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 Xar'Quk'Xon (Claw of Silence)

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PostSubject: Xar'Quk'Xon (Claw of Silence)   Xar'Quk'Xon (Claw of Silence) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2015 5:14 am

Player ID: Cizin
Character name: Xar'Quk'Xon
Race: Vik'kri'xik
Time period: Pre-Zero Mission.

Appearance: He stands at 15 feet tall out of his armor and stands at 16 feet in his armor and wears stony textured dark blue and black armor signifying his position in the castes of the Vik'Kri'xik (or Xik'kri'vik), possessing four double jointed arms with eight fingers each.  He stands on two plantigrade legs and two curling horns emerge from his shoulders and come to a point above his head, which is clad in a helmet shaped like an angular octopus' head with a visor covering the facing where his face is.

Personality: Xar'Quk'Xon is taciturn in the extreme and generally extremely disrespectful to his employers, regarding them as means to an end and inferior vermin who will get .  
Abilities: Xor'qan "Hunter god" Armorsuit, stands a full five meters tall, has four arms allowing for greater flexibility in combat, extremely fast and agile with superhuman reaction times, and has had the emotion of fear completely removed from his system.

Minions: Assorted mercenaries and Vik'Kri'Xik predators.

Intentions: Eliminate the last of the elder races.

Technology: Manipulation of the Four Fundamental Forces, Xik'kri'vik technology such as Hard-light systems, advanced energy weaponry and sophisticated shielding, cloaking field, Psi-dampener to deal with psychic abilities, various forms of immobilizer technology, flight systems.

Number of players required to fight: Killed by 16 year old Samus and Sylux/Immanuel Von Sanders working in tandem with Ghor, Space Pirate Commando Kill Team Dreadblade, Kriken Shadow team three, Noxus and the Justice bringer Judicator Band, 7th Platoon, Rundas, Spire, and the local Defense Force of the planet Zyxus Secundus.  Survived repeated direct hits from gunships, main battle tanks, artillery, bomber strikes, heavy weapons, massed infantry fire, Alimbic and Chozo weaponry, and continued to fight against being massively outnumbered by all the enemies he had made for an entire hour until he was stabbed through the heart with a heavy duty mining laser following shield and armor integrity failure and vertically bisected.  

He'd be able to handle himself against about four players equivalent to an end game Samus and go down after an intense ten minute fight and would give a decent fight to Samus if she had all her power ups ever before dying (in that he'd last about a minute).

History: At the end of the Great League/Dominion war, with the Chozo, Diamonts, N'kren, Luminoth, Alimbics and more on one end, and the Xik'Kri'Vik and their many servant races on the other, the entirety of the Xik'Kri'Vik dominion was sealed in another dimension in a desperate gamble to end the conflict before it damaged reality any further as the two sides used increasingly more imaginative weapons in an attempt to destroy one another once and for all.  The Theocratic empire that had aggressively expanded and enslaved so many cultures into worshipping their dark; extradimensional gods, had seemingly been silenced once and for all.  And with that day, now ten million years past, came an era of peace in the stars.  

Or so they thought.  The Dominion only redoubled in its evil in its extradimensional prison.  It railed and battered at the confines of the jail it had been consigned to; a jail that had been designed so that leaving this dimension would be next to impossible.  It was hoped that with their confinement, the Dominion would learn to accept the ways of peace and tolerance.  But the evil Lord High Dominator ever schemed ways to please his deities and increase his own power.  And yet they could not properly do so from within the confines of the dimension they had been exiled to.  So they schemed to find ways to get themselves out.  For ten million years they tested the walls of their prison, ever finding that the league's former members would continue to find ways to keep them contained.  

But in time, one by one the league that had fought the Dominion vanished.  And they continued to keep on vanishing until the Xik'Kri'Vik found that their continued alterations to try and prevent the return of the lord high dominator's people had now ceased.   Thus the time came to send one of their greatest warriors out into the world to help speed up the demise of those who had sought to keep the dominion in its prison of dimensions.  Thus, the figure known as Xar'Quk'Xon enters the pages of modern history, setting himself up as a bounty hunter as a cover identity while he set about his great hunt about thirty years before the Zero Mission.  Equipped with advanced Xik'Kri'Vik technology, he quickly rose to the top and he and the band of Predators he had brought with him in his capital ship quickly earned notoriety for their near perfect mission success rate.  

Years into his operations, he came to learn about the operations of a surviving group of Chozo on the planet Zebes and the recovery of Alimbics on the planet Cylosis, and decided to investigate.  Deciding that this could not stand, he sought to learn all he could of these relic populations to figure out a way to silence them.  He of course, resolved to destroy these relic populations with all due haste and fury.  The Lord High Dominator demanded it, the gods demanded it.  And he would not dare allow himself to fail either. If they thought they could elude the judgement of the gods by passing their legacies onto lesser beings, then they would see their greatest work crushed.  Indeed, he partook in RAIT's raid on Cylosis to try and silence the Alimbic vessel discovered there before it could escape, though this was one of the rare tasks he failed in.

He eventually found that they both took in a single human child.  Samus Aran for the Chozo, Immanuel von Sanders for the Alimbics; both the final remnants of their now dead worlds, and both it seems; tied inexorably to the strands of destiny.  Even more curious was their decision to raise them as inheritors to their warrior culture.
With the two having already come of age at the age of fourteen earth years and being active in the wider universe by the time Xar'Quk discovered them, he found himself engaging in a quite unique game of cat and mouse with them, engaging with them several times.  But he found himself entangling in a web of more and more enemies as he doggedly pursued them, finally cornering both of them after two years of the hunt only to be met with a large number of commando teams who had gathered to eliminate what was perceived as a threat to them as he stumbled upon a hunt for a great relic of the N'kren.   Though he put up an awe inspiring fight, he perished and his ship and crew of predators were destroyed, forcing the Xik'Kri'Vik to rely on other agents to bring about their return.
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Xar'Quk'Xon (Claw of Silence)
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