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 The Enlightener

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PostSubject: The Enlightener   The Enlightener Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2018 2:25 pm

Player ID: Tarrix

Character Name: The Enlightener

Race: Unknown

Physical Description: A large mechanical body that resembles Metroid Prime. Two extra limbs come out of its back that double as laser weapons. A viewport for the head of the actual body grafted into the machine.

Minions: The most prominent of the minions is a small electric blue spider-like creatures that find weak spots in armors and put themselves into the host's body. This will then meld the flesh part of the body with the machine, creating a cyborg abomination that is just one within the hive. These can have different purposes.

Infectors are small flying creatures that have melded with a small ship, created specifically by the Enlightener to be fast and agile, that will pierce the hull of larger ships and infect the crew by releasing a swarm of spiders. This infection will then meld the captain of the ship, or whatever the highest ranking officer is, with the ship and turn it into one with the hive.

Due to being stuck on an isolated planet for so long, the Stalkers are the remains of the Chozo that was on the planet during the war. Years of being experimented on have turned them into machine-like creatures that resemble the Torizo. The difference here is they are faster and deadlier than the statues. They are also given an arm cannon that resembles a bulkier version of Samus's own arm cannon, possibly from an earlier design or trying to improve damage. But beneath their armor, they are nothing more than a shambling corpse of what they use to be.

Infected Marines, it is no doubt that these things will come into contact with GF Marines, so these infected marines are zombie-like creatures that attack hostiles. As part of the hive mind, they all see as one eye, making them deadly in squads, as are the other creatures.

With the exception of the Stalkers, these creatures are easily destroyed with basic blaster fire. Due to the Stalker's dense armor, it will take a missile, freezing, or a strong energy blast to destroy them.

Intentions: The goal of the Enlightener is the bring for its queen here. This is done by assimilating planets with a large population and advance technology to turn the planet into a large generator that will open a portal to its dimension. It has done this for several hundred years now. It has claimed one of the three planets it needs, two more on in its sights.

Technology: Altered Chozo technology, GF technology, and makeshift equipment that can be seen as a crude reworking of its home dimension's technology.

Abilities: Due to the vast number of soldiers it has in its disposal, the Enlightener never intended to take the battlefield, but it did equip itself with twin laser cannons that have a beam and shot function. For unknown reasons, it did not copy the rechargeable attacks of some weapons.

Number of players required to fight: 3

Personality: One the front the Enlightener would come off as a sort of wise sage, a being trapped within a metal body, but that is far from the case. Within the confines of its dark mind is a cold and calculating machine. All emotion that it gives off is just a facade to lure those into its sinister embrace. It has only one purpose, serve the queen at any cost.

History: Centuries ago a creature landed on a planet dubbed LZZ-7 by the GF. This creature possessed a Chozo warrior and called itself Enlightener, for it would bring such wonders to this world. The Chozo were split about what to do with this creature, as some were interested in the possible advances it could bring, while others feared that it could have ulterior motives.

When the Chozo accepted Enlightener, it seemed to be interested in only helping the Chozo by assisting them with advancing some of their technology. But those that were suspicious of the creature were not easily swayed, and so they put the creature under watch.

And it was from this silent observation that they found out about its true purpose. It had secretly been creating a small portal device to let out its servants. The small spider-like creature latched itself onto a warrior and transformed it into an abomination of flesh and machine. The Chozo that were against this creature brought forth the evidence to classify this creature as a threat to not only their species but every other species out there.

Once cornered, the Enlightener let go of its facade, coldly telling the Chozo that this realm and all others were part of a much bigger game here, a much bigger fight. The Chozo did not want to hear any more of its lies, starting a war with the Enlightener and its abominations.

The war lasted only a few months, with the Chozo taking most of the losses. With the number of creatures, this thing could create, the number of Chozo civilians being turned into war machines against their will, the Chozo had no choice but to abandoned the planet.

And so, with one final battle, the Chozo released several satellites that would conceal the world from radar and keep the creatures on it from escaping. But on that planet, the Enlightener looked up at the stars and knew that it was only a matter of time before it was released. And with cold patience, it waited until it had the technology to move the planet out from the shields.

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The Enlightener
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