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 Shas o'kais

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PostSubject: Shas o'kais   Shas o'kais Icon_minitimeFri May 14, 2010 1:30 am

Player ID: DarkDan158
Character name: Shas o'kais
Race: Chozo
Age: 25
Height: 6' 5''
Weight: 150 when in Power Armour and 80 normally
Appearance: Hardly takes off Battlesuit but like most chozo he has a birdlike appearance
Known Languages: Chozo, Human and space pirate
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Good
Personality: OverZealous which basically means he believes that no one is faithfull and must be purged
Strengths: Long and short ranged combat
Weaknesses: Close combat and sneak attacks
Likes/Dislikes: Chozo, Hunting/ Space Pirates, Fighting in close combat
Other: Has charisma few can match
Equipment: Jump pack and a stealth suit addon
Character History: Born during the horus rebbelion down on earth, he is the third eldest son in the Kais family and used to work alongside the 412th federation regiment (The organization I made up) and held the rank of commisar which means he tended to the soldiers duties as protectors of earth and executes faltering troops.

When he was five he started to learn about weapon making and the use of the purging effects of flame therfore creating fire based weaponry from the flame pistol to the Plasma bomb launcher to the nuclear fused fire missiles. and then at ten recieved power armour along with a tri gun weapon on one hand and a targeting beam sensor array on the other and now at 25 years old he works as a bounty hunter for free at most times but takes paying jobs under different circumstances.
Now here is the serious part, Kais beleives that only he is faithful to the goodness of the holy light and beleives that everyone must be put to the torch and so he fights fanatically for what he thinks is the goodness of all life.

Notable achievments include cutting down an army of space pirates and dispatching a Greenskin leader at fifty yards.

Suit Name: Purgation
Suit Type: Chozo RT679 battle suit/Power armour but modified to eject a blinding light that stuns anyone within 25 yards, it's effect is less the farther out the person is.
Weaponry: Tri gun weapon (Rail Rifle(Ionizing variant), Minigun and Flamer), Tracking sensor that helps targeting and flame pistol in left leg ligament.
Shielding: Power Armour helps shrug off small arms fire and flame based weaponry which he can aborb and fire back at the enemy.

Ship Name: Emperor's Blessing
Ship Type: Hunter Gunship but also modified with light projection
Weapons systems: Fire bombs and fire ballistic missiles along with a close quaters flamer.
Attachments: Laud Hailer (Small soundspeakers that project a holy sound and repeats it which demoralizes morale of troops) and a small grappling beam that glows a yellow instead of the common colour type of beam.
Registered to the name of: Shas o'kais


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Shas o'kais
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