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 Alicia Takahara

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PostSubject: Alicia Takahara   Alicia Takahara Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 9:09 am

Player ID: RildokxNanoFate
Character name: Alicia Takahara
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lb.
Appearance: Long blond hair that reaches down to her belly button. Bright blue eyes and soft wrinkles skin. Not muscular, but a body that would make most men glance at her momentarily.
Known Languages: English and Japanese (has translator in helmet)
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Good
Personality: Kind hearted and caring, she looks out for those who need help.
Strengths: Her suit's highly advanced tech, determination, level headedness
Weaknesses: Kind hearted
Likes/Dislikes: Kind people, her daughter, cooking, EDI/heartless people, someone harming her daughter or EDI
Other: Her own advanced tech
Character History: Alicia was part of a private organization researching advanced tech that allowed them to create energy from all kinds of matter, even air particles. She was the top scientist of the group and lead the making of a suit that could harness their technology. The suit was a smashing success, being able to create and manipulate the energy it creates. Through testing, it could not convert organic matter. As being head of the project, Alicia was the one to test the suit. Since she designed the suit mostly, she knew how to handle it very well. After testing the suit, they then made an android built to use the same tech as the suit, and to serve the one using the suit. They named the android EDI, Enhanced Defense Intelligence. Inside the suit was also an AI that the user can consult with for battle tactics and other features. The AI was also put into a staff that enhances the suits abilities and become a melee weapon if the situation called for it. Not only did the suit give the user the ability to create and manipulate energy from matter, but it serves as an exoskeleton to increase defense and enhance strength. After the project was complete, the research team voted to have Alicia go out and do bounty hunting, saying that she could help people in the process. Being sort of tricked at first into doing it, she took the suit and the android with her in a ship they designed. On her first mission, something happened that changed her life forever. During her mission she saved a little girl named Illia, who had lost her family to the pirates. After the mission she adopted Illia. From then on EDI is left with the ship to watch over and protect Illia.

Suit Name: AMEC Mk1
Suit Type: Advanced experimental combat suit
- Ability to convert non-organic matter into energy and manipulate it
- Staff used to amplify ability and for melee combat
- Advanced basic
- Hazard
- Heat
- Cold
- Electro
Other: Has repulserlift technology in boots to give flight, albeit limited

Ship Name: Crescent Moon
Ship Type: Advanced medium frigate
Weapon Systems:
- Mounted turrets and cannons that use the same technology as her suit
- Cloaking
- Grapple beam
- Jamming device
Registered to the Name of: Alicia Takahara


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Alicia Takahara
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