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 Metroid Fan Theory thingies

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Pink Cat
Pink Cat

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PostSubject: Metroid Fan Theory thingies   Metroid Fan Theory thingies Icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2018 4:31 pm

Post what you think that hasn't 100% been confirmed in the universe, maybe some RP site worldbuilding.

The Other M and Prime versions of the Federation suits both exist, just the Other M version is a light armor version meant for less combat heavy operations.

The Dark World constantly exists and is a totally separate reality, with every world having a dark version. Aether is just the only one in the games portrayed to have opened a rift to it. There are also other worlds that have been totally eaten by the Ing and the dark world, disappearing from the main reality or "Light World".

Phazon wasn't actually totally destroyed, just made dormant and unable to control people at least until another Phaaze is formed.
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Sivus Grahn
Sivus Grahn

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PostSubject: Re: Metroid Fan Theory thingies   Metroid Fan Theory thingies Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2019 10:31 am

You know what? I think this is probably the best place to archive this conversation.

Sivus Grahn-
So...Weird thought: Lovecraftian Eldritch Horrors from beyond the veil of reality that wield unimaginably phenomenal magical powers are a very plausible thing for the Metroid universe.

Fox the Ruffian-

Sivus Grahn-
You could even say Phaaze is exactly one such entity
Also, Cthulhu is kind of a space thing anyway.
His progeny the Cthulhee traveled to Earth from a green star in another galaxy
Meaning he was there first.

Fox the Ruffian-
Well, fuck.

Sivus Grahn-
But seriously, look at Phaaze. REALLY look at and consider it. It's kinda Lovecraftian, isn't it?

Pinkest Catgirl-
Phazon absolutely is some lovecraftian shit, it does horrific impossible things and makes people go mad from exposure.
And is also from a mysterious part of space

Fox the Ruffian-
Oh yeah, definitely Lovecraftian inspired.

Sivus Grahn-
Just being close enough to look at it can render you mad over time
Also, it seems to have already crossed over to another dimension before
Lyrium from the Dragon Age games is pretty much 1-1 with Phazon
It even looks (mostly) the same

Fox the Ruffian-
Also, Phaaze fires out space squid.

Sivus Grahn-
It was already pretty damn close in the first one -yeah, that too...sorta- and with each subsequent games the connections got more and more solid.
So uh...Yeah. Phaaze is basically a transdimensional Lovecraftian Nightmare creature from beyond reality that decided to spread its progeny into the Metroid and Dragon-Age universes long long ago
Kinda freaky, huh?
Y'know, really, we only ever needed one piece of evidence for proof: Phaaze's influence causes everything to grow tentacles.

Fox the Ruffian-

Sivus Grahn-
Good thing it isn't Japan, huh?
Most people will understand what would happen with those new appendages if it was.

Pinkest Catgirl-
I would also argue Gorea is lovecraftian

Sivus Grahn-
Yeah, very plausible. Also theorized that Gorea was connected to Phaaze, so...
We (the Metroid fan community) have the general idea that Gorea was probably a leviathan guardian of some kind.
But so yeah, very much plausible that one could build a D&D warlock on MU, with an eldritch horror as their patron.
Magic is definitely real, alternate dimensions and transdimensional portals are real (Dark-World anyone?), and Lovecraftian Old-Ones are very much plausible, so you could very truly build a fecking caster on MU who gets their power by praying to Metroid's equivalent to Cthulhu.

Fox the Ruffian-
Don't forget the Infinity void.

Sivus Grahn-
What's that?

Fox the Ruffian-
It's where Gorea was imprisoned.

Sivus Grahn-
That was called the oubliette, not the infinity void

Fox the Ruffian-
No, the Oubliette was sent to the Infinity void.

Sivus Grahn-
But yeah, I think that thing was some kind of extradimensional prison
well I'll be damned
Infinity void it is
Oh, and again, fecking magic with those damned octoliths and the Alimbic Cannon they power

Fox the Ruffian-
They went to alot of hassle to seal that thing, only for Samus to cone along and bust a cap in its ass.

Sivus Grahn-
Hah, yeah

Pinkest Catgirl-
"we can't destroy it all we can do is seal it away" "im gonna fight it"
and then it wasn't even a hard fight

Fox the Ruffian-
Samus after hearing about Gorea: (Originally a Southpark GIF featuring a guy yelling "YEAH! I'M GONNA GO KICK ITS ASS!")

Sivus Grahn-
And Hunters directly mentions Psionics
Metroid Psykers confirmed

Pinkest Catgirl-
Apparently Samus is psionic too

Fox the Ruffian-
I wouldn't be surprised.

Pinkest Catgirl-
Or at least her dodge ability is considered a psionic move by the wiki

End conclusion:
----Sivus Grahn
Anyway, one could TOTALLY make a character who channels the extradimensional magical powers of some Lovecraftian Eldritch Horror, and it would be totally justified
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Metroid Fan Theory thingies
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