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 Samantha Anderson

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PostSubject: Samantha Anderson   Samantha Anderson Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2020 6:01 pm

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Samatha Anderson (Five)
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 6’1
Weight: 195 lbs
Appearance: Samantha Anderson RXQlBlfyZfm15L2_G2XkGJRjqtYgYUzCJ_VqxSzV6Y_atDsLAF_toxh2U4dFzKS8Yp4EgE0uPWsCiR8IqYCZvwGEmfecO5H-QpC3CftRjA06849_WdgCi-xzs5jQ7d4rx7gbmbua
Personality: Samantha is a melancholic loner of few words… at least when she’s on the job. Despite her being told she’s destined for ‘greatness’, she remains lonely and brooding, and seeks revenge against the Space Pirates - especially those who were personally responsible for the death of her parents. Even with her tragic origins, Samantha has been shown to have great willpower and resourcefulness, succeeding where thousands failed and even among the five other Samanthas, she has shown amazing potential. She had also bonded with several Federation soldiers, becoming extremely close friends with them, almost family it seemed, however they were all killed after an airlock failure, leaving Samantha scarred and much colder than before, strengthening her general loner attitude.
Strengths: She has many cybernetic enhancements to replicate Samus’ chozo DNA and training, increasing her strength, agility, as well as blocking out her ability to learn about Samus at all. The name doesn’t even get processed, attempting to learn about Samus will result in headaches, eventual passing out, and general discomfort.
Weaknesses: Samantha has a pretty large phobia of medical operations due the mass amounts of pain she went through during cybernetic enhancement. They couldn’t put her to sleep to install most of them, so she was awake, and only slightly numbed during the procedure. Her suit’s defenses aren’t the best, but they are better than the standard federation soldier.
Likes/Dislikes: Sourdough toast, Nuts, Trail Mix, Swimming, Beaches, Tropical areas, smoothies/ Dislikes Cold, Loud noises, Pirates, TCF, Chocolate, overly sweet things, most flowers (had a bad experience with what she thought was a flower)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard.


Faction/Organization: Federation
Alignment: Neutral Good


Equipment: GFS Paralyzer, with an Accel Charge modifier on it that lowers the max charge time from 3.5, to .5 seconds. A modified Grapple Lasso attachment to her left arm that allows her to interface with many electronics, as well as use the basic grapple beam abilities.


Character History: Samantha Anderson was raised in a small federation mining colony. Unknown to her, she was the fifth Samantha Anderson in the Samantha Anderson project. The Samantha Anderson Project, also known as SAP, was an attempt to recreate Samus Aran, without cloning her. Instead they cloned one of the most loyal, obedient, and one of their top soldiers, Samantha August, and then renamed the clones, as well as gave them to parents who didn’t quite understand what was going on. Five colonies were chosen for the project, and all five of them were wiped out, with the sole survivor being the young, 5 year old Samantha Anderson. As Samantha continued to grow, she grew into the perfect tool for the federation. Eventually they equipped her with cybernetics which would allow her to use her Fusion suit to the best of her ability.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Fusion Suit Mark V
Suit Type:  Fusion Recreation suit
Weaponry: The suit has an alternative to the Grapple beam which combines mechanics from the grapple voltage, and grapple lasso which reconfigures the arm cannon to appear like thisThe Grapple ability is tied into her Suit's power. Draining energy from an object will replenish hers and sending energy into an object will drain energy from her. It is also equipped with a Missile launcher that can alternate between 3 different missile types, the standard missile type. A ‘super’ missile variant, which is a simple firepower upgrade to the basic Missile. Missiles are augmented with more powerful ballistic warheads and more efficient propulsion; these take on the appearance of Samus’ original Power Suit's Missiles. This multiplies the basic explosive power of a Missile by a factor of three. There is an ice missile variant, which incorporates a freezing agent into both the ballistic material and propellant of a Missile; the appearance of each Missile changes to be larger, rounder, and orange in nature. The added freezing effect can be creatively utilized for assistance in navigating complex terrains. Visually, the exhaust of an Ice Missile has an added ice effect as well, but the exhaust holds no special freezing ability on its own. The final variant is a Diffusion missile,  The casing is changed to a shape similar to the Power Suit’s Super Missile, logically to allow for a larger volume of space used for explosive material. This Missile upgrade has the uncommon ability to charge before launching in order to create a significantly larger blast radius at no additional ammunition cost. However, the Missile Launcher must fully charge a Diffusion Missile to utilize this added effect. These Three Missile variants cannot be stacked, and must be active at different times.
As for Beams, the suit can activate the Wide Beam, which can be stacked with either Plasma, or Wave. The wide beam fires out three separate blasts of energy, and can be charged. Each shot of the wide beam deals about 1 / 3 of the power beam that Samus uses, although when charged they do half the damage of a charge beam. Samantha’s Wave Beam fires a helix type beam of energy that passes through most non-organic matter. When charged, it fires two helix beams that spin around each other creating a bigger helix Samatha’s Plasma beam fires six spinning green lines of plasma that pierces organic matter and most armor. When charged it fires one large powerful blast of plasma. The Plasma beam does 4 times the damage of her standard wide beam, and 2 times the damage of Samus’ charge beam when charged. These three beams are unstackable, although the wide beam is technically on for both plasma and wave, the specific wave/plasma typing do not stack.

Misc abilities are a togglable speed booster that drains energy to use, a space jump that allows a double jump, high jump boots, and an advanced power grip that allows her to grip to any surface.

However the Fusion Suit’s Greatest addition is the ability to replicate the natural and unnatural abilities of its targets. If the suit can scan an enemy or creature, it can generate data to convert one of its abilities for the suit to use. If she can interact with a corpse for about an hour, scanning it and such, she can permanently add in one or two of its abilities into her systems.

Shielding:Samantha’s suit’s shielding is always in between the power suit and a federation trooper’s suit, however it can switch between a varia and gravity suit, which do not stack. The Varia suit stops damage from superheated and sub-zero areas, and negates the freezing effects of ice beams and other ice based weaponry. The Gravity suit mode Allows free movement in liquids, areas of intense gravity/low gravity/no gravity and provides protection from acid.

Samantha Anderson GJ4QcaxfJu_QuE-wSbu0Zk859JYoTDkThNzuTpgpdMwVYGeYsc0BEbRNeAe6V-RuQZkxX92LHba0IjAXR8n9--hOF1cMQKrWWotGactyx_HdYoalX1_LG5ra4epVVTElKHzAiQzT

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name:Morphball
Description: The Morph Ball is one of the most useful upgrades for the Fusion Suit. It allows Samus to transform her surrounding body armor into the shape of a metal sphere, allowing for movement into much smaller spaces; exactly as the Power Suit variant performs. According to a scan in Metroid Prime, the Morph Ball is nearly 1 meter in diameter. There is no evidence to suggest that there is any difference in size between the Fusion Suit and Power Suit variants.
Abilities/Weapons: As the original did, this metal sphere has several offensive upgrades, such as Bombs and Power Bombs. These are used primarily for clearing environmental obstacles, but are occasionally used for combative applications. GF Weapons Designers created emulations for both of these upgrades. The Bomb emulation's detonations are more delayed than the original upgrade, seeming to disable Bomb Jumping. The Power Bomb emulation has an added effect: once the Power Bomb reaches the full detonation radius, a suction effect can pull enemies, as well as items towards the origin of the explosion.

Samantha Anderson A0aM2DAspj-mqV9H2Ga4nAiWVdgU7N18SeUlEb8PD3MNdWuuXwk7zOuEb7_Yq-u3kg4X7K50dGSz8DlAWKa4EEgM9hG0_yEMDvbD_4vGh-MqmMNJt2CHW2Lhsm-448veXgXvFTKY

Ship Name:A.D.A.M. Artificial Directive Assistant Manager  
Ship Type:Hunter-Class Gunship
Weapon Systems: Equipped with twin Power Beam turrets and a retractable rear-mounted Plasma Beam cannon.
Attachments:The ship contains a mobile energy-recharge system, microfactories designed to produce ammunition, and an advanced medical bay.
Registered to the Name of:The Galactic Federation

Samantha Anderson RHMjTpo5lszRocWP-jixMRzd1ECoLpYx-erwQcdJ_P2DWonA90m2qI7hUB8gVx60w1qQ45os49pbZdWBWOzKmw2E4JW_JhDEaUrxE_mLt0l6M2q0CGUWJ6P84Uy9T3DslDeOr0Bx
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Samantha Anderson
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