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 Aarin Kleyr

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PostSubject: Aarin Kleyr   Aarin Kleyr Icon_minitimeTue Oct 17, 2017 4:41 am

Player ID: Toast


Character name: Aarin Kleyr
Race: Human
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 1,78m
Weight: Around 63 kg
Appearance: Aarin is a white human female, undeniably feminine without her armor but ambiguous when she wears it. She have a small face with a thin nose and blue eyes, her hairs are short and black and she is pretty tall for a human female.
Personality: Aarin always obey orders from her superiors and dislike people that doesn't respect hierarchy and order. She also valuates people that she believes to be strong. She doesn't particularly dislikes aliens but believes that they should have their own state and not interfere with the human race.
Strengths: As an elite soldier, Aarin have seen many battles and knows how to react in stressful or dangerous situations and how to operate many infantry weapons. She is also a decent pilot.
Weaknesses: She have trouble operating heavy weaponry such as plasma launchers or rocket launchers and at aiming from great distances. She also is violent, especially against people that (from her point of view) doesn't respect her.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Order, strong people, mutual respect. Dislikes: Multiculturalism, chaos, non-violent people.
Known Languages: French, English.


Faction/Organization: Bounty hunter (mercenary-like)
Alignment: Lawful neutral


Other: N/A
-Battle armor with oxygen tanks.
-Helmet with integrated communications, heat visor and translator module.
-Energy rifle
-Projectile gun
-Combat knife


Character History: Aarin was born on Earth, more precisely, in France. She was the daughter of a whealthy fascist politician who was rooting for a strong and militaristic human-only space empire and for the end of the galactic federation. During her childhood, she adotped the political views of her father. While waiting to become old enough to replace her father when he was to leave political life, she entered a piloting school where she learned to fly small personnal spaceships but also small freighters.

When she was 19, her family was forced to leave Earth following some death menaces by unknown organizations. While her father and her mother were hiding on a small colony, her father introduced her to the Earth's Sons, a paramilitary human supremacist rebel group wich he had some contacts in. She joined the group and received an advanced military training for a year. When she was 20 she finally was ready to take active parts in operations. The Earth's Sons were conducting raids against both the Federation and the Space Pirates wich they despised. They also helped uprisings in colonies by sending equipement, troops and by forming the local insurgents.

After 3 years on the battlefields, Aarin was a captain leading an infantry company of about 120 soldiers. However, she quickly was pulled out of her position to become a part of an elite commando unit that was to be deployed for highly dangerous operations, often taking place in extreme environments. She remained in the organization for 2 years but the Earth's Sons were crumbling, the leaders of the group started to fight each other and the year Aarin turned 25, the head of the group was killed and the Earth's Sons were dismantled, with small groups reforming over the ancients leaders of the old organization and fighting each other to determine which one is the most legitimate.

Believing that those new groups were all illegitimate, she took her independence from them and became a bounty hunter/mercenary (she also stole a ship form the old organization for her own purpose). Even though her rebel past is long behind her, she still hates the groups formed after the Earth's Sons ruins and will try to destroy them if she can find the right opportunity.

Ship Name: Centurion
Ship Type: Small freighter/transport ship. (Heavily modified for combat purposes)
Weapon Systems:
-2 front energy cannons
-1 front guidance laser for missiles
-2 pairs of front heavy laser batteries
-2 pair of wing attatched 20mm guns
-3D long range air-space-surace radar
-Medium cargo bay
-Quarters for Aarin and for eventual passengers

Registered to the Name of: Aarin Kleyr

Images of the Battle armour and the Centurion

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Aarin Kleyr
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