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 Basil Zolnierz

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PostSubject: Basil Zolnierz   Basil Zolnierz Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 3:14 pm

Player ID: GreenArmy
Character name: Basil Zolnierz
Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 280 lbs
Known Languages: English/Standard, Polish, Basic Space Pirate  
Appearance: Basil is strong looking with a long waxed mustache.  He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and carries himself exclusively with military like stature.  He dresses in a deep grey uniform with bright white gloves and a green-grey military cap.  On occasion he wears a long blue cape and is never without his traditional sabre at his hip.  His black boots clack as he steps through corridors and gleam in the light.
Affiliation: Independent  
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Basil Zolnierz is, in a word, traditional.  He takes his actions seriously and has an independent streak a mile wide.  It is these traits that have seen him through his adventures across the galaxy. He abides by a strict moral code passed down from his family that is based in honor, chivalry, and independence. Basil is tolerant of other philosophies and life styles, but may come off as arrogant and overbearing when discussing his way of life.  While he does explore uncivilized planets he prefers urban areas.
Strengths: He is an expert swordsman, is very charismatic, and is very capable working alone.  He can also act as an effective strategist in combat situations.  
Weaknesses: He is not a stellar marksman and isn't very effective when working with others in a group.
Likes: A fair fight, fine art, honor, chivalry
Dislikes: Cowards, liars, thieves, bounty hunters, Galactic Federation
Equipment A scanner, similar to Samus's but is hand held.  His uniform even though it looks ceremonial is completely suited for traversing all but the most extreme of environments.  He also has portable oxygen tanks that allow him to breath underwater.

Character History: Basil Zolnierz is the decedent of a generation of men who dedicated themselves to fighting for freedom and honor.  His ancestral blade was given to him by his grandfather when he was very young as a symbol of continuing the fight. He was raised to abide by his family line's long standing code of honor. Almost knightly in behavior his sense of duty is unfailing and moral judgment quick to pass.  By the time he acquired his own ship the events of Zero Mission were taking place.  Basil was eager and ready to travel the galaxy bringing with him his convictions and moral philosophy wherever he went and to whoever would listen. Raised on Earth his familiarity with the Galactic Federation and its member species was quite good.  His family had never formally served with the Galactic Federation and he was quick to condemn it for not taking a more strategic stance against the Space Pirates, "unless it suited their political needs."  He also criticized their use of bounty hunters to do their dirty work and took it as a sign of cowardice.  Even as Samus Aran cut a swathe in the Pirates during the Phazon Crises, Zolnierz mockingly refereed to their star bounty hunter as "their baby sitter who picked up their slack when a decent warrior should never have". This rather public and unpopular claim is why he was not allowed to officially fight along side the Federation during the attack on Phaaze.  Although he has always supported the Federation over the Pirates, Basil would prefer if the Federation went by his strict moral code.  He has made his criticisms public many times but the citizens of the Federation never rallied behind them. While many considered his view of the Federation inaccurate they, he was for the most part never treated as an enemy by civilians or Federation agents. By the time the events of Super Metroid he had already visited Tallon 4 and other planets once under Pirate occupation to see if he could re align any Pirate stragglers to his cause. However few desired to take on the moral disciplines he offered them.  He also (During the events of Fusion) spent a great deal of time trying to come into contact with the mysterious bounty hunter Sylux but to no avail, at this time his feelings towards the Federation grew icier and worried that they would become more violent and would take the place of the Space Pirates. His dislike for the Federation specifically comes from his observations and dealings with their agents. In his view they have all the power to do more good for the galaxy, but lack the principles to properly guide them.  Up to present day he remains determined to fight for what he sees as a just and noble, that is the spreading of honor and chivalry.

Other: Basil enjoys fine art such as poetry and classical music.

Weapons:  Piorun Sabre, Metallic alloy covered with a self-sustaining electronic filed. Effective for stabbing and slashing but can be blocked by extremely armored opponents or strong energy barriers, for these obstructions he carries a plasma pistol.
Weapon Abilities: The Piorun Sabre is capable of overloading shields and piercing solid objects.  It is resistant to energy weapons and the electrical field rarely overloads.  The plasma pistol is typically used to soften tougher opponents for sword strikes or for overloading very powerful energy fields.
Ship: The Interceptor
Ship Abilities: A fast vessel molded after a fighter, The Interceptor is a maneuverable transport for one pilot and is equipped with beam weapons and planetary exploration gear.  

Registered to the name of: Basil Zolnierz

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PostSubject: Re: Basil Zolnierz   Basil Zolnierz Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 6:53 pm

interesting sound, good luck getting it approved. I haven't seen Rildok on in a good while.

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Basil Zolnierz
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