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 No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer)

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Lieutenant Cynder

Lieutenant Cynder

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No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer) Empty
PostSubject: No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer)   No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 9:33 am

Player ID: jawlessarrowmagnet
Character name: No.723
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 7'11"
Weight: 134 lb
Appearance: Covered head to toe in a lightweight plated armour. Mask is detachable although no-one has witnessed his true face
Known Languages: Human, picks up languages as he hears them
Faction/Organization: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Insane to a degree due to an unknown cause. The insanity drives him to blood-lust and rage. Has no remorse towards anyone he kills, especially to xeno victims. Sticks to the job at hand and does not cease until it has been done with
Strengths: High rate of accuracy
Weaknesses: Low fire-power forces him to favour melee instead of ranged.
Likes/Dislikes: None
Other: Southern American accent hints towards his origins. Also immune to any form of necrosis
Equipment: Vox operator (Utterly useless due to an unknown malfunction). Energy Core filled with a mixture of blood and electricity.
Character History:
Energy Reserves: Nominal
Blood Reserves: Nominal
Carrying Capacity: Nominal
Active State: Powered down for scheduled maintenance
Suit Power: Drained
No form of Necrosis detected in subjects bloodstream. Subject exhibits a force not regularly seen in other units that stops him from parasite infection. This "machine" shall be available when the time comes.
Warning: Breach in cargo bay one. Investigation is needed.
Warning: Identified lifeforms have escaped from other cargo bays
Warning: Unidentified toxins reported in guard room 723
Warning, Warning, Warning, Shutting down. They. Are. Here
A shrill voice of laughter emitted from the lifeless creature. The laugh echoes throughout the whole complex before being drowned out by deep, mechanical breathing.

Suit Name: Neo Ark Core Standard
Suit Type: Bishop Class Armour Suit
Weaponry: Wraith-stinger Power Sabre (Covered in ignitable liquid that is set off if brushed against different surfaces), One handed virus rifle (Ammunition contains flesh eating bacteria and the same ignitable liquid contained in his power sabre)
Shielding: Shielding is similar to standard federation armour, however it has a vulnerability in the tank on its back that contains the ignitable liquid used to 723's flame effect.

Ship Name: Deathless Phoenix
Ship Type: Standard Federation Bomber Vessel (Stolen)
Weapon Systems: Flame bombardment cannons 5th class, Bladed carapace (A rare sight in most ships is the ability to engage the enemy in melee, shredding up the lightest of armour), Standard flak anti-air guns
Attachments: None
Registered to the Name of: No.723
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No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer) Empty
PostSubject: Re: No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer)   No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 12:12 am

Alright, doesn't look bad at all. Approved.


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No.723 (Heaven-sent Killer)
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