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PostSubject: Hailer Velteth   Hailer Velteth Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 10:28 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: hailer velteth. (hi- L sound, short E sound, R sound, velt, the word, eth like...((shows time passing from the time the stuff written before it and after it)) well you can probably figure that sound out.)
race: Dengoroth (yes, another one.)
age: 70 earth years (looks just like he would have at any age, it's undetermined of course)
gender: does not have a set physical gender, but has a male personality (this one really does, never will not)
height: varies.
weight: twenty three and a half ounces on his own. the things he makes can get kind of heavy though.
known languages: galactic standard and the Dengoroth language (kind of like static on a television most of the time)
appearance: varies, he likes to change it up more than most, but the form most people see the most is a young (14-16 area) boy in all black clothing, made to not restrict movement, with a mask of some sort covering his mouth and nose, also black. he would in this form have brown hair that arcs forward a little, and looks somewhat messy, black eyes, and an athletic build. but the most prominent thing that is there in this form is the pair of large dragon/bat wings that sprout from his shoulder blades. the arms remain completely uncovered.
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter (?)
alignment: good (?)
personality: he often seems happy, but will very easily get angry with people and things. when melancholy he prefers to be alone.
strengths: the same as any dengoroth, and he has a unique set of energies.
weaknesses: the same as any dengoroth, also has a problem with people, he is generally considered a-social from his tendency to go and leave places where there are many people, but this is a training thing: in a crowded place it's harder to take down your target. not well liked.
likes: fighting, killing his enemies, winning in anything, being able to have regular fun without being looked at funny.
dislikes: losing, being unable to take down his target, being on the losing end of a deal, getting looked at funny.
heat, the name implies it all. he has complete control over heat that he generates freely/at will.
electrical: again, he can control completely the electricity he produces at will, but it can only go so far before returning into his body (about a mile and a half).
protection: this is an odd one, very much so a unique energy that only he can use. it allows him to create energy shields of varying types about a meter away from his own body, infinitely thin, that can provide varying levels of protection in different ways, but the more he puts into one shield, the less another will have, as he has a finite amount for use. he puts all of it into two shields, 1) damage shield: reduces damage by 80% (that's the reason he has so little in the other shield, it takes a lot to do that, but he finds it worth it), 2) energy shield: protects him for a certain amount of time from attacks, works separately from the damage shield, so once this is shattered he still only takes twenty percent damage. it has 299 points of shielding.
and then he has the traditional energies: neutral and soul. now, mind you, the abilities listed for dengoroth energy control are specialty abilities, not generalized. more than just those things are able to be done.

equipment: a double bladed scythe (a scythe that is twice as long as regular ones, and has a blade on each end, facing opposite directions to be able to spin and look the same no matter which end you're on. can come apart at the middle, and if it does there are chains connecting them to him) that he calls Rakana, and also spirit killer, his clothes, which are protective, being made out of titanium that has been stretched thread thin and woven into regular clothing then dyed black, and anything he makes out of neutral energy and keeps.
character history: from an early age this boy has been being trained as an assassin by a secret group with no set location. they would live in a large spaceship, going from planet to planet, acting like they were performers. which they were, in a sense. but their main job was finding jobs in which people would ask them to kill a person without any connection to the person hiring them. after a few years of training hailer became one of the best, as he could disguise himself almost limitlessly, and he was very good with his scythe. he killed nearly a thousand people with his comrades before the group, named the "Soul Eaters", after their tendency to worm their way into a persons life and kill them once they were safe in doing so, and doing so undermining everything that person had been working on. they were a wanted band of pirates by most standards, but not a group of rough, scarred people. not on the outside. they had seemed to be beautiful, every one of them. it would do no good to look ugly, how do you worm your way into someones life if they are sickened by the very sight of you? but one day one of them failed to finish their target off. and the target, a fat rich man who stole from the poor to make his belly bigger and bigger, called the police of the planet, and they chased the group down, and then killed every single one of them. or so they thought, but hailer had taken the form of a young pretty girl who had been captured years ago, and they bought his sob story and took him away to get a new family. he killed them in the ship and dumped the bodies in space, and drove the ship to a planet he had not been on before, Daiban ironically, and got a job working in a hardware store, taking assassination jobs on the side. but eventually a group of soldiers found him in the middle of finishing off a target. he was captured and put in jail, and after a month of "torture", which involved little food and water, he was questioned about who had hired him to kill that person. he told them, as at the time he had no honor, and they took that person, who was the wife of the man she had hired hailer to kill, and tried to execute her, thinking she was more than just his employer. they let him say one thing to her. it was "Duck." which she did. he broke out of the bonds they had him in by unmaking his skin in that area, remade those parts, and threw his scythe at them, using the chain to make it hit both. he had rescued a woman who had been captured because she had hired an assassin to kill her cheating husband who had promised to kill her in one month if she did not metaphorically bend over and take it while her husband cheated on her and threatened her. he took her away from there and got into the ship he had stolen years prior and flew away. that woman taught him many things other than how to kill a person best, and acted as a mother figure for him, as he was still very young by that point. he has been working for a group who work under the galactic federation, or more accurately a offshoot of the galactic federation who realized that the federation was corrupt and were working towards a better end. he has not taken a traditional assassination job since, and the woman who he had rescued is now dead. he visits her from time to time at the cemetery.

suit type: clothing made out of woven titanium
weaponry:those things he makes and his scythe
shielding: the energy he puts into making a shield for himself, the damage shield and the energy shield. he also has titanium clothing, which provides protection against damage itself.

alt-form: none
description: none

ship: vado
ship type: hunter class gunship (customized)
weapon systems: missile launchers, energy lancers (custom, shoots out searing continuous streams of heat energy), electric mine launchers (for dog fights), fast lock highly explosive missiles (for dog fights), fusion laser blasters (for dog fights), and a few special things for a special occasion (not really, that's just what he tells people when they ask him what his ship is packing)
attachments: none
registered to the name of: hailer velteth


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