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 Talyn Hawke

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Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Talyn Hawke
Race: Formerly human, body entirely replaced with alien biotech.
Age: Unknown, appears to be in her 20s
Gender: Intersex(Hermaphrodite), female gender.
Height: 6'10
Weight: A bit heavy
Tall with a muscular physique. Has shoulder length white hair and purple eyes, and scars all across her body and face, coming from years of combat. Her healing factor heals most of the damage, but still leaves a bit of scarring most of the time. Rather large breasted.
Wears an armored leather jacket with her suit underneath.
The face scars are kinda like this(Aside from the shrapnel and eyepatch)
Personality: A bit cocky/snarky, though can get enraged to strength enhancing levels in certain scenarios.
Strengths: Her enhancements give her enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration, along with chronological immortality.
Weaknesses: She may be able to regenerate wounds, but taking enough wounds will kill her. Especially decapitation.
Known Languages: Galactic standard. Has a universal translator in her power suit.
Other: Bisexual


Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Neutral


Other: Is capable of sending out a void based singularity, either able to draw things in or explosively repel them. Often uses it to propel herself in combat. Her connection to the void also allows her to store her weapons, pulling them out at will.
Her other unique void ability is being capable of projecting a void spirit double of herself. It's appearance always matches her armor, except with a more "alien" look, and it pretty much just punches things stronger and faster than she does.
-A vibroaxe, can be called to the user telekinetically
-Two large revolver-based handguns, firing numerous beam-enhanced forms of bullets. Can be charged.
-Plasma rifle, can be upgraded to use other beam weapons.
-Rotary autoshotgun
-Heavy assault rifle that fires explosive tipped rounds, can be switched to fire micromissiles.
-The left gauntlet of her suit emit a medieval-style hard light shield, or a "riot shield" style shield. Also very durable and able to block most attacks on its own. It can also release a long serrated wristblade
-Grapple "Leash" beam, also emitted from her left gauntlet. Able to grab enemies and slam them to the ground, or pull them to her.
-Blades in her armor's wrists and ankles
-A bow designed to have a drawstrength as high as her strength enhancements can take, leading her to be able to shoot arrows that can rip through shields and metal armor and pin enemies to walls.

Character History:

All that is known of her is that she came from a doomed void-touched sector on the edge of space. Being part of a local military that takes people who have void potential in at a young-ish age and augments them to fight off the hostile alien forces around their sector. Having fought some strange alien forces for her whole life, she left the world at about the point Metroid 1 happened, escaping the planet with a ship she came across in her travel. She ended up in Space Pirate space and only ended up fighting more, becoming a bounty hunter eventually.

At some point, she went to the planet Treceran, which was infested with zombies pretty much minutes after she arrived. With the help of someone known to her as Rose, they wandered across the world, with her getting her powersuit upgraded, and several replacement weapons.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Xenosuit
Suit Type: Void-tech Symbiote Suit
Weaponry: Grapple beam emitters on wrists. Detachable blades in both wrists and ankles. Flamethrowers, dart/bullet launcher. Shoulder cannon that can fire missiles or a focused laser cannon, materialized when needed.
Shielding: Energy shielding, including a very strong hard light shield that emits from the left gauntlet at will. Strong Phazon shielding, capable of hardening enough that it can absorb kinetic damage including from falls without any injury to the wearer.
Other: Multiple visors(thermal, hacking/scan with an internal database, binoculars) and a translator. Designed in such a way that it can seriously damage(at best, at worst it kills them) the bodies of non-augmented individuals that try to use it.
Description and abilities:
Like most power suits, it can be materialized at will.

Ship Name: D-5 Mantis
Ship Type: Patrol Craft
Weapon Systems: Laser turrets along the sides, missile turrets over the cockpit.
Attachments: Enhanced shield generators, enhanced warp drive.
Registered to the Name of: Talyn Hawke

Just call me Zoey. That's what everyone calls me.
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Talyn Hawke
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