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 Krieg Prince

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PostSubject: Krieg Prince   Krieg Prince Icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2019 1:24 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Krieg Prince
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1 (9 feet in armour.)
Weight: 170lbs
Appearance: Krieg Prince B6877b10
Personality: Krieg is strong, gentle kind and forgiving. He does his best to avoid having to kill an opponent, but won't hesitate if they're a threat that can't be stopped with words. He's ferociously loyal to his battle brother, Vidris. He's willing
Strengths: Strong will, determined to fight for those around him.
Weaknesses: PTSD, strong guilt.
Likes: Peaceful sights, seeing Vidris grow as a person, well made weaponry.
Dislikes: Needless fighting, the Federation (for the most part.), being reminded that his hands are incredibly bloody.
Known Languages: Standard, Luminot, Chozo, Space Pirate.


Faction/Organization: The Crimson Frontier
Alignment: Impure Neutral


Other: Krieg has quite alot of internal cybernetics that increase his overall durability, and reduce the aging process to an after thought. His mercenary moniker is just his surname "Prince."
Equipment: Electromagnetic cartridge handgun, superheated combat hatchet.


Character History: Krieg was separated from his parents while his mother was pregnant with his soon to be sister. He had been taken away by slave traders to the farthest reaches of space where the Federation couldn't find him. The slave traders were eventually ambushed by the original Crimson Frontier, and Krieg was taken away by them. He was given the news that they couldn't take him back since they would be killed if they entered Federation space, since they were essentially a militia fighting the Federation for independence. Krieg took a while to come to terms with this fact, and eventually went with the militia. He joined their ranks as a child soldier who was treasured by the others, some even going as far as to throw themselves in dangers way to protect him. Fast forward about sixty years, and Krieg is a fully grown cybernetically enhanced man, who had the kind nature of his now long deceased brothers in arms, rub off on him. He joined the new Crimson Frontier after being personally approached by the Hunter, who gave him a simple offer. "Help us be strong, so no'one ever has to suffer like you did." his first ever job was to teach their soldiers how to stay alive, how to fight against larger numbers, and how to stay strong. After a few years of essentially beating the knowledge he had gained into these troops, he was given another task. Protect a new arrival, a child that is a naturally born hybrid of Human and Space Pirate DNA. The two quickly became close and soon, Vidris was referring to Krieg as "Big brother."

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Crimson Frontier scout power armour. (Heavily modified by Krieg.)
Suit Type: Combat power arnour.
Weaponry: Shoulder mounted missile barrage pod, wrist mounted concussive blast cannon, wrist mounted grenade generator (Thrown), high caliber handheld ballistic assault rifle, high caliber handheld ballistic shotgun.
Shielding: Reverse engineered Varia and Gravity shielding, high strength regenerating energy shields.

Krieg Prince Sketch10
Scout armour.

Krieg Prince Divine10
High caliber assault rifle.

Krieg Prince Ppdmbb10
High caliber shotgun.

Krieg Prince Ddde6f10
Krieg's original uniform worn under the scout armour.

Krieg Prince Jaw_co10
Krieg's weapon outside of his armour.

Krieg Prince Andre-10
Krieg's close quarters weapon outside his armour.
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Krieg Prince
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