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 Al Hazard

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PostSubject: Al Hazard   Al Hazard Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 8:40 am

Player ID: RildokxNanoFate
Character name: Al Hazard
Race: Highly advanced Android
Age: N/A
Gender: has a male voice
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lb.
Al Hazard A-ar-12
Known Languages: All known languages
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Cold hearted, ruthless, merciless
Strengths: Augmented strength, ability
Weaknesses: Electric based weaponry (ironic)
Likes/Dislikes: Likes killing others, a challenge, getting paid. Dislikes a plan going sour, mission failure, losing.
Other: Electro charged palms that can eminate electricity and use it as a projectile, kinda like Kandens volt driver. They can also absorb electricity from nearby sources to increase potency of attacks. Too much would overload him, but can remedy this by discharging a constant flow of electricity if connected to a constant source of power like a power generator.
-> Sticky explosive bolts in back of each part behind hands. Kinda like crossbow in miltiplayer on CoD Black Ops. x 15 each side
Other: Has a pure concentrated phazon crystal as his power supply. He has 4 in heavily armed storage in his ship which the defenses are also powered by another phazon crystal. Phazon crystal will last him 100 years without usage of his abilities using his own power.
Character History: Created by a privately owned facility lead by an old now decieced scientist by the name of Doctor Lier vonHazard. His goal was to create the ultimate warrior that had the inteligence and personality to suit the bounty hunter lifestyle. Doctor vonHazard's first and only order to Al Hazard was to kill him and all involved in the project, take all data from the project, destroy the facility and live his "life" as a bounty hunter for hire. The order was carried out to the letter, showing no mercy to anyone in the facility as he murdered them. The last to die was vonHazard, proud of his creation as he was oblitereated by electric force. From then on, Al Hazard left to live the life of a bounty hunter for hire, whether it be Federation or Space Pirate.

-> Energy sword
-> Phazon powered electric attacks which vary on the situation
-> Electric attacks using electricity within given area
-> Advanced heavy shielding
-> Heat shielding
-> Hazard shielding
-> Cold shielding
-> Electro shielding
-> Phazite coated plating

Ship Name: The Gauntlet
Ship Type: Custom Heavy Fighter
Weapon Systems:
-> 4 Laser cannons
-> 2 Heavy ionized laser cannons
-> 2 Torpedo bays
Torpedo Types:
-> Regular Torpedoes
-> Plasma Torpedoes
-> Ion Torpedoes
-> EMP Torpedoes
-> AP Torpedoes (Armor Piercing)
--> Torpedoes that are meant to pierce through armor before exploding
Registered to the Name of:
Al Hazard BA2_Ship2_FrontSide


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Al Hazard
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