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 Vela Faden

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Pink Cat
Pink Cat

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PostSubject: Vela Faden   Vela Faden Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2020 9:08 pm

Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Vela Faden
Race: Void Mutated Human
Age: Appears to be in her 20s. True age unknown.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Light
Appearance: Almost always wearing a lightly armored skintight bodysuit with blue trim, along with blue goggles. Blue hair, with blue eyes. Curvy build. Pale skin.
Vela Faden NiPxMFU
Personality: Playful, kinda sarcastic. Has autistic traits.
Strengths: Is enhanced even before gaining her powers, having superhuman strength and agility. Capable of phase shifting and opening portals. Has a voice in her head that often warns her of danger.
Weaknesses: Guns hurt.
Known Languages: Galactic Basic, several other languages including Space Pirate ones.


Faction/Organization: Independent Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Other: Bisexual.

-B3-Wingman Elite: A custom high caliber revolver, capable of ripping right through armor and shields. Highly accurate, holds 6 shots.
-Volt: A submachine gun that fires bullets shrouded in energy, holds 33 shots before reloading.
-Pulse blade: A blade that wirelessly links to her HUD, sending out a pulse that reveals enemies through walls. Also really hurts when you throw it at people.
-Grappling hook: Can be used to swing, climb, and grab opponents.

-Blink: Able to teleport a short distance
-Phase walk: Can phase between dimensions, phasing into the void realm. This is a reality almost overlapping with the main one, which means she can't use it to phase out of a space ship or station, but can use it to move past certain obstacles and avoid people.
-Portal: Can open a portal to the same realm, making her quickly able to move from one point to another. Or pull another person into the same realm.
-Has a "Second voice" in her head that often warns her about danger and informs her of things, such as details about people or objects.
-Enhanced speed, strength, and jumping capability
-Void shield: Projects an energy shield that can take a few shots before breaking passively. Recharges on its own.
-Shockwave: Sends out a line of void charged concussive explosions.
-Flare: Her most powerful attack, sending out an intense blast of void energy with the power level of a Power Bomb. Drains her to use, making her unable to use her powers for a few minutes.
-Warp: A projectile that explodes on impact, covering the target in energy that slowly rips them apart.


Character History:
Vela was a former soldier from an outer rim military, later a mercenary working with the Federation, transporting some sort of alien artifacts to a research station. She was ambushed by Space Pirates, her ship blasted in a way that caused the artifacts to detonate, catching her in an explosion that permanently altered her. Her entire body was rewritten, giving her a sort of chronological immortality, along with powers that seemed to be channeled straight from another dimension.
Her ship crash landed on the nearby planet, and she escaped the Space Pirate occupied world with the help of her new powers, alongside her mech known as DST-447, or "Dusty".

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: DST-447 "Dusty"
Suit Type: Titan Mech, Monarch class
Weaponry: Fists, XO16A2 Chaingun. Laser core. Shoulder mounted missiles and shield draining energy weapon.
Shielding: Regenerating energy shielding, heavy armor. Vortex Shield(Able to catch projectiles and send them back)

Ship Name: Wraith
Ship Type: Gunship
Weapon Systems: Burst lasers, missiles, bombs.
Attachments: Cloaking device
Registered to the Name of: Vela
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Sivus Grahn
Sivus Grahn

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PostSubject: Re: Vela Faden   Vela Faden Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2022 1:15 pm

...I'm pretty sure I heard of this character in a video game...Can't remember the name. Not like that's all that much of an issue, just uh...yeah. By the way, hi.
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Pink Cat
Pink Cat

Posts : 3332
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PostSubject: Re: Vela Faden   Vela Faden Icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2022 4:44 pm

Vela's taken from Jet Force Gemini, Faden's taken from Control. The design(and honestly powerset, outside of mixing her with Wraith from Apex Legends) is Nyx from Quake Champions. It's definitely a "combination of characters I like" type character.

I've been meaning to update this character because I've had different ideas since my last update.
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PostSubject: Re: Vela Faden   Vela Faden Icon_minitime

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Vela Faden
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