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PostSubject: Youtube   Youtube Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2016 1:42 pm

So, I have a YouTube channel, I haven't been uploading very often but now that it's summer I plan on putting more work into the channel. I do stuff from Sonic to Ace Attorney to Minerrant and more.

So, Why Am I talking about it here, 2 reasons,
1. I'm looking for more subs,
2. A lot of the content I have planned is Metroid Based.

I started a Zero Mission Let's play to start the channel but now that save is gone so I'm going to restart it soon. I want to let's play every metroid game, review them all, and try to break them all, (with sequence breaks, of course I can break them all with Other M as a good example of one I can't sequence break). I also want to do Metroid Top 10's and Idea Videos, and my channel is NOT Metroid based, all this will have other games surrounding it.

So that I don't anger anyone I'm not posting a link unless someone asks for it.
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