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 The nameless Conscious X Parasite (Born human on Earth)

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The nameless Conscious X Parasite (Born human on Earth) Empty
PostSubject: The nameless Conscious X Parasite (Born human on Earth)   The nameless Conscious X Parasite (Born human on Earth) Icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2016 7:01 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: ???
race: X Parasite
age: Potentially millions of years
gender: Agender
height: Situationally dependent
weight: Situationally dependent
known languages: 21st century American English (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania sub-dialect), Galactic standard, Space-Pirate, Space-Dragon, (+ Many others, mostly Terran), Chozo
appearance: Again, situationally dependent
Faction/Organization: Unaffiliated with any group singularly or en-masse
alignment: Likes to think of themself as being neutral/chaotic good, but occasionally strays into evil territory (Primarily Lawful evil)
personality: Varied, due to the personality of the original owner of whatever form they're wearing bleeding into the primary personality.
strengths: Many formed, highly adaptable, Incredibly strong will(general) and will to live (Strong enough to overpower the "Self" of an X)
weaknesses: metroids, metroids everywhere. Has an Irrational fear of spiders (Not other arachnids, just spiders)
likes: The metroid franchise, Samus, Ridley (Conceptually)
dislikes: Metroids (On account of, y'know, Death.), Assholes (Literally, just doesn't like the look of them), overly rude impolite people. Oh, and spiders. Lots of spiders. Hate. Hate spiders. er, Hates, they hate spiders. He/She hates spiders.
Other: Omnisexual
equipment: Clothes. Just some super spider silk clothes they wove up. from their own silk. *Shudder* Ughghghghgh *Shuddering ends*. Spiders, fucking freaky. Hate spiders.
character history: An unfortunate soul who was incredibly lucky, born on Earth under the name [ENTRY REDACTED] he lived a quiet and peaceful life. And then he got attacked by an X just after waking up, found out his mother had already been completely consumed, and then died. Shitty day if ever there was one, but his will to continue (And fuck up the day of the X who had attacked him and the one that ate his mom (The only close relative he had that he liked) as much as his had been) gave him the strength to overpower the "Self" of the X that ate him, and take control of the entity as the driving psychological force. From there, he (Now "it") consumed the X that was wearing his mother's form, and then just kind of fell into a depression that lasted several months. After mostly getting over the shitstorm that ended his last life and started his new one, he went out into the world and started cataloguing the many races of Earth (By eating them), expanding his genetic library. On top of this, he hunted down the other X that had come to and invaded Earth, devouring them and adding everything they had absorbed to his genetic library as well (And adding their mass to his own to allow him to assume larger forms more easily). Around the time humanity left Earth in space ships, he snuck aboard one of them randomly and ended up out in space among the stars. It was kind of a boring time. Really boring. Like, you can't begin to conceptualize how boring it was for him to be out there, floating in space with nothing but a few dead bodies that he didn't get to in time and the debris of the ship. ...Oh, yeah, the ship he was on blew the f**k up. Not a fun time. Did I mention that he was an unfortunate soul? Yeah, life kind of sucked for him. At least he had the DNA of every species on earth to play around with, right? And the minds of the greatest minds who were dying after he got out of his depression who he offered the chance to live on inside of him to contemplate with. Of course, you can only contemplate the lights in the distance for so long before you've contemplated all you can contemplate and you won't contemplates n'more! *Sigh* Well, eventually he landed planetside on a planet inhabited by sentient life, and hitched a ride outwards to "Somewhere". At some point he ended up in Galactic federation owned space in time for Metroid/Zero mission to be only a few decades away, and he actually watched some of Samus' training for fun. It was a fucking blast compared to floating aimlessly through space. Oh, and he ate a dying chozo to preserve his memories and personality (And DNA). That would be how he knows the chozo language. Well, anyway, he ended up following Samus through her missions, consuming one or more of each race on the planets she fought on in order to enter them into his genetic library (Just in case they went extinct at some point and DNA would allow them to be cloned), only avoiding the metroids. He actually managed to eat a few Ing during her escapades around Dark Aether even! His crowning achievement would have to be when Samus was on the BSL and he survived the kaboom, and even got ahold of the original X that infected her (Therefore, he caught the one wearing pieces of her armor) and eating it. He also ate just about every X on the station prior to the impact with SR-388, and thus added them to his size and GL. Since then he's just kind of lazed around Daiban, doing odd jobs for people and drinking. A lot. In a modified form based on Samus'. Like a creeper. Freaky little bastard. He actually tried to return the pieces of Samus' suit to her once, but... well, that didn't go over to well, and he kind of lost them while fleeing desperately for his life. Gods only know what happened to them after that.

alt-form: Pretty well whatever the hell he wants
description: see above

ship: None, Lazy bastard

You know, I wrote this bastage way too easily given how much trouble I have been having with my other character that I've been trying to write for probably around two weeks now damnit. Why can't I write that one this easily?

#Don't fuckle with shuckle

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The nameless Conscious X Parasite (Born human on Earth)
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