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 Sal Bentire

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PostSubject: Sal Bentire   Sal Bentire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 12:06 am

Player ID: Kuluvwen

Character name: Sal Bentire


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"


Appearance: Slim

Known Languages: Common,Chozo (Broken and doesn't understand all of the lost langauge)

Faction/Organization: GF

Alignment: Good

Personality: socally awkward,withdrawn,eccentric

Strengths:A brillent mind condsidered a genius in his field

Weaknesses: Poor aim,incompent in combat,

Likes:Anything of a chozo nature,His studies,anime,schoolboy like crush on the bounty hunter samus aran even though hasn't met her.

Dislikes:Being rushed on his work,Being bullied though we won't really fight for himself, People that break codes of moral conduct.

Other: He will not WILLINGLY create weapons of mass desastaion,bioweapons etc so for the most part he is left out of the loop of what is REALLY going on as the special forces take advantage of his work.

Equipment: Class VI lab on his shuttle,Class V hazard suit (not armor not effective verus phazon), Standard issue GF officers pistol,Asortments of anime.manga. Zizil,Megil (explained later)

Character History: From a young age he was identified as a techno wiz buy building his own note computer by the age of 8. He graduated top of his class MIT at 16 the GF allowed him to enter the academy early. THe chozo technolgy has always fasniated him and with help from the GF he's been to ruins all over the galaxy to study them.

He has become quite the self proclaim expert in chozo things. His latest project is reverse engineering chozo artifacts something met with limited success. He has restored two odd drones Zizil and Megil. Both very advance AI's that some time will argue with the wisdom of his actions and what he does. However both are very loyal...but not fantic to him more like friends that tools to him. Megil has come to suspect the young doctor is being taken advantage of and the GF not forth coming of what they do with his research. Both do what they precive their duties well Zizil being a warrior like entiy...and Megil...seems to be his advsior and assistant. Zizil seeems male in voice and nature and Megil very feminie in her ways.

He seeks to find the motherload an INTACT fully working chozo facility.

Suit name: They aren't suits persay...but count as his means of attack and such
Suit Type: Zizil and Megil class XII AI ball droids both droids are about the size of samus in morphball..and in fact look like morphballs. Both of them can hover perfectly and fly up to 60 kph if pressed and use boostball as a form of weak attack if backed into a corner

Weaponry:Megil is unarmed she for the most part fuctions as translator,calaneder,data storage etc. She is however a whicked hacker not that she's told this to Sal but it's how she has come to suspect something.Also she has a dizzing amount of sensors when they are needed mapping,ECM,ECW are all included few thing escape her notice when all her sensor is brought to bare and can transmit it as targeting info to Zizil if needed.

Zizil however can make a cannon very like samus form and point in any direction while it cannot charge up due to damage it can if need adopt other beams for his use.He can also use a very similaur missle aswell along with morphbomb what He hasn't let on is that he has access to powerbombs and won't use them unless the sitution is dire!.

Shielding: Both droids have class II armor and class III energy shields while effective agaisnt small arms the shields and armor will fold fast to heavy weapons

Ship Name:Divinchi
Ship Type: Class II exploer module

Weapon Systems: Minium a Class I laser ventral and dorsel hard point

Attachments: a Full Lab and modrate sleeping room

Registered to the Name of
Sal Bentire


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Sal Bentire
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