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 Ayita (Sharp-Shot)

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PostSubject: Ayita (Sharp-Shot)   Ayita (Sharp-Shot) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2015 3:50 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Ayita (Sharp-Shot) (Until I find a few native American translations for that, it will remain in parenthesis)
race: human
age: thought to be in her mid to late twenties, but her exact age is unknown.
gender: Female
height: 6'2
weight: 77.7kg/171 pounds(rounded up by .6lb)
known languages: She seems to understand galactic standard fairly well, but due to her silent nature, it is unknown how well she can speak the language, or what other languages she speaks and understands.
appearance: Her appearance is a mystery to all, as she completely separates her work and home lives, never appearing before a work related person un-armored, and never wearing her armor outside of work. No one knows who the person within the armor is, and no one ever will.
Faction/Organization: Freelance bounty hunter, mercenary, and all around gun for hire (I suppose that would just be a Freelancer, huh? Though she does hunt bounties like an actual bounty hunter does, so the description seems more apt.)
alignment: true neutral
personality: these goddamn psych evals of characters are starting to get on my nerves, I'm NOT good at describing these things. She is how I play her, that's that.
strengths: Mid-long, and Long range combat are her specialties, she has enhanced muscular and skeletal systems, leading to higher strength, speed, durability, endurance, and stamina than a regular human. She is quite intelligent (though untrained).
weaknesses: Her training in mid, mid-close, and close range combat were all sub-par, leading her to be fairly unbalanced. She also suffers from tempermental problems, and has difficulty working with others. In addition, she is also comparatively under-trained in standard formal educations, which leads her to be thought of as unintelligent despite her true intelligence being quite high.
likes: unknown, she seems to be somewhat of an enigma socially speaking, quite like Samus herself in her early years as a bounty hunter.
dislikes: see "Likes"
equipment: Listed below
character history: one of the last remnants of a super-soldier program run by an underground agency, she was trained in several styles of combat, specializing in mid-long and long range combat (with some level of focus on hand to hand and knife combat), mostly ignoring mid-close and mid range combat (leaving her dangerously undertrained in those areas). The training led to her becoming closed in on herself, unable to accept help or interaction from others beyond the most limited of levels, and when the program was finished with her, she had become a cold hearted killer; the perfect mercenary. after being released (for having completed her training), she began hunting down bounties and taking missions from both the up and up (like the federation) and more questionable employers (even going to the extent of working for the space pirates).

suit type: combat model powered exo-skeleton type 3 (Long range specialty, with close combat weapons built in to round it out more)
weaponry: built in close quarters weaponry
-Vibration knife: the shape of this dagger (sheathed on the front of the shoulder) is that of a trench knife, the blade vibrates at auto-adjusted frequencies, causing it to be able to cut through materials much harder than it normal would, and with the most ease possible.
-Wrist blade: a plasma blade which protrudes from the left wrist when in use, typically only used in emergency situations.
shielding: Vibration shielding (Causes material projectiles to ricochet of harmlessly a few inches in front of the armor), medium strength energy shielding (absorbs impact from melee attacks and energy projectiles, provides decent amount of defense while active, with upgradeable energy stores to keep active under attack longer), plasma shielding (absorbs kinetic emission from ultra-high temperature heat sources, preventing the suit from over-heating, then releases that kinetic energy slowly within ultra-low temperature environments to prevent cold induced system shutdown).

Weaponry: (Not affiliated with suit weapons)
High-intensity LASER cannon: Fires a LASER shot with an intensity level which gives it the power to pierce through several feet of steel in seconds, requires several seconds to recharge after fire.
Gatling gun: fires a stream of armor piercing rounds at a rate of about seventy per second, with a four thousand round capacity per belt.
Multi-form combat pistol: this combat pistol is highly experimental, and can assume six different forms, each fitting a different form of combat scenario, some are more rifle like, others could be like a shotgun, it is unknown what several of the pistol's forms do at this time.
Wave Cannon: this gun runs on technology similar to the Chozo wave beam, ignoring the presence of inanimate materials and only dealing damage to units identified as enemies, using a targeting system which allows the wielder to designate animate entities as enemy or not, the scope has a high power digital/optic zoom able to focus in up to five hundred times, which has the added effect of not only being able to see in thermal and x-ray modes, but also to effectively decrease the opacity of non-targets to allow for the most accurate shot possible."Perfect for Head-Shots" (comment by happy customer).
Electro-static cannon: fires a thin shot made up of an intense electrical charge, highly useful at destroying electronics due to the shot releasing a small EMP upon impact (around a five meter radius).

-Accelerator rifle: a powerful piece of equipment which accelerates a small piece of metal to near hyper-velocity, causing massive damage upon impact, has a clip size of ten rounds.
Death's head gun: another multi-tasker, this one taking the form of a plasma rifle with both strong sniping capabilities and also combat rifle uses, with a high firing rate and medium level power-per-shot strength, but also having an effective range of over twelve-hundred meters and a scope with a 200x optic zoom.
(all weapon pictures were acquired through google image searches, none of them are mine and I take no credit at all for them or their creation, not all pictures origins and original intents as weapons are properly reflected in the versions being used by the character, weapon aesthetics are the only thing being copied in most to all cases here.)

alt-form: specialty equipment (not actually an alt. form) (both units are activated manually)
description: two special units, each with their own functions. Shield unit produces a nigh impenetrable shield covering the front of the user, positioned several inches away from the body, has a one minute timer which needs ten seconds to cool down after complete use. if deactivated before completely used, several seconds can be shaved off of the time needed for cool-down. The invisibility unit causes light to pass through the user as if they did not exist, and does not have a time limit on standard functions, nor a typical recharge timer. The invisibility unit would be more accurately described as an intangibility unit, which functions in such a way as to cause light to pass through without interference if partially activated, and can allow for the user to pass through all matter for a period of thirty seconds with a cool down of ten. premature deactivation of full intangibility shaves a second off of recharge for every three seconds not spent intangible. If the user remains in full activation for thirty full seconds, the unit will fail temporarily, ceasing all functions until recharge completes.

ship: unnamed
ship type: Shinobi class stealth combat ship
weapon systems: (will put in later, in case of dogfights, and also because I called it a combat vessel)
attachments: none, is built with the ability to turn invisible and intangible
registered to the name of: unregistered vessel

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Ayita (Sharp-Shot)
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