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 Salara Aran (Legacy Era Claimed Character equivalent to Samus)

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Salara Aran (Legacy Era Claimed Character equivalent to Samus) Empty
PostSubject: Salara Aran (Legacy Era Claimed Character equivalent to Samus)   Salara Aran (Legacy Era Claimed Character equivalent to Samus) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 1:51 pm

Player ID: claimed character (Legacy era Samus equivalent)


Character name: Salara Aran
Race: Human (chozo/metroid DNA present)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 6'5
Weight: 186 pounds (w/out suit) 386 pounds (w/ suit)
Appearance: similar to her ancestor, wears her hair down, has green eyes
Personality: listed below
Strengths: intelligent, resourceful, well trained
Weaknesses: too self assured, impulsive, set in her ways
Likes/Dislikes: (let's face it, everyone will play her differently, likes and dislikes will be the first to change with a new player)
Known Languages: English, Metroid, Chozo, Galactic standard (legacy modern), Esperian


Faction/Organization: bounty hunter (close relations with Esperian empire)
Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral Good


Equipment: armor-suit, enhanced zero-suit, upgraded paralyzer


Character History: born on human colony L6-R to loving parents Rodney Aran III and Esmeralda Aran, when she was only an infant her home was invaded by the Krikens. They killed most everybody before any help arrived, including her parents. Unlike Samus however, revenge was had for her, as a close friend of the family was the first to arrive. He slaughtered many of the Krikens before discovering the bodies of her dead parents. He had little time to grieve however, as he needed to return to his ship quickly. He buried her parents next to the house they had lived in, and heard her crying from outside the house. He had not known that they had had a child, let alone that a lone infant had survived the massacre. He rushed to find the child, and when he did, he recognized the resemblance to his mentor. He decided to take her in and raise her as his own without a second thought, and took her under his wing, raising her as his daughter. From the time she was three she received training, both physical and mental, and by the time she was sixteen she was greater than any hunter there was remaining. Her adoptive father gave her the suit she wears now, based on ancient chozo tech, and informed her of what had happened before he took her in. That was the day she left, vowing vengeance against the Kriken.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Archangel's blessing
Suit Type: updated ancient chozo power-armor (modified for human body-structure)
Wings: doubling as both a method of flight and a weapon, her metal wings take the place of a missile launcher; modular.
- destructive rain: launches many plasma lances (basic missiles)
Valkryia: based on the ancient chozo beam-staff, this spear takes the place of an arm cannon; modular.
- Basic shot: launches a powerful blast of plasma and energy, explodes on contact.
Shielding: Normal shielding, plasma shielding
compatible with ancient chozo tech (and most other forms of upgrade technology)

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Shifted
Description: allows her to phase through matter for a short time, takes a few seconds to recharge
Abilities/Weapons: phasing through matter

Ship Name: Shooting Star of the Chojin Zoku
Ship Type: advanced Chozo Hunter class gunship (built by Espera)
Weapon Systems: Plasma cannons mounted to the front and back, several missile launchers built into the hull
Attachments: none (Modular)
Registered to the Name of: Salara Aran

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Salara Aran (Legacy Era Claimed Character equivalent to Samus)
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