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PostSubject: Samus Aran   Samus Aran Icon_minitimeSun Sep 17, 2017 3:51 pm

Player ID: Samus.
Character name: Samus Aran.
Race: Human (cybernetically enhanced with Chozo DNA from Gray Voice and Metroid DNA from the baby. Formerly self-generator of Phazon).
Age: 20.
Gender: Female.
Height: 6'3" (1.9m) in most games, approximately 5'9" (1.75m) in Other M.
Weight: 90kg (198lbs) (without Power Suit).
Appearance: Samus Aran is a human. She is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 198 pounds, without her armor. Despite this relatively high weight, her body is quite lean, although this may be accountable to her muscle/bone density given her superhuman abilities. Her hair color is blonde, her eye color is blue with a green tinge, and she appears to be Caucasian. Samus wears her hair in a high ponytail with a large red hairband, except for two locks on either side of her head. She also has sideswept bangs, with one lock hanging over her nose.

Samus's appearance varied widely in the early games. In the original Metroid, her hair was brown, though it would turn green once the player acquired the Varia Suit. If Metroid II: Return of Samus was played with a Super Game Boy, Game Boy Player or Game Boy Advance, her hair would be colored red. It wasn't until Super Metroid that she officially became blond, although the non-canon comic colored her hair purple. In addition, the gamebook Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order depicted her hair color as largely being black.

Samus's signature hairstyle debuted in Metroid: Zero Mission, and has been present in every Metroid game released since. The only exception is Metroid Prime Hunters which, though it retained Samus's ponytail, lacked the two locks of hair on each side of her head. Previously, Samus had been depicted with a ponytail in Metroid Prime and (briefly) at the end of Metroid II and Super Metroid.

Samus Aran as she appears in the Prime series
Samus's face structure has also varied between games. Metroid II, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion gave her a wider face and larger eyes than later incarnations. In particular, her appearance for Super Metroid is stated to be based on American actress Kim Bassinger. In Metroid Prime, her jaw was squarer, her eyes were deeper-set and her lips were more defined, giving her a Caucasian appearance. Zero Mission gave her higher cheekbones and a thinner face than previous installments, and that template has been the basis for every game since. Echoes’s incarnation is possibly the most critically panned appearance of Samus, due to the in-game model suffering from the uncanny valley. Prime Hunters, on the other hand, gave Samus a face that appeared to be a fusion of Zero Mission’s and Prime’s depiction. Samus retained the deep-set eyes, traditional ponytail, and fuller face from Prime, but also had Zero Mission’s higher cheekbones. Corruption’s is closer to that is Zero Mission, with a thinner, more anime-styled face.

On the other hand, Metroid: Other M is perhaps the largest change Samus has ever had to her appearance since Zero Mission. She is depicted for the first time with short hair and green eyes, with subtle facial features reminiscent of oriental descent. While her adult appearance still gives her a ponytail, the two locks on either side of her head have been heavily reduced in size, her bangs have been altered and her ponytail has been moved to the nape of the neck. She also has the beauty mark that Yoshio Sakamoto alluded to in the Super Metroid developer interview, under the left side of her lip. Before the credits, Samus is briefly depicted with her hair down, the first instance of this in 3-D. With her hair down, she has locks of hair hanging over her shoulders. After Anthony steps in, the lock over her right shoulder is no longer there. She then ties her hair back into her ponytail, mirroring the scenes in Metroid II and Super Metroid where she unties the ponytail. A development screenshot pictured her young appearance with black hair. Similarly, Metroid: Zebes Invasion Order depicted her with a distinctly Japanese appearance (albeit in a more anime-ized manner).
Theme song:
Equipment: Power Suit and Zero Suit (Body Suit in some early appearances).

Suit Name: Power Suit.
Suit type:

Suit Name: Zero Suit (Body Suit in some early appearances).
Suit type:
Appearance: The suit first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission after Samus initially escaped from the surface of Zebes. While in orbit, Samus was shot down by a fleet of Space Pirate ships. Samus crash-landed onto the surface of the planet nearby the Space Pirate Mother Ship, stripped of her Power Suit. In order to re-escape from the planet, Samus needed to infiltrate this ship to find a small escape vessel—this is what was expected to be found within the ship at the very most. Luckily, Samus came across the Ruins Test during her infiltration mission, granting her a more advanced Power Suit than before.

The Zero Suit is seen in four other Metroid games: in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime Hunters as part of the good endings, and at the beginning and 100% ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Finally, it is seen in several instances in Metroid: Other M. It seems to have replaced the Justin Bailey suit as the outfit worn by Samus in 100% endings.

The Zero Suit also appears in the Game Over sequences for Zero Mission and Other M. In the former, Samus' Power Suit disappears, before she leans back and her hair comes undone from its ponytail. In Other M, Samus will fall to the ground, her suit disappearing when she hits ground.

Ship Name:
Ship type:
Weapon systems:
Registered to the name of: Samus Aran

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PostSubject: Re: Samus Aran   Samus Aran Icon_minitimeSun Sep 17, 2017 4:38 pm

I think what you're looking for is character claim, but you can claim her if you like, this seems like a well written profile anyway. You'd have to talk to Sivus Grahn about it(Hopefully he comes back soon, he sorta has off times and on times) since he's the current Samus player.

The one thing I'd say is you should write it more like a description of how she'd be in-universe, rather than working off a wiki article if that makes sense.

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Samus Aran
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