and faced me. I looked into the face of the man I was hired to kill. when I looked at him, I was surprised to see that he only looked about 4 feet tall, and that he was human. He was bald with some grey hair behind his ears and a think, old guy stash' in-between his long, crocked nose and fat lips. he may have been short, but he was very burly, borderline overweight with this mussels still somehow able to be seen past his fat. He was wearing a 1800's style western sheriff's outfit riddled with stains, and a broken monocle resting on one of his eyes nearly touching his thick unibrow, as if it made him look any more intelligent then he wasn't.

"I'm fine, thank you."

I stated as I tried to keep a straight face looking at the man sitting in froth of me. I wasn't sure if I was disgusted or amused at how ridicules he looked.

"Well then, your the straight to the point kind of person. I like that."

He likes that. like I'm spouse to take that as a complement.

He put both hand on the table in a ball and looked me straight in the eyes.

"So what where you interested in?"

I looked back into his dark brown eyes and said as coldly as I could

"Show me what you got."

he then stood and put both palms of his hands on the desk,

"Then lets have a look."

He wattled over to the elevator and took a step inside. I then followed and made room so the two guards could fit into the elevator with us. this elevator ride was even more awkward then the last, but only because I could almost feel the smalls mans face near my ass, as if he was trying to pick up a sent. I would have killed him on the spot, but I wasn't that dumb. I knew that making it out of this place would be a pain in the ass, if not imposable, but I was still determined. we reached the bottom floor and walked to the main building. as we did, I could see the warden trying to peek looks at me as he told me about the facility, and all of the random facts that where spouse to impress me. we had made it into the main chamber where he had shown me all of the standard prisoners the kept.

At this point I was just buying time. we where nearing the end of the tour when we passed by a door. I had turned and looked at the warden and asked,

"Whats behind that door?"

He then turned to me and said,

"That? oh, that door, you wouldn't be interested about any of the prisoners who where behind there."

I then looked down at him and countered,

"And what if I was?"

he then turned to me and softly told me in a very embarrassed tone,

"That's the... Uhh... We keep our 'women' in that section of the prison."

I needed more time to think about how I wanted to do this. I then bent over trying to make sure he got as good of a look as possible and whispered into his ear.

"Ohh... That sounds like fun. ♥"

I wanted to barf after doing this. he then made a groan in a very inappropriate tone.

"well... umm.. ohh... uhh..."

He stuttered with his words trying to respond. It was obvious that he didn't get the chance to satisfies any of his needs often, if ever. I then bent back up and said,

"Then I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I took a look around. ♥"

If there was a god, he needed to kill me now. I walked over to the door and pushed it open to see him closely follow behind me. I walked into the section of the jail as the warden passed by me with the guards chuckling behind him. He wouldn't turn around for anything in the world, and I didn't want him to. We then lead me to a cell holding only one girl.

"This... This would be... uhh... one of our... more dangerous of female... 'Inmates'."

I looked into the girls eyes and saw a small girl, no older the 16, in an orange jumpsuit covered in dirt and grime.

"What did she do?"

I looked into her dark blue eyes and felt sorrow. I was looking into the eyes of a soul tormented by the darkest depths of hell. Empty and cold, Something no one should have had to live through. Something I lived through.

"She was found wandering the planet. When we came to capture her, she amazingly killed almost 12 of our men before we could final, 'restrain' her."

Without another word I asked,

"How much do you want her for?"

He then looked at me very surprised and said,

"Ohh... Well this one is a very valuable inmate... she is also still a vir-."

I stopped him in the middle of his sentence.

"I'll give you 30 million credits."

The warden must have shit himself on the spot.

"Well if we are talking about that kind of mon-"

He was wasting my time at this point.

"15 Million Credits, now do we have a deal, your waisting my time!"

He quickly accepted the deal before I had lowered the price again. They then let her out of the cell. With out a word I nodded my head towards her and looked back at the warden.

I went to make it look like I was garbing my wallet and then took my pistol. I lifted it into the air and fired at the two guards, killing the both of them before throwing the gun to the girl and drawing the assault rifle in an attempt to get a shot off on the warden, but I had not been quick enough. 3 guards had ran towards us, ready to fire there guns. I then turned to the Girl,

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First Encounter (The Meeting - Revision)
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