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PostSubject: Felirian   Felirian Icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2018 10:05 pm

Racial Name: Felirian
Racial Homeworld: Tawfret, Feliris region.
Primary Racial Traits: Slitted eyes, covered in short fur, human-like head hair, with the fur colors ranging from black-to-white and general human hair colors with most of them having unique patterns.  Pointed ears sticking out of the top of their heads, feline tails.
Secondary Racial Traits: Animal style teeth with two fangs, retractable claws that resemble long-ish pointed finger and toenails when not out.
Racial Sub-Traits: Males tend to have thicker fur around the face resembling facial hair and hair more resembling a lion's mane, along with higher muscle mass. There is a naturally occurring and acknowledged third gender called a Xarhat(in their language that literally translates to Hybrid) that has a traditionally female body but with the genitalia of a male, with a bit more average muscle mass than the females, though this may have been due to them being trained as warriors alongside the males.
Basic Description: A feline bipedal race of humanoids, raised from childhood to be warriors, hunters, and whatever else is needed.
Cultural quirks: Children are not raised by their parents, rather by certain assigned members of the tribes. They generally used traditionally "primitive" weapons such as bows, blades, spears, throwing knives, except for their suits created using biotechnology mixed with dragon DNA that had several types of weaponry built in, though these were used exclusively by the Dragon-touched. Generally only Males and Xarhat became hunter-warriors, but there were exceptions. They had access to cryotechnology, so it seemed rather than due to actually being primitive their limitations were actually out of choice.
Some underwent modifications by infusing themselves with dragon blood, giving them regeneration(that can be sped up by eating), enhanced strength, and even age-based immortality. It was strictly for the "worthy", and even then some of them die from the attempt. Those who succeeded were known as the Dragon-touched.
History: They have worked with the Chozo in the past, sharing some technological knowledge. They were famous warriors in the Tawfret system, thought to be unbeatable until one day they were invaded by the Saurians and dragons, causing them to flee into their underground temples to lock the survivors away.
Basic Powers/Abilities of note: Retractable claws in their fingers and toes instead of nails, feline speed and agility.

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