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PostSubject: Ehra   Ehra Icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2016 9:18 am

Player ID: christen MX
Character Name: Ehra (pronounced the same as the measurement of time) (assumed identity)
Race: Cybernetically enhanced human/human sub-species (human cyborg)
Age: 32
Gender: Male (presumably)
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 2,483 pounds (He's a fucking cyborg, cut him some slack)
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Space Pirate, Kriken (Empirical)
Appearance: His body, being permanently and perfectly merged with his cybernetic implants/armor, looks like his armor. That is, his appearance is humanoid, two arms, two legs, a head, and a main body, all to almost normal proportions, but is made up almost entirely of interlocking black metallic plates, with large bolts planted in his back, mostly near the spine (though some are scattered around the shoulder pads in a rhombus-esque shape), and his appearance is entirely bilaterally symmetrical. His head and face (being the only parts of his body not constantly covered in his armor) have a semi-squared appearance to them, being strong in structure (simply not originally implemented well), and are covered in scars, a remnant of his surgery. Other than his surgery scars, his face has no blemishing marks. His eyes are a purplish-scarlet color (due to genetic mutations and cybernetics both), and have strange markings and highlights that are hard to see from the outside. Upon close inspection, it turns out these are cybernetics, mostly lights, reticles, and readouts. They give him constant updates about his surroundings, and assist in combat. His helmet (which, while not fused to his flesh, he does wear 70-80% of the time) resembles an old knight's helmet (one of the more form fitting varieties that hugged the face more), minus the helmet plume. His visor is in fact (on the outside), two vaguely eye shaped crimson sunken hexagons (with shorter upper sides than the lower, though the top/bottom faces are almost the exact same length). On the inside, his visor covers most of the helmet, giving him all the readouts and information he needs, despite having only two small areas he should be able to see out through. His armor in its entirety has a very blocky, edged look to it, having many hard angles (even if they are directly linked to another piece of the armor) from the metal plating. As an aside, his spinal plating is actually visible, and it has the same hard angled appearance, seeming to have an almost rectangle-V shape pointing down from the top to the bottom with each plated disc. The entire armor is a sleek shining/reflective metallic black (every part is, though the muscular portions aren't reflective/shiny).
Faction/Organization: Freelance Agent (Takes jobs from anyone)
Alignment: Chaotic/Lawful Evil (Has elements of both)
Personality: Destructive and impulsive to the absolute limit, likes to think he lives by a moral code, but in reality obeys no rules other than his own. The only set law he strictly adheres to is to "pay back your debts tenfold", which is good if you've helped him or something, but if you've wronged him in any way, he will not stop until he has absolutely DESTROYED you.
Strengths: High level defenses, incredible physical capabilities due to cybernetic fusion, ultra-intelligent, ultra-quick reaction speed, massively boosted senses, has an enhanced healing factor (mostly there to combat and eventually cure his disease)
Weaknesses: Underneath his armor (he is quite weak), his armor is somewhat vulnerable (and therefore he is somewhat vulnerable) to magnetic and electro-magnetic shocks, his armor is an incredibly powerful conductor, which can be used to his advantage, but will usually lead to injury or temporary paralysis.
Likes: Money, not dying, not feeling pain
Dislikes: Being hurt, the idea of dying, being broke, having to beg
Other: Has a habit of killing his opponents "Execution Style" with his sidearm.
Character History: Born with a hereditary genetic disease that causes worsening deterioration and atrophy of the muscular and skeletal structures from birth onwards (as well as targeting the nervous system and damaging the nerve connections from the brain to the rest of the body, as well as just the brain itself), "Ehra" was given little to no chance to survive past twenty without a treatment that didn't exist at the time. In short, he was born doomed from the start. He lived in constant fear of everything around him, as his fragile body would shatter at a mere tap, and he had extremely poor reflexes due to his damaged nerves. He was also in a constant state of mind breaking pain. Unable to escape from his seemingly inevitable -and incredibly slow and painful- demise, he gave up all hope on living. He also developed an incredibly warped view on life from his constant suffering and his upbringing from his distraught father after his mother died, and he grew worse with each passing day. As the disease ate away at his brain cells, he began suffering from symptoms of Alzheimers, then borderline retrograde and anterograde amnesia. He became unable to remember his past or present, and slowly delved deeper and deeper into the pool known as utter madness and insanity. With help from doctors and other medical professionals, he was able to keep the end result of death at bay, as well as restore and begin to retain some small measure of his memories, pretty well just enough to remember that he was diseased and was going to die eventually, but this didn't help to do more than prolong the issue. Luckily however, he was eventually offered an experimental treatment that would fix his heavily damaged and atrophied body and mind. He leapt at the chance almost immediately, even knowing that if the operation failed he would almost certainly die. Well, luckily for him, that wasn't the result. The result was his body and mind ending up many times stronger and quicker than a normal human's, and his disease all but cured by his newfound enhanced healing factor (another facet of the treatment, designed to counteract the effects of the disease, as well as correct the genetic problems that led to its presence and propagation/persistence). Sadly, he had been permanently mentally and physically scarred by the disease and the life he had lived up to that point, and he ended up finding no purpose to staying with his (admittedly incredibly relieved) father any longer. He left the care of his guardian and began to travel from planet to planet, eventually joining a military group who had their eyes on fixing up super-soldiers to fight in their wars and almost guaranteedly win for them. He received excellent combat and tactical training from them, before eventually leaving before his tour of duty was supposed to begin, killing three people in the process. After that debacle, he ended up deciding to become a freelancer, taking money for just about any task given to him, from hunting down people for a bounty, to assassinating a government official, to just protecting someone or finding a lost child. He would take any job, no matter how small or large, no matter the price offered. The bodily and mental deterioration been almost completely healed since he first received the treatment, but the physical and mental scars will always remain, leaving a genuinely disturbed nearly monstrous individual to wander the universe nearly unchecked for however long he lives.

Real-Intelligence AI unit
Name: "Epoch"
Age: 13 years
Gender-type: Masculine
Known Languages: Terran, Galactic Standard, Space Pirate, Kriken, Chozo/Ancient Chozo (and Chozo Sub-languages), Coding (Terran old, GF, Space Pirate)
Appearance: Variable, Most often patterns himself as a roughly 13 year old human male, proportionally 5'6" in height (if he were human sized, real height when holographically projected is usually 8 inches), has a blue color scheme most often, underneath the color tinting, has blond hair cut to a fairly short length, with extra short bangs overhanging above the eyes, hair is unruly and untidily kept, has green or purple eyes, and a more pointed face. Has a slender body, with little muscular presence (contrasting his host, who has fairly intense muscles, even if they are artificial), and legs about equal in length to his torso. Projected skin has no blemishing marks, and overall the appearance resembles that of an untarnished young boy.
Personality: Tactical and Calculating in combat or combat-ready scenarios, focusing on the mission at hand and their(plural, not gender-ambiguous) safety over all other priorities, nearly computer-like in focus level. Outside of combat/ready scenarios, ends up focusing most of his immense processing power on a wide variety of pornographic content (novels, movies, cartoons, games, etc), video games, and e-books, otherwise very fun loving and party oriented, conscious of surrounding occurrences at all times, and makes sure to keep a watchful eye out for everyone he likes. Viciously torments people he doesn't like, acting as counterpart to his lighthearted teasing of people he does, completely ignores those he is indifferent to outside of tactical data and threat assessment. In face of a threat, acts immediately to protect his host, then himself, then friends or loved ones, in that order. Displays almost no personality traits commonly associated with humans his age, despite assuming other traits as such.
Likes: Heavy and Death Metal, Hardcore Dubstep, Pizza, Many Pastas (real Italian style), parties, Blue and Purple
Indifferent/Tolerates: Electronica, Asian foods, Green stuff
Dislikes: Loud people, Boring situations, Red and grey colors, Arthropods (most of the time)
Capacity: Capable of processing data at an insane rate of over 2,000,000,000 petabytes per second, can focus on 348,826 different tasks simultaneously without losing quality in focus or execution in any of them, can learn at a rate of 1,480,612 terabytes per second, and has a virtual memory data storage of (for me) incalculable levels. Can accurately calculate and predict occurrences on the micro-scale within 1/100,000th of a second, and usually up to ten minutes ahead of time by reading environmental clues and social/psychological cues. Capable of piloting both the Delano XIII and the ERA suit if his host falls unconscious and needs emergency evac.
Weaponry: Has near-instant access to the Delano XIII through command visor software, usually keeps the ship within 420 meters, well out of sight and hearing, on standby in case of an emergency situation.

Suit type: Body Amplification and Acceleration Power-Armored Exo-Skeleton
Suit name: Enhanced Reaction Accelerator (ERA) suit
Description: A four layer masterpiece of cybernetic augmentation. This suit is literally fused to the subject's muscular and skeletal systems, and feeds off of their bodily produced energy signatures to power itself (though it does pull from outside sources as well), and increases their ability to produce said energies in order to sustain itself. In essence, it is a bio-mechanical symbiotic armorsuit that enhances the wearer's physical capabilities many times over, and providing protection, in return for being given the energy it needs to function. The first layer of the armor is a high functioning reflex-booster, functioning by enhancing the nervous system through the application of nano-tubing constructed from interlocking "nano-bots" (these nano-bots are actually very large normally, however, they have been shrunken down, theoretically through spacial compression, down to a size approximately the same as a hydrogen atom) which can relay electrical signals over 17,000 times faster than human nerves. The second layer of the armor-structure is the first actual armoring section, a skeletal enhancement achieved by applying cyber-metal plating to the bones of the body, these "cyber-metal" plates are actually very similar in structure to the "nano-tube" wiring that is applied to the nerves as enhancement, in that they are formed of incredibly small robots (the very same variety that form the previous stage/layer) linking together. The nano-bots of the second layer arrange themselves in a crystal lattice format that shifts in form with each layer, growing in the number of "sides" to each...thing (the number of nano-bots to a "cell" increase by one with each successive layer until they reach a specific point, where the lattice would become unstable), as well as shifting their positioning slightly each layer. This produces an extremely tough/powerful sheet at full size. These plates are applied to every bone in the body, including the cranium, in order to provide maximum protection. The third layer is the first that appears outside of the body itself, being placed over the skin-layer and fused into the muscular structure, and is comprised of coiled nano-tubes (of the same variety as before) mimicking a human muscular structure. However, the third layer is (likely) over a million times stronger than human muscles, able to take incredible levels of abuse (both in usage, and from outside attack), and massively enhances the body's physical capabilities, as well as the max-cap for those abilities. The only part of the body left (mostly) un-modified by the third layer is the head/face, as the muscles in said area are few and have little to no need for enhancement (though a small amount of this artificial muscle-fiber is present to bring the wearer up to regular human levels of mobility and muscular control). The fourth and final layer is quite similar to the second, being made up of plates of "cyber-metal", these plates are present on the very surface of the armor/body, and form interlocking grid-like patterns of armoring, providing impressive protection to the body. The end result of this...thing, this monstrous fusion of man and machine, is an incredibly durable beast capable of taking great amounts of punishment while delivering vast quantities of pain with each strike, with super-human reflexes, speed, agility, and dexterity. The armor-suit also has two other effects/properties: 1st. it massively enhances the calculatory abilities, thought speed, data storage, and all around potential for intelligence of the wearer (due to the enhancements to their nervous system, which extend even to the brain), and 2nd. it provides them with a secondary personality which uses their remaining potential (which goes almost entirely unused) and is connected directly to the suit, functioning as a pseudo-AI that acts as a combat and tactical support unit from inside their head, providing them with tactical data, damage reports, warnings of potential threats within their reaction period, and various other such things, as well as controlling the finer processes of the suit to allow better focus on any tasks at hand by the wearer. The enhancement to intelligence, and the secondary pseudo-AI personality are both side effects of the linking of nano-bots (each of which has a real-memory data storage capacity of approximately 14,000 petabytes, and a VI (Virtual-Intelligence, extremely simple AI meant to act within certain parameters as though it were a fully functional AI that mimics a human, living  intelligence, where VI is programmed simple intelligence) that processes data at approximately 200,000 petabytes per second) together for the purposes they are linked for. This linkage of many small pseudo-intelligences causes a vast exponential increase in their processing power, which gives them room to expand, and when linked to a living intelligence (that of a functional human or other conscious entity, hell even a non-sentient would work, anything with a functioning brain as they work) they begin to absorb and process data for said intelligence. The communication of data between the conglomerated VIs and the living "Real-Intelligence" (RI) causes a development of the linked cores into an almost cerebral existence, as data moves from one nano-bot to the next along its route, they begin forming closer connections, and over time the passage leads to the cerebral entity developing its own consciousness. The intelligence boost is simply a byproduct of the network of data-storage units with data processors being linked into the central nervous-system (primarily the brain), which increases the amount of data that can be stored, and how quickly said data can be processed, as well as how long that data can be stored without deterioration.
--Specialized Systems:
-Assimilation/adaptation System: absorbs mechanical and technological units and adapts them for higher power and efficiency, allows quick/easy access to weapons systems
-Sudden transformation: Small changes made to the structure of the muscle and armor layers can quickly make makeshift melee weapons on command
-Constructed Micro-factories: Upon assimilation of a weapon structure that typically makes use of ammunition, microfactories are made within the armor to produce various types of compatible ammo for the weapon, ensuring a continuous or large supply of combat ready ammunition of any functional variety
--Weapon Systems:
-Partition energy field spiked knuckles (spikes on the first knuckles of each hand surrounded by an energy field that adds extra penetrating force)
-Short-bladed HF Vibro-blade(styled like a Japanese curved blade, sized between a tanto and wakizashi) with a super-heated (40,000c) edge and 7,000,000v, 400,000 amp, electric current running along the blade
-Assimilated/adapted Federation Marine assault rifle and missile launchers (MP3 and 2 respectively)
-Assimilated/adapted Federation Army Assault Rifle w/grenade launcher attachment
Ehra Assaul11
-Assimilated/adapted Federation Army SMG
Ehra Smg_o10
-Assimilated/adapted Federation Army Battle Rifle/Shotgun
Ehra Battle10
-Assimilated/adapted High-power (long-range) anti-material rifle
Ehra Awesom11
-Assimilated/adapted Revolver sidearm
Ehra Awe10
-Assimilated/adapted Galvanic Accelerator Cannon
-Assimilated/adapted Pirate scythe
-Assimilated/adapted Quantum assault cannon
-Assimilated/adapted Photonic power scythe
-Assimilated/adapted Energy grenade launcher (Pirate Grenadier weapon)
-Assimilated/adapted Variable Pulse cannon and Energy Scythe (Pirate Commando, MP2)
-Assimilated/adapted E-Grenade Launcher (Pirate Commando, MP2)
(All assimilated weapon systems normally rely on ammo, this ammo is provided by constructed micro-factories within the armor, these micro-factories function  similarly to Samus' missile system and her ship's ammo-restoration units.)
(Adaptations primarily focus on energy efficiency and ammo type and construction, making the weapons stronger, longer range, more efficient, and all around more effective)
--Tactical Optic Enhancement Systems:
-Combat assistance software, provides basic HUD containing environmental observations, radar, suit and wearer health and vitals, ammo levels, shield and defensive protocol functionality, closeness to hazardous materials/situations/environmental factors, and allows for various combat related functions (such as a target lock system), has an active 10,000x optical/digital zoom
-"X-ray" visioning software, provides only information about suit health and wearer vitals, and shielding readouts, but allows for sight and targeting through normally opaque materials
-Thermal visioning software, allows user to view objects and environments thermal signatures, useful for identifying heat sources/cold spots better than through touch
-Sonic identification visor, allows user to visualize sound-waves, and directly interact with sonic barrier and locking equipment, as well as identify traditionally invisible foes
-Command visor, provided by the Galactic Federation after one of his missions for them in partial lieu of payment, used to command his ship to perform various actions, His Pseudo-AI has total access to this "visor" software, and can command the ship remotely to assist in combat or other actions as Ehra fights
-Camera view software, when a placed camera is active, this visor software allows for a separate view on the inside of the helmet to show the video feed of the camera unit
--Miscellaneous Systems:
-Assimilated/adapted Dash thrusters (Combination pirate systems, MP2:E Commando, MP3:C Trooper)
-Active rebound thrusters ("Wall Jumping" boot upgrade)
-Adapted Federation Grapple-glove unit (Lasso, Swing, Combat modules)
-Camera unit, the suit is capable of firing out a nano-camera that can attach to nearly any surface, has a 7-year lifespan, and can broadcast its video/audio signal up to 17,000 miles away
--Defensive Systems/Protocols:
-Base armor plating
-Assimilated/adapted Commando shield unit (MP2)
-Assimilated/adapted Trooper Shield (MP3)
-Defensive Energy field

Ship: Zeitgeist
Ship type: Experimental Federation personal fighter, Hunter Class
Weapon systems: Plasma-thrower Gau-type Gatling machine gun, Plasma Cannons, Disruptor missile launchers (MP1-2 style missiles), "Ship-Missile" launchers
Features: Mobile Energy-recharge system, Ammunition production and refueling Micro-factories, Advanced Medical Bay and nanite repair station, stasis-field generator, Warp-Speed Driver, Teleporter Unit, Cloaking field
Attachments: Federation "Ship-Grapple", Sub-space Engine, Wormhole Generator
Registered to the name of: Ehra

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