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 Dead-Zone (boss mod)

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PostSubject: Dead-Zone (boss mod)   Dead-Zone (boss mod) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2015 6:14 am

ID Name: christen MX

Character Name: Dead-Zone, Grand emperor of the Esperian Empire

Race: mutant taking genetic basis in phazon, metroid, human, X, and ing DNA

Physical Description: Appears as a fairly muscular young man is his early twenties, with deep red eyes and red-brown hair (mostly red, almost fiery). His pupils are red as well, with the only thing that makes them noticeable are a single thin line of black surrounding each pupil, bringing the distinction between iris and pupil into focus. His hair flows down almost to his knees, and lays flat from the weight pulling it straight, but were he to cut it short, it would be somewhere between straight and curly (I forget what that's called). He has a single spiraling horn coming from right in front of his left temple, curving around his head and coming to rest just above his collarbone on the right side, this horn does have some give, preventing it from stabbing him or breaking when he bends his head (it's about half an inch for most of it's length, tapering to a point near the end, spiral refers to the pattern on it, it doesn't actually spiral and extend any longer than necessary). He wears a pair of black pants that appear to be made from a similar material as zero-suits, but with something like armoring on them. They also do not grip his legs in a skin-tight fashion, but are relatively tight on him. For shoes, he wears what seem to be standard issue army combat-boots, but jet-black. in the soles of the boots however are powerful plasma-thrusters, which can either propel him at high speeds or be used in combat in various manners. He most frequently does not wear shirts, preferring to go without and wearing only a strap that wraps around his body and has two arches that act as a sheath for his sword. When he does wear a shirt, it is a sleeveless white T-shirt, with his sheath strap over it. He often uses the Ragnarok in his system to change either the left or right half of his mouth, morphing the lips cheek into a fanged maw overlay for his mouth, which continues up a few inches and down under along his chin. It continues back all the way along his jaw, giving him half of a second jaw overlapping the normal one (it is colored black with red lines running along it, kind of like lava, but more stable).

Minions: Esperian military, has a personal three stage army known as 1: the immortal legion (3,000 soldiers who have their pain receptors deactivated, and upon death they are transferred into a clone body, in this way they can never die and so don't fear death or pain.) 2: the 50 legions of hell (300,000 soldiers that look like they come from hell, trained on planets that resemble it's various incarnations, and possessed of incredible weaponry and armor) 3: the remainder army (anywhere from two to three million soldiers equipped with Esperian military tech, which means advanced versions of his original (nanotech) armor and weapons). Has also the Cero Squadron, a group of 100 extremely well trained soldiers that act as his personal bodyguards, along with five commanders for the group (ranked equal to the ten generals). last (but definitely not least) the ten generals, who will eventually get their own character registration (as will the five commanders who have an equal rank, one regi for each group)

Intentions: his goals and intentions are unknown, and he gives no indication at any time to what he is thinking or may do in the future

Technology: plasma weaponry, ancient chozo tech, ex-modern chozo tech, highly advanced nanotechnological...technologies, worm-hole generators (of multiple varieties), various forms of laser technology, double inversion technology (creates temperatures below zero-kelvin, producing negative energy which can power objects in the same manner as regular energy, but lasts much longer), anti-matter technology, Super-Weapon: the Vault Krieger (a planet buster/ collapsible anti-matter cannon mounted onto the front hulls of destroyer class and dreadnaught class/style ships), various forms of bio-weaponry, including super-virus' which can turn normal creatures into zombies or "demons"...probably a few more, such as his adapted chozo and pirate tech which is more advanced than their original counterparts. long list...huh.

Abilities: possesses super-human strength and speed, and feels no ill-effects from extreme temperatures, draining the life-force from others can heal him with great speed, and he regenerates from wounds due to a special living compound within his body. he has internalized his speed booster power-up, and can activate it through will alone (though it takes a short time to charge due to not being connected to his suit), his control over his phazon arc ability has increased drastically since he was younger, and he can now use it to generate an electromagnetic field over short distances (this draws metal and electricity to him), his plasma control has also increased, and he can now produce much more without fear of harm. His plasma line (the replacement for his zero laser like ability) takes much less time to recharge, being useable every other post or every thirty seconds. has incredible telepathic abilities, being able to project sonic vibrations using his mind over immense distances for communication, and from short distances allowing him to destroy many objects from over-expansion due to sonic overload (make things go boom with sound). using his "Ragnarok" he is capable of mutating other living things and taking control over them, this is done by exposing Ragnarok to their internal environment, and then allowing it to escape his body in small doses to change their bodies into an environment in which it can more readily survive, often acomplished by thrusting a hand into their abdomen. plasma shields, heavy shielding, hazard shields, bio-energy shielding (his body, suit or not, constantly produces a thin shield of bio-energy, affording him immense protection.)

Number of players required to fight: entirely circumstantial.

Personality: Suffers from a severe case of ASPD, and finds it almost impossible to feel emotion. He holds no qualms about randomly killing a person just walking past him, and will feel nothing from doing so. Many theorize that he has a God-complex, and others that he has a hero-complex (like batman), neither of these are exactly true, but do hold up to scrutiny to an extent.

History: (just read Espera Nota and Dead Zone)

Number of Alternate forms: 4 (set, basic modifications can be made at will)

Alternate form descriptions:

Form 1: Phazite/Ragnarok plating
Name of Form: none
Physical description of Form: varies, his body becomes engulfed in phazon which solidifies into phazite, which is then coated in Ragnarok which also solidifies, this rarely leads to the same shape twice
Abilities: basic abilities, with increased defense being traded for a loss in unassisted ground speed

Form 2:
Name of Form: Half-Plate
Physical description of Form: sometimes while he wears no shirt, he will have the forearm and back of hand part of his Arms/Shoulders portion of his armor equipped, at times wearing the wings as well (but without the Ragnarok or fire), and will have a crown made from horns on his head, the horns will start at his temples and wrap around his head (also going back towards the center of his forehead though not meeting due to the gem) splitting at the back to go up and down, meeting and wrapping around one another (the horns on either side meet the one opposite them right to left) at the center of his forehead (these horns have the spiral design like his singular horn, a single line running along the horns in a spiral patter) between the top and bottom horn branches and held by the middle set lies the gem that usually resides atop his collarbone when armored, acting as his fifth eye in this case. The horns that wrap around his head have several smaller horns coming out of them every inch or two, with two at each point which wrap around each other leaving a centimeter between them. the gem lights his crown on fire (and has tendrils of flame coming out) as his hair is aflame as if he were armored. and last, but not least, his teeth are in a reduced (more heavy carnivore like) fang mode and his eyes (including the back-hand eyes) are all slitted like lizard or demon eyes, with the iris' and pupils being pointed ovals (the pupils being more like actual slits, and black for once), the whites being colored like flame.
Abilities: all base abilities, plus plasma line ability and enhanced speed and durability, speed booster is instant activation again

Shielding aside from Bio-energy shielding only applies to these next two

Form 3: armor
Name of Form: Deadly Reminiscence Half-Plate (AKA: Armored half-plate)
Physical description of Form: a further armored version of the half-plate form, going three quarters of the way to his armored form instead of three quarters to his unarmored form (that's right, the half-plate second form is approximately one-quarter armored). He wears the full forearm covering gauntlets of his armor, as well as the lower leg portion of the armor above the feet. His back is adorned with two angelic wings, lit on fire but not dripping Ragnarok. On his chest where the gem adorning his crown would normally be, hanging from a chain, is a pendant shaped like a circle with a demonic face inside, the forehead having a green gem planted in it. His face is mostly uncovered, leaving the underside of his jaw and chin uncovered, and only armoring the area to either side of his mouth, not covering the mouth itself. This means his flesh does not part, though the extra jaw still moves with his regular one. His stomach is also covered in the armored scales. those are the changes to his second form, the rest is the same as the half-plate.
Abilities: retains half plate abilities, add in these abilities and traits: each finger is tipped in a claw, and he carries with him a sword eternally wreathed in plasma and fire (an advancement to his old blade), also each feather upon his wings is capable of launching a "spear" of explosive light, these are made of plasma, and take the place of his full salvo missile launchers (side from those, two abilities are mentioned in specific in the description). Other than that, all his weaponry from the modern-era has been internalized, allowing him to call upon their power without using a bulky gun (read original regi to find those abilities)

Form 4: full armor
Name of Form: Deadly Reminiscence
Physical description of Form: -head: His hair is as the brightest flame, flowing down, yet jumping, licking his back and the air around him, his face is possessed of five eyes, two on either side starting just above and below the halfway point between each eye, with the fifth showing in the middle of his forhead, seeming to be made of flame, and from within springs a line of plasma and fire which burns all in it's sight to ash (takes the place of his hand-cannons merged attack). His maw is double, with his lips and cheeks being made of fangs, black as pitch and lined in cracks of blood red (his mouth is covered entirely the way he frequently covers half of it), his inner teeth are pointed, obviously made not for feeding on anything, but instead for rending flesh from bone and killing an enemy. His skull is adorned with a crown of flame, proclaiming his lordship over those he rules.
-chest and shoulders: situated atop his collarbone lies a single ovular stone, two inches left to right six top to bottom, colored as blood with a pointed oval like line running down the center that is pure black. but when aroused (not sexually, note for you perverts), the stone roars to life, spitting fire along his body, with four lines constantly running to each side of either shoulder-blade. his midriff is covered in black scales like a dragon, each one sharp as a razor, and hard as diamond. adorning his shoulders are two elongated skulls, the jaws long since removed, coming from each temple a long horn. The skulls are obviously infected with Ragnarok, as they are coated in black and glow with red.
-back: His suit is adorned with wings like an angel, Dripping with what appears to be tar at first glance, but glows a silent red, proving to be Ragnarok. they are constantly bathed in fire, burning as if he had fallen into the deepest pits of hell and emerged holder of it's flame. his wings are not the white of purity, but the corrupted black and red of a damned soul.
-arms and hands: (going to cut it with the the poetic writing for this one at least) Each arm has a blade coming from the outer bone of the forearm, extending close to a foot from the elbow, every finger is tipped in a claw, and the back of each hand centered inside of one of the many cracks that run along his body, lies an eye, blood red in coloration. The outside of his forearms (the side opposite the palm) have rows of curved teeth running along them the whole way, ivory in color. on each palm lies a circular maw from which spew all consuming darkness and flame (takes the place of his armors darkburst launchers).
-Legs and feet: Each leg is lined (running on either side of the shin) with two blades, each extending a foot from the knee, he appears to wear no footwear, every toe being clawed (the flesh is armored and pointed, not the nails are long and sharp).
Abilities: increased armoring from half plate variant, physical attributes further augmented

Escape Solution: He always has clone bodies waiting for transfer, with his mind and body being scanned at the time of death, his mind is copied and transferred perfectly, and any changes to his genetic structure are applied to the clone, before his nano/energy storage unit is grafted onto his back, and his body filled with the various substances it naturally contains, he is then released back into the world, just as he was before death (sans any wounds or other damage).

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Dead-Zone (boss mod)
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