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PostSubject: Lancelot   Lancelot Icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 6:04 am

Boss Name: Lancelot
Boss Type: Melee
Race: Android
Gender: male voice
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 250 lb.
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Strengths: close combat, very agile
Weaknesses: mid to long ranged combat
Abilities: has an internal compressed gravity generator that only affects him, which he can use to either plant himself down on the ground or to even semi hover in the air

Gae Bolg (named after the legendary lance) - A phazite lance with highly advanced mechanics. It has a super magnet that can attract it back to the hands of Lancelot. Before thrown, it can charge like an arm cannon can. When it is thrown and charged, it expels its charge upon impact in an explosion of plasma energy. It also has advanced capabilities that can make the tip and segments of the spear to separate, being held by a grapple beam, and launch at it's intended target. For example, Lancelot can lunge forward with it and thrust at the ground below his foe, but then the tip can detach and launch straight for the heart.

Shielding: All Medium Shielding

Personality: very tactical, strong willed and serious
Battle Tactics: Lancelot strafes to either side, using his gravity generator to lighten himself and make him faster, getting closer with every step. When close enough he will either go in thrusting Gae Bolg, or slashing with it. He will fight both offensively and defensibly. He often charges Gae Bolg and jumps in the air, uses his ability to hover momentarily to throw his spear at great speeds to expel it's charge on impact. Then he'll call Gae Bolg back when he reaches the ground. When he thinks things are dire, or he wants to finish the fight, he'll try to use the ability of Gae Bolg to separate it's head to pierce his foe's heart. Before he uses this he says, "Let's go, Gae Bolg!" Gae being said as he thrusts it and Bolg being said as it detaches and shoots at the intended target. He can also try to knock them into the air and do the same thing where they have little control of what happens.


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