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 Regina Locke

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PostSubject: Regina Locke   Regina Locke Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2021 8:45 pm

Player ID:


Character name: Regina Locke
Race: Full body Cyborg, Human
Age: 25 at the time of Fusion, 75 at the time of Legacy. Always looks to be in her 20's.
Gender: Trans Female
Sexuality: Bi - Female Preference
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Heavy enough that she sinks in water.
Regina Locke 3c7a4c3704426db7ee01770594478b2e
Personality: A bit...detached feeling, if a bit snarky. Autistic.
Strengths: Her prosthetic body is designed using Chozo technology taken from her home planet. Detailed under suits.
Weaknesses: Her body has a weakness to extreme cold which can be countered by absorbing Varia suit technology.
Likes/Dislikes: Samus, women, videogames, movies/Space Pirates, her home world. She has PTSD related to ship explosions that she has mostly healed from, but they still cause extreme stress to her.
Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Chozo. Other languages automatically translated by her cyberbrain.


Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral)


Other: Is a huge fan of Samus. To a "romantic attraction" level.
-Xenotech energy pistol made with Chozo technology, compatible with a majority of beam upgrades. Can be flipped into a whip or energy blade form. Closely resembles Samus's emergency pistol.
-Jet boots that double as high heels, black with a glowing purple bottom. Used for double jumping and blasting enemies with the repulsors. Can be upgraded into being able to fly with them, as a sort of equivalent to the space jump.
-Zero Suit, with a jacket worn over it.

Character History:
Regina comes from a world that was previously inhabited by the Chozo, her people a group of human colonists that happened upon the world while evading Space Pirates in the area decades before the Zero Mission. Named CH-444, the world's technology developed from the alien technology buried in the world, eventually leading to the development of full body cybernetic bodies, though they were rare due to the technology not quite being trusted.

Regina was assigned male at birth, and ended up in a ship explosion that very nearly killed her when she was a child, being the only survivor. After a long time of attempting to heal her, she was offered a full body prosthesis, which she took.  She had her spirit transferred from her body to a fully robotic one, eventually replacing it with one that resembled her true gender identity, then later replacing it with a combat ready one when she turned 20. Having grown up reading stories about the famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran, she decided to wanted to take after her, taking on the Space Pirates and other galactic threats. Not at all aware that her and her idol shared the same technological origin.

She often worked alongside Dead Echo, a group of bounty hunters that work for the Federation most of the time, but usually worked on her own.

-Battle suit-
Suit Type: Xenotech Full Body Combat Prosthesis
Description: A full replacement for a human body, with internal Chozo technology making it compatible with a majority of technological upgrades.
-Grenade generators(Can generate grenades that either use Beam energy, or even power bombs, using the same energy that missiles are generated from).
-Grapple beam that projects from her left arm.
Visors: Scan, thermal, x-ray, command.
Shielding: Light Chozo shielding. Can be boosted with energy tanks.
Misc: Superhuman reflexes and strength.
Phantom Cloak: She is capable of turning invisible for a short amount of time, or a longer time if energy tanks are spent to fill it.
Flash shift: Is capable of doing a short range "blink" teleport move(with 5 feet of distance), able to chain it up to 3 times.

Ship Type: Gunship
Appearance: The Prime 3 gunship, but purple with a pink window.
Weapon Systems:
Registered to the Name of: (your characters name) (<-also applies only if they have their own ship)
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Regina Locke
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