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 Zebesian Enhancement Program

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PostSubject: Zebesian Enhancement Program   Zebesian Enhancement Program Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2019 11:41 am

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Z.E.P. Unit
Race: Cybernetic Zebesian Space Pirate Infused with Dark Energy and strands of DNA from Metroids
Age: 256 Days, Full grown adult of base species
Gender: N/A
Height: 6’ 7”
Weight:275 lbs

Appearance: Zebesian Enhancement Program Z
Personality: Due to the Z.E.P. relying on other outside forces to give them orders the Z.E.P. have no discernible personality. However, when they take the form of another person, they gain their personality. Their basic instincts are to be cold, ruthless, and cunning, they will stop at nothing to complete the given orders. They all share a “hive mind” due to being all cloned from Z.E.P. Unit Delta-3, This “hive mind” is made up of a shared online cloud network which can only be accessed by Thaddeus Darmin or Aeros.

Strengths: Extreme resistance to dark based energy (including the dark world’s atmosphere), Increased physical and mental abilities compared to the original Super Zebesians. Heat resistance.   The metroid dna also gave them the innate ability to have a natural gravity function.

Weaknesses: Extreme cold, Light energy, Dark energy overloading.

Likes/Dislikes: Prefers wet, dark, and warm climates. Pack hunting tactics. A combination of stealth and brute force. Dislikes Cold, bright, dry climates.  Solitary battles.

Known Languages: English, Space Pirate,


Faction/Organization: Thaddeus Darmin, Aeros Project
Alignment: The Orders they are given.


Other: Can gain any ability used against them via the Organic Entity Replication Device


Character History: The Zebesian Enhancement Program was created by A.e.r.o.s and was designed to test dark energy’s effects on the cyborg Zebesians. The Cyborg zebesians were unable to withstand the energy and their systems degraded rapidly. However, when A.e.r.o.s tested it on the Super Zebesians it functioned perfectly. Enhancing their abilities and resistance. Thaddeus took this results of the original Z.E.P. units, which he dubbed Z.E.P. Omega, and experimented on them further, he infused metroid dna into them which created a new breed of Z.E.P units called Delta. After 3 weeks of successfully bonding with the Metroid dna Twenty two of the Twenty five Delta units died. The Surviving Delta units were then transported to a Cryo Chamber and cloned and those clones became Z.E.P. Alpha.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Z.E.P. Alpha
Suit Type: Semi-organic Cybernetic Enhancements that are reinforced with Maldium.
Weaponry: Wave Beam, Dark Beam, Dark Water Missle Launcher, Organic Entity Replication Device (drains the energy of the target as well as copying the knowledge, weaponry, and innate abilities they may possess. It allows them to take the form of their target)
Shielding: Dark based Shielding, (requires light energy to damage) Absorbs any other type of damage. The Shielding protects them from extreme heat, however due to the metroid dna that was infused into them they are unable to protect themselves from the cold.
Misc: The Suit is powered by dark water tanks, the tanks converts one deciliter of dark water into 10 units of dark energy, and can convert any energy into dark water for extended storage. Each Dark Water tank contains one kiloliter of Dark water. There are 3 main dark water tanks and one reserve tank.
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Zebesian Enhancement Program
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