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 Belladonna Prince

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PostSubject: Belladonna Prince   Belladonna Prince Icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2019 1:03 pm

Player ID: Zandary


Character name: Belladonna Prince, (Bell for close friends, Bella for friends, and Belladonna or Ms. Prince to anyone else)
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ .5”
Weight: 106 lbs
Appearance:Belladonna Prince Hnf7AvUc6bSxjx8t0p1wM1vWWRlHuFeAqUdLSKkk6Vg3_nmIWIm1MJLdjCO6VcQmOhbFfxKuuwPaS3BTLrdudaCOcc5fMvBuK2kRB843dtNlRDvLsCz4ipjiWDJf0uJNKpW6lwMw
Personality: Short tempered and youthful, she constantly strives to better herself as a soldier and a person. She loves cats with a burning passion. She is Bisexual and a Tsundere.
Strengths: Small, Loves combat, Trained by Federation for advanced combat. Has also taken space pirate combat training.
Weaknesses: Has a height complex. Short tempered, Is commonly mistaken for a child. Small
Likes/Dislikes: likes cats, animals, combat, dislikes, people calling her short, or a child. Dislikes boys in general, happens to dislike spicy food.
Known Languages: common, english, fully fluent in space pirate
Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Other: she owns 25 cats, all of which are named after cat based puns.
Equipment: plasma baton, (with a kill or stun setting) located on a pouch on her right hip. Her right arm is a cybernetic replacement, it causes her a constant low pain and it requires maintenance every 3 days. The arm increases her strength tenfold and has a wave cannon on her palm of the arm. The arm can also create a small bomb the size of a marble. This bomb, when used, creates a blinding flash of concentrated light energy, it not only acts as a flashbang, but can damage dark energy based creatures and disrupt most visors.

Character History:
Born on G.F.S. Olympus in 2061 Belladonna was raised and taught at The Galactic Federation Academy. She would then go to serve at Norion during the Invasion and then fight at the Pirate Homeworld several months after. During the Assault on the Pirate homeworld, Belladonna was grievously injured and stranded in Metroid Processing, she lost her right arm as well as  several chunks of her stomach, liver, kidneys, and several other organs. The space pirates who nearly killed her became distracted by Samus Aran and the federation and they left her for dead. She managed to escape, back to the federation who then took her back to the HQ. She was then restored with cybernetic parts. Her courage and survival skills made the federation grant her Mech. she has a part time job as a bartender, she basically can bartend everywhere.

-Battle suit 1-
Suit Name: Belladonna’s Personal Battle Suit
Suit Type: A Modified Federation Power Suit with a port for her Mechpack
Weaponry: She carries a Modified Federation Submachine gun on her back, it meant for medium to ranged combat, it has a laser bayonet. A freeze gun on her left hip. The Suit also has a thruster pack which allows it to hover and gain a constant slow upward altitude. The Suit can create a much smaller version of The White Knight’s Lance, albeit without the missile capability.
Shielding: Thermal shielding, Hazard and physical shielding between the defense of varia and power suits. It has 3 energy tanks and 2 reserve tanks.

-Battle suit 2-
Suit Name: The White Knight
Suit Type: Mech Suit
Weaponry: The lance’s tip is a powerful drill and can also fire electricity in a form similar to lightning. The shields on the side are also thrusters which allow it to fly. The thrusters leave behind a trail of superheated plasma, dealing damage to anyone who contacts it. The Lance can be launched similar to a ship missile, after colliding with its target, it will explode, it take The White Knight 1.5 minutes to reform the lance. The mech can also fire up to 50 normal missiles or 10 super missiles at once. The launchers are located on the back. The Lance has a constant electric field around it this allows it to be used as a melee weapon.
Shielding: The mech is extremely durable and has varia, gravity, hazard, and phazon based shielding. It has 10 energy tanks and 10 reserve tanks
Belladonna Prince DR4Xis8dmiMqrkGNGhI4c3fHBDF8uAIlVUf6yLVeWiMYaDo2f3EoAhMBOmYtxLC2pgYMnqWwHCVyUp2BM7FqgPM2cEBocmQFq7sjvOjpcCJmq8MHIq1J3lWwvM-TX4ijMYlNcQM5
-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Mechpack
Description: The Mech forms down into a backpack which attaches to Belladonna’s personal suit for transport into areas too small for it.
Abilities/Weapons: the pack slightly slows Belladonna, but it adds extra defense to her.

Ship Name:Apollo
Ship Type:  Heavily modified Aries Class Transport
Weapon Systems: Ship Missiles, Twin Rapid-fire Plasma cannons.
Attachments: Ship Grapple, Hazard shielding
Registered to the Name of: Belladonna Prince, courtesy of the Galactic Federation.
Belladonna Prince Qb6-wBDhXdxNrrhQoMG1QP06wDeOSy6ypTcUPWq-Vnl2OcliJCmAbNdRDO0Q1fKk0oXnFaQ2s_z_jZHeTIq1JzeDt4frQlT_uv-BbkzT5RUgwz0cqsqrBx-5jyNr4UnU6I4siRAe
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Belladonna Prince
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