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PostSubject: Paxsil   Paxsil Icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2019 10:39 am

Racial Name: Paxsil
Racial Homeworld: Nil
Primary Racial Traits: Cannot Swim, can wield life energy and the energy of death, or Sil and Vid.
Secondary Racial Traits: Has 8 racial sub categories.
Racial Sub-Traits: The Bugsil are the most common, lacking any special abilities. Followed by the Wyrsil, which are worm like creatures that act like worms. They can dig, and consume dirt to live. Betsil are the third most common. They are Beetle like and have small wings that let them hover, they also have large horns that they use to charge prey. Mantsil are praying mantis like creatures. They have sword hands and are thin and elegant as their dancelike combat. Beesil are Bumble Bee like Paxsil that fly and work on the Silsil (Farms) Where they produce much of the food for the other creatures, they are passive creatures that do not harm. Wassils however are not. They fly and have stingers, they also have large mouths and teeth, they are wasp like and can commonly be mistaken for Beesil. Motsil are moth like Paxsil that can fly and are attracted to light and life force, the current queen is a large Mothsil. Motsil have power telepathic powers and could have been related to the Luminoth. Spisil are the rarest of the Paxsil, as there are only 101 left in existance. They create Lifethread or as they call it. Silid.
Basic Description: Humanoid Bugs. Each with 8 different categories.
Cultural quirks: Most of them have Telepathic abilities, however the Current queen has most of the Paxsil under her, or one of her lords Control.
History: Not much is known about their past, They once worshipped the Divines, but now they use them for batteries. What follows is an ancient script. “Zilsvnil, uv sil, Zilsvnil uv vid. Vid uv udr Nil Sil uv udr Nil.
Basic Powers/Abilities of note: Photon Control, Telepathic, Harness Life Force via Lifethread, and can control the energy of the dead.
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